Thursday, April 30, 2009

Modern Technology ?!!!

just got off the internet...DANG it's hard sometimes. I was chatting with one of my cousins via Facebook. She is probably in her mid fifties, me approaching my fifties more quickly than I planned.

We chatted about her mom (my aunt) and about a funeral for a close family friend that I had attended recently.

When I finally typed that I had to get offline to go finish cleaning the kitchen, it struck me ! When I was a kid in the late sixties, you could have told me I would be living on Mars by now before I would believe the advances that we have ACTUALLY made.

When I was a kid, modern technology was "ATARI" and the game "Pong". We would play it on our black and white TV set for hours, mesmerized by the way we seemed to be really playing a game of tennis by holding a bulky controller and punching a button.

When my dad bought a car with electric windows, I thought we were millionaires. Actually the car was a station wagon and the only window that was electric was the back tailgate window. He brought it home the day before we left on vacation. We showed it off to all our friends in the neighborhood...time and time again.

When we all got up at 4:30 AM to leave for Florida, the station wagon's engine couldn't even offer a groan...we kids had drained the battery completely. We all got out to push the wagon off to jump start it...much to my Dad's anger and dismay. But HEY..we got to Florida didn't we?

I remember when phones switched from rotary to push button... Of course we were last in line to get this new fangled phone. I was so jealous when I would go to one of my friend's house and they whizzed in a number and were connected before my own home phone would still be ticking off the rotary clicks and we would be left waiting for the dial to slowly tick back around. (Think how Opie felt when he had to pick up the phone and ask Sarah to connect him to the Sheriff's office in Mayberry)...that is the way I felt...we were living in the Fintstone years when everyone else was zooming along in the Jetson years.

When we got a dishwasher installed, I thought that we were "Moving on up"!! When we finally got a car with air conditioning I just knew my Dad had "Made it"!!

In my house as a kid, the stereo was a piece of furniture almost as big as a couch. It played records...78's 45's or the newest craze...albums.

That crazy new wave of eight track tapes hit first, followed by the amazing cassette tape era.

I had switched from my standard transistor radio (Skinny Bobby Harper on Quixie) to stereo listening... when I bought my first "Real" stereo, I bought Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon and was amazed how the sound bounced from speaker to speaker. I thought that we were at our technology peak.

I sit here now wondering how we have zoomed through the years and found ourselves in this new world...typing, texting and tweeting...for the love of me I can't imagine how my obit will post your condolences...please switch to this hyper link to phase in your remarks..."someone beam me up" because I feel like I am "WAY" in over my old fashioned head.

Little did I know ... thirty years later I would sit at a keyboard and connect with friends in Kuwait, friends all over the U.S. and find friends I haven't heard from in years. Little did I know that I would have a blog that I hear comments on from people in the U.K. people in New York and people that I never knew existed.

How do we get from electric car windows to this cyber world that seems to almost reach out and touch you with a few simple pecks on a keyboard?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Just walked in the door from work, sat down to check the email...hoping that I had some good news for my husband.

I had four different emails from friends who have either passed on Tim's resume or promised to keep their ears open.

What a tremendous feeling to be loved by not only my immediate family, but a family of friends that I just couldn't do without. I have so many people praying for us and so many people giving me encouragement that it makes the weight on my shoulders feel lighter already.

Friendship is something that I value very deeply and feel blessed that people love me and genuinely care.

I hope that I can repay all of the kindness that has been shown to me the past few weeks. Without this network of support I would already be in the "Nut" house...although some think I should have already have a room there!!

This is the first day I haven't cried at least once in quite a while.

This has been a day when I have realized just how lucky I am, how much love I have coming at me from all directions and want every person to know how deeply I am touched and that with YOUR support, I KNOW that it will all be OK.

There are so many people that are worse off than me and I could be standing in their shoes. Instead I am standing in the shoes of a woman that has been looking on the dark side when I need to realize what a bright light all my friends are throwing my way. Without that bright light I don't think that I could make it, without your friendship and support, I would be lost.

These words seem insignificant, this post seems such a small gesture...but my writing has always been a comfort to me and I want these words to be a small gift to my friends and supporters. It is an amazing thing to feel loved and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me realize how truly lucky I am.

It is a great feeling to know that when you are in despair, there are people that feel the pain with you and that they reach out to touch you...and that their touch is what makes your day.

You have ALL made my day... my life is much richer having my army of friends encouraging and helping me ...without you all, I would be lost...with you, I think that I can make it.

From the center of my soul, THANK YOU !!!

I will sleep soundly tonight for a change, I will wake up tomorrow to face the day knowing that I have the greatest network of family, friends and co workers that a person could ever dream about...I hope that I am worthy of your love, because this outpouring is making it pretty tough.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Feel Free to Contact My Husband

This is my husband's resume..If anyone reading my blog knows of a job opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact us. This is most probably the most important post I have ever made. You can leave a comment here or reach us at

He is a tireless and conscientious worker and dependable to a fault.

Timothy Shawn Cotton

Newnan GA 30265
Home (770)
Cell (678) 877-9984

To work within an environment that promotes safety, service and stability. An environment that allows me to use my operational and interpersonal skill set; leading to
improvement in service, productivity, efficiency, growth and continued profitability.

3/2008 - Present Transportation Source Systems Vice President of Operations
My responsibilities included day to day operations of the complete facility along with managing office personnel, warehouse personnel, sales and transportation drivers which included local and long haul drivers.

