Thursday, November 3, 2016

Slowly But Surely and Certainly

I don't think anyone hates starting a new job more than this ole gal... and think it's beginning to show.

What do you think? (and this was with full make up)

I'm not sure if is a good or bad thing but am extremely hard on myself, especially when learning something new. Somehow, someway pretty much learned the entire menu at my new place in less than four days. Sure I'm weak on some details but continue to constantly ask questions. You'll never know if you don't ask.

They still have me a on a three table section and am actually grateful for it. The menu's mostly sharable small plates and pre bussing, re marking tables with the correct utensils is a freaking full time job.

It reminds me a lot of first starting with Ecco back in Atlanta. There was one manager I was terrified of. I called him "Bad Cop". He hounded me on every single thing I did incorrectly, time and time again. I thought he hated me.

He didn't hate me. He wanted me to succeed. And I did, mostly thanks to him.

When he left after getting another job I knew our friendship would continue... and has.

Whenever one of the managers at my new job points out something I do wrong or not soon enough, I immediately think of Damir and know these new managers must see something in me too.

Sometimes criticism is extremely hard to take but can be absolutely constructive. It's called learning and growing.

So I'm learning and growing again, dammit!

I don't want to jinx myself but since going on the floor have only had one tip under 18% and all others have been well over 20%.

And I'm the Newbie!!

I still only know about seven people's name out of a staff of a hundred but bet my bottom dollar (which am getting close to) will all know mine before learn all of theirs.

It's been a tough transition, not gonna lie. I had a one week bout of depression which sometimes felt (almost) tending towards suicidal but only in a small part of my thinking process. All I needed was to process, pray and progress. I go into work each and every day and give the job my all, is all they ask... and have done just that.

I think (finally) everything will be okay and so will I.

Depression is no joke and my heart goes out to one's who deal with it every single day of their life.

The only medicine I needed was success and think have luckily (for me) found it. I'll continue to ask questions and continue to take corrective criticism. It's gonna take a minute or maybe a month or two but think I'm in on the ground floor of a great new place with an even better future.

I'll be studying for months more but think have found my new work home.

Sometimes you have to reach for higher ground.

Til next time...COTTON

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