Sunday, April 22, 2012

Beating a Dead Horse (one of my better qualities)

So I worked a double shift today, have another tomorrow and yet another on Tuesday. This has me working every shift at  the restaurant from Saturday night until Wednesday lunch. On top of this...  Massey has been complaining about her throat for at least a week and I have kept saying what any other broke mom would..."It's just allergies."

Barb gave me an ink pen the other day at work that had a little pen light on one end (it's a pretty bright light) and I told her as soon as I took it home Massey would take it from me. The next day she brought me in another one to give Massey. I forgot to give Massey the pen until last night when I got home from work. It was late (very, very late) so I simply left it on her desk.

I got up this morning to open the store and as always left with no minutes to spare. Our garage door opener broke about three years ago and is so far down the list of things to fix it falls right behind my back surgery but in front of my need for an eye exam and glasses, which fall behind my need for a mammogram and pap smear ten years overdue only overshadowed by  the dentist which I haven't been to in thirty years.

 Yep...I'm good as long as I can talk one of the kids into hauling up that heavy garage door (which kills my back and bum shoulder) so I can simply get into my car and drive away from the chaos and go do it again.

Massey opened the garage door for me and had her new pen in her hand. Before I got into my car, she said "Look at this" and shined the pen into her mouth to highlight the ulcers on the back of her throat.

Dang it! She IS sick. I felt terrible.  When I got off from my lunch shift I took home some herbal tea from work and a lemon. I forced her to drink it, loading it down with honey. I got home at 3:26 and had to be back at work by four. After ten minutes of "Mommying" I got in my car and headed back to work. At least the fifty pound garage door was still open and she got to stay inside and rest. Tim had left for work a hour earlier and it was just her and the least I left her in "Good paws."

Went back to work and relieved my two co workers who were also working a double shift. One of the girl's is a doll that has come on board recently (compared to me.)

 When she first started she did what any good server would do  when starting at a place having such a huge and massive menu... fake it as best she could while trying to seem well informed. She was at a table one night and offered soup or salad to a table. They asked what the soups were and she said 'The cream of crab soup (an up -sell) is a bit more but VERY good." Then they asked about the Lobster Bisque (a HUGE up-sell) to which she remarked "It is VERY Very good."

That's all it took...once I heard about that I ran with it. I will hear her at a table trying to sell a bottle of wine and will remark from the next  table "That is a VERY, Very good wine." Or I will help her take food to her table and set the dish down in front of the customer and make the comment "You enjoy this, it is VERY, very good!"

The problem is my co worker unfortunately thinks I am "VERY" funny and as I comment about the "Very" fabulous dish or drink in front of them (which by  the way is) she always cracks up. I can hold a straight face... which she is totally incapable of.  I could go on for a VERY very long time about this, and  have...for months.

It's like when they hired a cook in the back of the house named "Darquan." Yes he was African American and I often wonder if there was some kind of play on words  naming him that? All I have to say is that's great but don't do it in the south...the deep south. Not everyone is as liberal as me.

So I beat a dead husband has reminded me of this for years. Obviously he has a VERY very good memory!

Taking my girl to the doctor tomorrow, actually my VERY very nice husband will. I am leaving the money  for him to take her to the Doc in the Box for fifty bucks and having the antibiotic filled for (hopefully) free at Publix or Kroger.

 I am VERY very tired and I am VERY very old but you you know what? I am VERY very much alive and VERY very able to get up in the morning and do it all again.

At least I laugh every day. At least I have a job I love and for some crazy reason my bosses love me. It makes battling back a heck of a lot easier.

My girl will get to the Doc in the Box tomorrow, thanks to my VERY very sweet hubby, I will work another double which will get me VERY very close to being back in the black and if not I have four more shifts to go to insure it.

I am a VERY very lucky person...and this said with NO sarcasm. I am a "LUCKY lucky woman."

My girl will get well tomorrow and I will keep on keeping on.

Til the next time..."A VERY very grateful COTTON"

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