11/2007-3/2008 Forward Air Operations Supervisor
My responsibilities included freight weighing and dimension specifications along with following the staging process. During this time I was also responsible for loading containers and trailers up to 12 units per shift.

10/2006-11/2007 Environmental Remedies Transportation Manager
My responsibilities included staffing, maintenance compliance, budget compliance with the ultimate responsibility of meeting the company’s profit margin. During this time I was able to improve efficiency and productivity.

2000-2006 Hartsfield Warehouse Company Transportation Manager
Beginning in 2000, I was promoted to Transportation Manager. My responsibilities included, but not limited to: daily dispatch of our city fleet, customer service, safety compliance, profitability and growth.

During my 9 years with air freight, I enjoyed continued success in terminal efficiency
and growth. Initially, the monthly tonnage was approximately 1 million lbs/month
servicing the Atlanta area. Upon completion of my employment with HWC, our tonnage
grew to 4+ million lbs/month with an extended coverage area that included Charlotte, Savannah and Mount Pleasant, SC. .

During my time with Environmental Remedies, I was responsible for development and coordinating of a very time sensitive schedule for the removal of waste water for the
closing of two Ford Automotive Manufacturing plants in Hapeville, GA and Norfolk VA.

I have extensive training in local and OTR routing and have a thorough understanding of
the D.O.T. compliance guidelines and abide by them 100%.

1980-1981 West Georgia College Carrollton, GA.
1977-1980 Briarwood High School East Point, GA. Diploma

My Handcart To Hell Exceeds The Weight Limit

As I sit here typing, hearing the drum drum drum of the dishwasher and the agitation of the washing machine , I wonder how much more I can fit into my "cart"?

HEY! I just made the rinse cycle...can I include that in my "productivity" for the day?

As I sit listening to my daughter's favorite radio station play "The Climb" by Miley Stinkin Cyrus for the umpteenth time, I realize how repetitive my own life has become.

I wait and have myself a little cry after the kids go off to school. Then I take care of my two HUGE dogs... who love me unconditionally every day of my life, make some coffee and sit for another brief cry before getting ready for work.

Then I head to my job of listening to people make the biggest deal of an overcooked steak or freak out over the fact that we don't have cole slaw anymore.

I feel like telling them that my husband doesn't have a job anymore, and that I could give a rat's ass that their steak is overcooked... HEY! We have about 200 more steaks in the back that we could cook for you... do you happen to have a job for my husband?

I have had to check myself more often than not...have to hold my tongue and plow through the day and realize that I still have MY job, that my bosses love and support me and without them I would be in a crazy house..or the POOR HOUSE.

It has just brought this pettiness to the forethought of my mind. My days consist of feeling great that Publix (I hope they don't read my blog) takes three days to process a check. My husband who has NEVER banked with me because of this..NEVER writes a check that couldn't clear immediately. ME?? I know the system... My favorite store...on the down low is Publix. They take three, sometimes four days to run a check through. YIPPEE!!

I have been known lately to run in for a gallon of milk, write the check for the approved $25 over and go to the bank the next morning to deposit the $25 into my checking account, just to give myself a cushion.

Borrow from Peter to pay Paul.

At this point I don't care (my husband would be pissed) but I am making it on my end.

I feel like starting a company called "Kites Alright".

My husband would be furious, but he doesn't know and has enough on his plate as it is.

I could start a company..."How to Beat the Banking System".

Walmart takes a day and a half, Kroger puts it right through, and God bless BJ's Warehouse, they take up to six days. (My current favorite place to buy dogfood).

I know in my heart that we will be okay, unless I get arrested for fraud...but by now I know the limits and the stretches I can go to....At least I hope I do.

Something good will happen soon, I am sure of that. My husband is one of the strongest willed men I have ever met and as long as he doesn't read of my desperate measures(that I hope don't backfire) we will be okay.

I have even had people at work come up to me and ask "How long does it take for a check to clear at Publix"? You know, I may have found a new career...

All kidding aside (although kidding is what makes me get through this)...We will be okay. We have family and friends that love us and we have God on our side (unless he turns out to be an investment banker).

Something WILL happen...I know it will, til then pray for me and my crafty ways...and don't tell my husband!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Goodnight Sweetheart...It's Time To Go

Just got an email from my friend that is taking my little sweetie Reese back to Texas.

I have never been touched more by a child than I was by Reese.
We started watching her when she was nine months old. She is now an amazing tot that has let me know just how smart and savvy kids can be.

The impact she has made on and in our lives is incredible in itself, not to mention the fact that she has an amazing mom that has grown and matured into a terrific mom and a dear friend.

She is going back home to her parents, leaving me with a feeling like I am losing one of the most significant people in my ole life.

Thank the Lord, the little girl didn't realize what she means to me. Thank the Lord, the mother knows.

An amazing child, a puff of happiness on a cloudy day, a way to make you realize how precious each moment is, and how we as adults tend to "dis" the small things in life.

The two years we spent with this "Angel" were two of the happiest in our house. She wound herself into everyone's heart, she wound her way into our soul and she will be there forever.

I know that she won't remember her times here...but WE will. A glimpse of sunshine on an overcast day, a happy tune when we were feeling blue...a positive vibe, a reason to be happy...that was our Reese .

She grew up with us, her mother grew up with us...and we all were lucky just to be here for it.

Good night's time to go...just don't forget us, because we will NEVER forget you.

How Cold Can You Be?

I got home from work yesterday about was 82 degrees outside.

My next door neighbors are well into their eighties...they had a fire going in their fireplace. my son got off the school bus and remarked "the neighbors are burning down more of our forest on a day that feels like August".

They are a quirky couple. He is as nice as can be, his name is Lee. I tend to call him "slow" Lee. I asked him to help me fix my weed eater one day, and spent two hours with him trying to do something that I could have done in ten minutes, but it made him happy to help, so I let him.

I have a riding lawn mower so I cut their grass for them once a week.He leans over the back of his big diesel truck the entire time just watching me cut...kinda weird but I've gotten used to it.

The fireplace issue just rubs my 16 year old the wrong way...this morning he got up to announce they had another fire going (a balmy 72 degrees outside).

He has a contraption in his back yard that he melts his beer cans with... a cage type device that he burns them in. It smells like he is burning cadavers. We wondered for about a week what the smell was, so one day when he wasn't home to peer at me while I cut his yard I peeked through the fence to see what smelled so awful and spotted his Budweiser cans smoldering away. I'll have to remember to tell him about the recycling station right down the road from us.

The only neighbors quirkier than them are the "vampires" up the street. My daughter announced they were vampires the second day after they moved in. I attributed it to the fact that she was reading the "Twilight" series. The mother"Vampire" called me to ask if I would feed her cats while they went home to Chicago for a weekend. I am NOT a big cat person, but I was the only person she knew in the neighborhood and I thought it would be "neighborly" to help her out. I went to their house the evening before they left to pick up their key. The son answered the door without so much as a "hello" and handed me a key. I said maybe I should come inside to see where they kept the cat food and how to take care of them.

He motioned me inside...not ONE light on anywhere. In the dim fading light I saw the husband on the couch, he didn't even look up at me. The mother "Vampire" came skulking out of a bedroom to show me where to find the food and told me where she kept the dishes so that they could eat out of a fresh bowl every day (that didn't dogs eat out of the same dishes every day and I don't hear them complaining).

I went back the next day to feed the kitties.

When I opened the door a cat was sitting right by the door. I went up the stairs and saw the other kitty staring at me like it was fixing to attack. I went to the kitchen to get the food and another cat was sitting on the counter. As I opened the cans another cat strode into the kitchen. When I was putting the food in the "clean" dishes yet another cat pounced into view from a side room. A little freaked out by now, I filled the water bowls as ANOTHER cat raced in from another bedroom like it had to be somewhere in a big hurry. I quit counting cats, just tried to get out of there as fast as I could. The next day I saw two more cats I hadn't seen the first day and by the smell, there may have been a couple more lurking about.

Thank the Lord they came back the next day. I tried to get Massey to go feed them that day, but she said she was all out of wooden stakes and didn't want to risk it.

She has since retracted her "vampire" theory, as vampires are all supposed to be really beautiful... and now just thinks they are "weirdos".

I tend to agree with the last feeding I counted eight cats, about seven too many for my liking.

It reminds me of the old Tom Hanks movie "The Burbs". Great movie if you haven't seen it...go rent it at Blockbuster. Tom Hanks, Carrie Fisher, Bruce Dern and Corey Feldman to name just a few.

It reminds me somewhat of my own never know what goes on behind the doors of the houses surrounding yours...and sometimes it is better NOT to know!

Til next time...COTTON

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rounding the Curve...I Think ?!?!

I think that I am finally beginning to get well...physically and mentally.
Depression doesn't suit me well at all. I am used to being pretty "perky" all the time and three and 1/2 weeks of feeling bad has taken it's toll. The antibiotics have finally given me some much needed relief and knowing that my husband is working again, albeit seven hours away has helped as well.

I can't remember the last time I cracked a joke or made someone else laugh...and that is DEFINITELY not like me. My kids have noticed my tension level, and I don't like that at all.

I have decided it is time to quit feeling sorry for myself, quit expecting Ed McMahon from Publisher's Clearing House to knock on my door with an enormous check...and just be "ME".

There are millions and millions of people worse off than my family and until we are living under a bridge by Turner Field, I refuse to give into my petty depression.

I have three more days on my antibiotics and that is the time limit I have given myself to fully recover, physically, mentally and emotionally.

I did crack one joke at work, the bartender who parlays as a bookie, advisor and astute listener to all the drunks, asked me if I wanted to bet on "The Biggest Loser". I responded that I had already won THAT one, what else did he have?

I am surrounded by people that love and care for me, people that have been worried about me for weeks and never let a day pass without asking me how I and my family are doing.

Do you realize how many people do not have that kind of support system or have anyone that even remotely cares about them or their situation?

I just had to slap myself in the face, hold my shoulders up and realize that this is why it is called "LIFE". Ups and downs, good times and bad, good luck, bad luck...I realize now that I am lucky to be alive, have friends and family that love me unconditionally and will help out wherever they can.

So the pity party is over in my book.

If I can survive the last month...I can survive ANYTHING!

My kids will get their crazy Mama back, my customers will get their sassy server back, and I WILL SURVIVE (Thanks Gloria Gaynor).

Things could be better, but they sure as heck could be worse.

HEY!! At least the antibiotics have cleared up my cuticle that has been infected for almost two years where my dog bit my finger when I held on to a piece of hamburger meat a little too long before giving it to him!

Going to finish the laundry, unload the dishwasher and get on my knees to thank the Lord for what we "DO" have.

I'm not back 100%, but I am getting there!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Rough Day...A Tough Night

My husband is now living 7 hours away from us, I cry at the drop of a hat... I stay strong in front of my kids, but I feel like I am living an egg shell existence.

It doesn't help that I have been sick for over three weeks, have lost five pounds that I couldn't afford to lose and feel like my world is crashing.

I try to stay positive, I have a husband that doesn't mope or get sidetracked by depression...he does what he needs to help our family survive and that is what he is doing right now.

If anyone out there in the cyber world knows of a job in logistics or trucking...give me a post. it would help us and my husband is a great and motivated person...he would be a great hire.

On another note, my little friend Reese is leaving with her mother to return to Texas. I had to say a quick goodbye to her tonight at Longhorn..the tears came too swiftly, the thoughts of her staying with us over the past two and a half years breaks my heart.

I know in my heart I will see her again, but watching this little tot from the age of nine months, she totally consumed our hearts and will be a part of our family forever. I know it is best for her to return with her mom to her family in Texas, but no matter "how BIG Texas" is...the love that I feel for them both is BIGGER than I can describe. I feel like I blew them off at the farewell party, but my emotions just welled up in me and facing the departure of this "little vixen" was just too much for me.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Be Careful What You Wish For

I used to always wish that I had a husband that worked out of town.

My husband was involved in starting a trucking company with three other guys . It started out great, they made him a partner considering his knowledge "sweat" equity.

Once his knowledge was put to use and some clients and contracts were secured (thanks to my husband)...he was ousted to say the least.

Thank the good Lord he doesn't read my blog...I AM PISSED TO SAY THE LEAST!

They knew nothing about Air Freight..which my husband knew all too well. Once my husband set them up with the knowledge and the contacts, they quickly moved him out of the picture (I won't go into details).

Now he is moving to St. Augustine, Fla. to work with his brother who has some work for him.

I always dreamed of having a husband who worked out of I am terrified that he is using his last ditch effort because of him getting a raw, I mean RAW deal.

We are such total opposites, I do not know how we ever even got together.

I love this man beyond description or realization of what you may think. What I DO think, is that I am losing my husband that rules my house, rules my heart... and my dogs will be pretty pissed off too.

I am at a loss. I have been sick for the past three weeks, the house is a mess (although I vacuumed tonight) I feel like having a breakdown.. but I know that NOW is the time to be assertive , now is the time to take control, now is the time to tell the kids that everything is alright.

I am a Cotton, my name is Kelly, and I can face whatever life throws my way.

I have a husband that fights for his family, he needs to have a wife that believes in him...and I do...TOTALLY.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Bittersweet Day

Attended the funeral of one of my parent's closest friends today. It was held at my childhood church.

It was more like Homecoming at the church.

People that I haven't seen in over thirty years, friends of my parents, former Sunday School teachers, elders and deacons and people that I went to church camp with in the seventies were all there.

It was a menagerie of my youth, a sweet reminder of how lucky I was when I was a kid...and why I will always consider East Point Christian my home.

Some of the elders and deacons looked exactly the same, leaving me to wonder if they looked old when I was a kid and just never changed.

To sit in the pew of a church that I was in EVERY Sunday morning and Sunday gaze around and see dozens of people who have known me since I was enrolled in the "Cradle Roll" department (I still have my certificate from my first Sunday in church).

Not many kids these days have the chance at a childhood like I experienced, and my heart aches for their loss. To grow up learning morals, values and the importance of living your life the right way, seems to take a backseat these of the great disappointments of having to grow up in this "cyber" world we live in today. Instead of learning "The Lord's Prayer" they are learning how to get to the next level on a video game or how to use "word" on their cell phone.

Instead of heading off on a weekend youth retreat, they are heading off to the mall or the movies.

When I was a kid, teens that didn't attend our church...or ANY church...begged to be able to join us on a weekend youth retreat with our group at Woodland Christian Camp.

We slept in the mess hall before the cabins were built, played "Capture the Flag" in a huge open field at 10:00 at night, built huge fires and sat singing and bonding...with only an occasional "talk" thrown in..but a talk that was on our level and often touched you in a way that was actually a MOVING experience.

We were all from different high schools , but were all on the same team when we were together on a weekend retreat or even sitting in a Sunday School class.

Our former minister's wife was at the funeral today and mentioned that there was no other youth group like ours...we were an eclectic and varied bunch, but shared an experience that I have never had since.

We came together...we were rich , poor or middle class..we were popular in school or not really standouts...we were athletes or wanna be's...we were bullies or easy targets...
but when we were together all the "labels" fell away.

As corny as it may sound...the old song we sang around those campfires phrased it perfectly..."It only takes a spark, to get a fire going...then soon all those around will warm up in it's glowing".

It was bittersweet to say good bye to a dear friend. It was sad to look around that sanctuary and see that I have let myself drift away from some of the most influential and inspirational people that a person could ever have come into their life.

Even though over 30 years have passed...they all still love me...they all still hug me as if I was their own flesh and blood and they always fill my heart, as their arms wrap around me in a hug so tight that it makes 30 years drop away like it is nothing.

This wonderful man that has passed on to his reward, will be met at the Pearly Gates by not only both of my parents, but by half of the people that made my youth and my young adult life a tremendous thing not only to experience but to draw from , reflect on and be eternally grateful for.

I have suffered losses in my life, but the gains I have made from growing up in East Point Christian Church certainly make the losses more understandable and make me realize how lucky I am to have had such a great childhood, youth and send off to adulthood from what I consider "ICONS" and "HEROES" I was so fortunate to meet.

Heaven has one more "Angel" tonight...and I have one more reason to realize what it takes to become one.

Til next time...Cotton

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I gave up the fight today.

The fight of trying to get myself well all on my own.

I spent a week on Robitussin DM, another week on Mucinex DM, broke down the third week and spent $19 on Primatene Mist. Throw in a few 500mg. Advil's and I thought I might have it licked. No such luck.

Broke down and went to the doc today. My blood pressure was 165 over (something). I told the nurse that was just my three kids.

They diagnosed me with acute infectious bronchitis. Sounds fancy, don't it?

They alluded to the fact that I may have walking pneumonia. I asked if a chest ex ray was covered in the co pay...and decided that since it wasn't I would go with their first guess.

They heaped some whopper pills on me and an inhaler. 875 mg of penicillin twice a day and told me to come back in three days if I didn't feel better. (fat chance..look what it took to get me there the first time).

I just feel better having gone at all.

I told the nurse that I tried to get better on my own and actually did. I DID get better...I just didn't get "WELL".

My main relief was in the fact that I wasn't sent straight to the hospital or told that I had one week to live. The thought of my husband left to take care of the kids,dogs, house, yard, cooking and cleaning makes me weak in the knees on a good day.

I guess the one that gets the reprieve is him!

Taking these horse pills has really beaten me down. I guess that I have felt crummy for so long that now that they are fighting all the crap I have endured for almost a month, it is FINALLY wearing on me.

And then PRAISE the Lord..(JK) I start my monthly cycle too. Go ahead Good Lord...Keep piling crap on me...let's see JUST HOW MUCH MORE KELLY CAN TAKE!!

At least I am on the road to recovery. Even with the aches and pains, I feel better knowing that I have some drugs kicking butt in my body, and will hopefully be back on track in no time at all.

Frances, you can give yourself a thank you for kicking my butt into gear.

No wonder my blog has sucked lately...give me three days and if I am not having my chest ex rayed..I will be back at my keyboard... and if I am having "MY" chest ex me, that shouldn't take long at all!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Time is Moving On...Again

I lost my mother when I was seventeen years old. I lost my father to West Nile Virus when I was 42. Both deaths were totally unexpected and horribly devastating.

I received a call from my dear friend Elizabeth today, telling me that one of my parents dearest friend's was terminally ill and had perhaps only a few days to live. This wonderful gentleman has known me my entire life and was one of the speakers at my own father's funeral. It was a heartwarming and hilarious eulogy...I am sure that my father and mother enjoyed it immensely from their seats in Heaven.

He was my dad's tennis partner for years and years...if it had rained too hard the night before they would squeegee off the courts and play anyway.

This dear man's wife is the one that taught my mother to drive a car. I remember them telling me about sitting stuck on a hill in Atlanta until my mother finally mastered how to use the clutch.

When I was little and my parents went out of town, I was shipped off to their house for the was NEVER dull! They always had a house full of kids, and not only their own four. Every Sunday was football day in the field behind their house. Teenagers came over and parked in their front yard...literally. It was covered more by cars than grass in those days.

They lived not a half a block from a local Fire Station. If the sirens went off, Mrs. Kinnett would yell for everyone to pile in the staion wagon and off we would go to see some action!

I grew up with this entire family in the East Point Christian Church...a rocking place to be when I was a kid. At one time we had over 400 in just the youth program alone.

This family has the greatest sense of humor that you have ever seen (and I think that means a lot coming out of THIS mouth).

This wonderful couple were the last people that my own father recognized when he fell ill with West Nile Virus. They came into the room to find us three siblings in despair over my father being in such an altered state. He opened his eyes when they walked in and called them both by the nicknames that we knew them by.

They stayed and visited with us, telling us hilarious stories and bringing us often times to tears.

Mr Kinnett told us that his only daughter was getting remarried (let's just say not for the second time). He said she was upset because they couldn't make the rehearsal dinner in Florida. He said he explained to her he thought he knew his part by now and considered when the minister asked "Who gives this woman"? to respond "It's us again". I will never forget that story and it made us laugh so hard when we were all so sad inside...that is just the way with this family. They are all uplifting, funny and spiritual.

I hate that this family is going through this drawn out makes it so hard just WAITING for the moment to come.

My family is lucky in that my brother says "Our family takes the express checkout".

My parents have another dear friend on the way to join them.

I feel blessed to have this extended family in my life and hope that they fill their sadness with fond , funny stories and memories that will carry them through the rest of their lives.

This world is moving on and taking yet another loved one from our physical grasp, but sending him straight into the arms of salvation and an eternity with no pain, sadness or illness.

It is hard to realize that HE is the lucky one...I know I feel lucky just to have had this wonderful man in my life for almost 49 years and know that he has loved me like his own for my entire life. Time moves on, leaving us sad and sorry that another part of our life is gone.

My thoughts and prayers are with this extended family and I hope they know how very much they all have meant to me for the last 48 years. My life is much richer for having them as friends.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

WHEWW!! Glad The Weekend's Over

Most people enjoy the weekend...I tend to dread it.

It is the busiest part of my work week, and my kids are wanting to enjoy it. They have a hard time talking me into anything because I stay so worn out. I took my son to Panera for lunch on Saturday and enjoyed spending time with him. It is like sitting with a rocket scientist who is scared to admit that he IS one. He knows things that I can only begin to wonder where he learns them, teaches me things that make me feel smarter and makes me constantly wonder if their was a baby switch at the hospital sixteen years ago.

His only problem is transferring that talent to his school work.

My daughter, who EXHAUSTS me...went to South Carolina with a friend Friday night and came home today to find me curled up in bed watching CNN until I had to go into work at 3:00. Sometimes I just have to do NOTHING. It is the only thing that keeps this tired old body working six days a week. I have been sick for over two weeks...and just like many other moms...refuse to go to the doctor.

I think I may have to break down tomorrow and go. I keep thinking that I am feeling better, but once I get to work and start my shift of constant movement and non stop running, I begin to wheeze and cough and feel like I could just lie down int the dish pit area and take a nap (if you knew how disgusting our dish pit was, you could grasp just how bad I feel).

On top of that I had to train a new server this weekend.

I got lucky on that one though.

Many of the people I train do not listen to me or my suggestions. They are just chomping at the bit to come on the floor and make the money they see me making while I train them. The young girl I was training this weekend (they are ALL young to me)...actually listened to me, asked the right questions, pitched in to help other servers when they needed it and made an effort to learn everything that I taught her.

I had a really good shift. I had maybe only ten tables, but seven out of the ten tables had requested me as a server and were my regulars that are kind enough to ask for my table every time they come into the restaurant. My trainee seemed impressed by this (another good sign that she is paying attention).

My regulars are the people that really make my shift. I know their wants..usually go up to greet their table with their drinks already in my hand and generally know what they want, how they want it and what special instructions may be required of the kitchen staff....maybe I HAVE been doing this too long!

This young girl will be a great asset to our company. She has studied the menu, learned the routine and genuinely wants to do the job the RIGHT way.

On another note...the lizard is finally out of my house(see previous post).

My son called up to me in my bedroom today to say the "Giant" lizard had reappeared in the living room. After moving every piece of furniture and opening the front door to let the little guy see the made it's frantic escape. I could hear my son saying "No...turn left, turn the OTHER way..come on now".

At least our reptile adventure is over. Knowing my household as well as I will be replaced by a new situation or drama tomorrow.

As long as they can hold off til I can get a prescription for an antibiotic...I think I will make it another week...that is the way I roll...WEEK BY WEEK! Right now I am "WEAK" BY WEEK.

I can't wait to feel better. Feeling "poorly" just isn't in my scheme of plans and I almost am looking forward to a doctor visit.

Hoping to be back to my old self tomorrow...COTTON

Friday, April 10, 2009

Ain't Purl

Boy have I had a rough couple of Internet months!

First , my classmates rival that I barely remembered gave me a thorough cyber lashing.
Then I had to master Facebook and easy feat for a 48 year old woman.

Then I got hooked up with "EX" classmates...a group from my Alma Mater that started their own Delphi forum.

I was feeling it! I was back in my groove...typing and writing my thoughts and memories.

Then the "Big BOOM "...POLITICS.

Since when does reminiscing with classmates constitute raving your political views?

If I wanted to do that I would join Politico or some other vent.

Instead the site was filled with people calling our President "Sambo" and other comments that quite simply offended me.

Our President has an undoubtedly daunting and realistically unreachable task in these current times...and was this all HIS fault?

But in the maelstrom, I have met a great friend...not face to face, but chat to chat.

I dare say she does not share ALL of my political views, but is a person that is sane in an insane time in our lives.

We have begun an internet friendship...if you asked me ten years ago what that meant, I would have been baffled.

But in today's times, it means that when I type my obviously LOUD opinions and know what? She understands me, supports my opinions and expresses her own in a very gentile and supportive manner.

What a treat to have someone that accepts me...what a treat to find an online friend...what a treat to find someone waiting for our government to find the correct answer to our many, many problems in this country.

We have started our OWN my email is the clampetts...(I am a HUGE Beverly Hillbillies fan)...she has become Aunt Pearl and I have become Kelly Mae.

It is a series of ironies...serious issues, friendly chats, worries about overstepping in a high school forum...and gaining new friends.

I find myself checking in every day to see if my "Ain't Purl"...a joke between us..has written to me.

Why do people have to over involve the world's problems when it is just a site to remember the past...HELLO!!! We are depressed enough without you dragging it into a high school chat room!

I cannot wait until the day that I meet my Ain't Purl face to face... we are destined to be good my book we already are!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Speaking of Reese

Tonight was the last night for us babysitting the most marvelous kid I have ever had drift into our lives.

We started watching her at the age of nine months...a cooing baby not even crawling yet.

Over the time we have watched her; She has grown into the most amazing thing to happen in this house in a long, long time.

She has taken over our heart's and wedged herself into our soul's for a lifetime.

I am not sure who has grown up more, her or her mother. When faced with a newborn as a single mom, her mother struggled...valiantly. She has become the mother that I wish I had been to my kids when they were little ones. She has raised a kid that is not only beautiful, smart and fascinating...but a sheer joy to be around.

Everyone in my house and in my neighborhood knows our "Reese" and finds her an absolute delight. (As they should)

She is moving back to Texas with her mom to be with her grandparents(selfish G ma and G pa) !!

I had a diary written for Reese on my old computer, but lost it all when I had the big CRASH.

The essence of it is the same.

A toddler has never, EVER made such a profound impact on our family. The way her face lights up when she comes into our house is only half of the light we feel when SHE walks through our door.

My two big ole dogs love her...used to sleep right by her crib when she was tiny, and still treat her with kid gloves (paws) when she is around.

I have never been to Texas, but I guess that it will be on my list now.

Her mother is a wonderful and beautiful person that has sewn herself into my heart. These two women will be a part of me forever and an addition to my life that was needed. To see through the eyes of a young (no pun intended) child again is a wonderful thing. The things that are special and important to them are eye opening and quickly bring you back not only to the basics but to the zest for life and the fueling of hunger for knowledge and the quest for answers.

I started watching this toddler with great hesitation...and I have to let her leave me with enormous grief in my heart. To not see this child grow up on a daily or weekly basis is going to be as hard as letting one of my own children go.

I have complete and total faith in her mom, or I would have already snatched her away.

I have to let her go.

I feel lucky to have had her in my life for these past few years, lucky to be able to peer into that gorgeous and sincere face and know that I was blessed that SHE loved ME.

I hope that she remembers us...I hope that she remembers our love. I hope for her everything she ever wants or desires.

I hope that I see her again...and that her face will light up like it does when see sees us now. I guess that part will be up to me...but for this little girl, I CAN DO IT!

I love you , AVA REESE YOUNG

Please Hold...While Your Party is Reached...

Nothing is worse than when I try to call my thirteen year old daughter on her cell phone (that I pay for) and receive an automated message saying"Please enjoy the music while your party is reached".

Number one, I do not enjoy the same music she does.

Number two, I do not like having to wait while she decides to actually accept my call.

Number three, it is my fault for getting her a phone.

If you had asked me when she was born "Will you buy her a cell phone for her 12th birthday"? I would have looked at you like you were the idiot that I have become.

I have to admit I like being able to reach her at any given time, but deciphering her texts are like reading ancient hidden scrolls.

My sons are much more direct....answer or NO answer...PERIOD.

I worked in the yards today for three hours before I went to work, tromping in and out of the doors, backyard and garage. Somehow I let a small lizard in with me on one of my trips. My sixteen year old son discovered it scrambling across the living room floor and told me it was as big as a snake. Of course he couldn't CATCH the "snake size lizard" as it scampered under the sofa.

It appeared next in the kitchen, scooting under the refrigerator before my sissy boy could grab it. As I left for work, my daughter wailed to me, full of emotion "WHAT ABOUT THE LIZARD"?

I told her it would be okay, the lizard was more scared of us than anything.

By the time I got to work (a ten minute drive) I had 8 missed calls on my cell phone from my daughter. When I called her back, she demanded "What about this lizard, and how long does it take you to answer my calls"?

Boy will I remind her of those 8 missed calls when she is sixteen going to the prom and I call every half hour after the dance is over!

It is almost midnight now...I guess the lizard is asleep or has found a way back out of my house. Either way it will be taken care of when I let my two 100 lb. Boxers in the house for the night. For the lizard's sake I hope it has escaped my house...because it will NOT escape my Boxers.

I know how much they enjoy the tiny frogs that unsuspectingly find their way into my backyard (never to escape alive). Just think when they find a lizard...They will think It is Christmas morning! HO HO HO !!

Til next time... COTTON... and my little friend Reese.. this will be her typing..

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009


My sister was a flight attendant for thirty years. She flew with an Asian girl once who spoke English but my sister had a really hard time understanding her. After asking her to repeat what she had said three or four times, the flight attendant responded adamantly...."I not talking Chinese to you"!!

That is the way I felt at work tonight.

We started a completely new computer system. Last time we did this they had a class for all of us to take to learn all of the functions and intricacies of the system. I guess the higher ups at corporate all have on tee shirts that read "It's the economy STUPID". They threw us into this system to learn everything on our own...NOT A GOOD IDEA! Once the dinner rush starts, customers do not care that we are constantly hunting and pecking on a site that we barely know and are trying our best to avoid mistakes that will slow down the cooks (half of which are Latinos who only know the old system). It was like the system was "TALKING CHINESE TO ME".

Modify an item, sub salad, more options for steaks, create combo, split guest count, send and stay, more modifiers, cancel, edit, actually the system COULD have been 'talking Chinese' to me and I wouldn't have noticed the difference.

I am an OLD dog and teaching me new tricks is hazardous at best!

Not to mention that I went in at 10:30 this morning, floundered my way through a lunch shift...went to the bank, screamed by blockbuster for the game my son HAD to have and flew back to work to pick up an extra shift...once again hunting and pecking on a system that was 'talking Chinese' to me.

A few years ago when we switched systems, the regional manager came to our store with ten dummy computers and led us through the new system. There was a 9:00 class and a 10:00 class..I sat through them both.

In today's get it own your own..sink or swim!

I THINK I swam...not too sure yet, I will wait to see how many complaints I get from the masses that had to wait on their check or wait on their salads because I didn't know how to type in TWO different salad dressings. I know that sounds stupid, but when thrown into a dinner rush with a system that is totally new and uncharted...I CAN'T TAKE THAT KIND OF PRESSURE!

I went home a weak and worn out puppy. I felt relieved to only be expected to run a washer and dryer and unload a dishwasher.

Maybe tomorrow will be better...maybe it will be worse.

For the love of Pete..I am still trying to figure out Facebook and Twitter. I still don't even know how to find the "EGGS" that people seem to be hiding on my FB page everyday..not to mention pillow fights, sending kisses and "What kind of cocktail are you"? I feel like when I go into work tomorrow and clock in the screen will say "you have 47 unread instructions".

Granted I am an OLE lady, but even the younger kids at work seem to be struggling. I know that I will eventually "GET" it in due time, but with the pressure of three kids and their constant wants and needs (they are worse than bill collectors) I feel under the gun to get it right the first time.

I feel like writing Bill Gates and Steve Jobs telling them what kind of tortured life they have led me into and did they ever think about us ole farts when they came up with all of this #@*$ !!!

"I am woman, hear me roar! In numbers too big to ignore"!

What ever happened to writing down some one's order and handing it back to the cook?

Hopefully I will make the transition, hopefully I will catch on, hopefully next time you read this blog I will still have a job!

Swipe your card, punch in your number, modify and send!

The computer still seems to be "Talking Chinese to Me".

Wish me luck...modify, send and post!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

It's My Friday!!

Thank the Lord this weekend is almost over!

Most people love the weekend...I DREAD it. Monday is my day off and it starts Tuesday morning with a day shift and escalates towards the weekend with Friday, Saturday and Sunday almost killing me.

Besides working all weekend, my daughter and I went to the cemetery where my parents are buried yesterday and worked for a couple of hours on the plot. We picked up limbs, raked up all the leaves and cut all the weeds with my trusty weed eater. Then we planted irises, lilies and morning glory all around the embankment beside the grave site.

At best...Massey is good company, at worst she is a part time worker. She did wipe off all the headstones when I got through weed eating and dug me a couple of shovel fulls of dirt for the flowers we planted. It really looked nice when we (I) got through and it just makes me feel good to remember my parents with this type of gesture. We have made plans to go back in one month to see what kind of progress our flowers have made...I am really excited about the morning glory seeds we put in. The graveside is right by a twenty foot hill leading down to the country road that runs next to the cemetery. How beautiful it will be when the entire hill is covered with blue morning glory! My neighbor who gave me the seeds assured me that they would take over the side and really spread.

After we finished our gardening, we drove down the old dirt road that leads to where my great great grandmother once had a small house.."Granny's" as we called it when we were kids. We found it by the only marker left...the chimney is still standing amongst the surrounding woods. We got out of the car because Massey wanted to take a picture of the free standing fireplace and chimney. As Massey looked all around us she spotted a house almost in ruins across the road. She said brightly "I wonder if that is where Great Great Grandma's BFF lived"? It made me smile, her sweet take on life and still childlike observations.

It made for a long day...back home to shower , change and go into work til Midnight. I came home and sat down on the sofa in the den and was out in under thirty minutes.

I felt more rested today but had to go in at 3PM...only 1/2 a day to catch my breath before heading back to the seemingly starving and demanding masses. Luckily I had almost all REALLY nice customers. It makes my night so much smoother when I don't get people that are ridiculously high maintenance.

After we were closed, two "official" looking guys came to the front door. They said they were with 'security'. It was the first I had heard so I went to get my manager. We recently got bought out by Darden...who own Olive Garden and Red Lobster. They are switching us over to their computer system from our old one. These two guys were there to install the new system which goes live tomorrow morning.

They seemed more interested in having the bartender show them how to change the channels on the three flat screens than anything and I remarked wittily "LOOK, you aren't being paid to watch TV and if you put it on Telemundo, we'll never get the kitchen help out of here". They both got a chuckle out of that (thank goodness).

When I walked out the door a few minutes later to leave, they were chatting on their cell phones (probably inviting a couple of chicks over to keep them company with the all night set up). I remarked on my way out..."The 'L' Word comes on at 11:30 on Showtime". They both laughed again...come to think of it, they MAY have been on their cell reporting my smart comments to corporate!!

I remember years ago we had a cleaning party at work. The managers had everyone that wanted to, come clean the restaurant after closing from top to beer for all of us.

The next morning the manager came in to find two of the Latino cooks asleep under one of the booths (to avoid the motion detector). Come to think of it...that was the LAST cleaning party we had!

I love working with my immigrant friends. They work harder than most Americans I know (they do have a FEW slackers that make it through the fence or tunnel). I have learned more Spanish from the dishwasher and prep guys than I did from 8 years of Spanish class in the school system.

The only thing that bothers me sometimes is the music on their radio or CD's. Number one...isn't the accordian a little outdated for pop music...and why is everything in 3/4 time? ONE TWO THREE ONE TWO THREE ONE TWO THREE. The other night after we were closed and they cranked up their radio...I started hearing Rap ESPANOL!! I asked one of them if this was called "El GANGSTA RAP"??

As usual they all grin sheepishly at me and call me their favorite nickname besides Algodon(spanish for cotton)... "Pelos Parados" Which loosely translated means "spiky hair".

I truly think the reason they like me is because I treat them with respect and treat them as friends. A lot of people I work with treat them like unkowns never even learning their names. I not only learn their names but learn about their families and their culture. I even give some of them nicknames and always ask them if they need something to drink or ask how they are doing. I try to be an amiga! At least I always get a quick response when I need something "on the fly"...that means I need something quickly, usually because I made a goof with an order or I have a Gringo that is too demanding or short of patience. When in Rome...

Friday, April 3, 2009

My Busy Life...LOL !!

I am sitting at my computer... with my two boxers standing on a bench outside the window I am facing; Them staring at me intently, listening to them whine like it is 40 below outside (it is a balmy 60).

The dinner dishes are done , the laundry is spinning and the dryer tumbling. What a WILD Friday night!

Actually I surprised myself by using "LOL" in the title of this post. I am not one to make little faces with colons , semi colons or parenthesis. I know that is all the rage but I prefer to write something that will make someone smile on their own. My daughter does enough of that kind of typing to choke a horse...sometimes I don't know what she means by half of the stuff she texts me. She is 13 though and now that she is a GROWN WOMAN (LOL for sure)... I just let her be and often feel like emailing her texts to the pentagon to be decoded. Of course if she wants something from me or the store it is a straight forward message with nothing to decipher.

My son uses "word" a lot on his phone. He gets the words wrong nine times out of ten and at least makes me chuckle with most of his messages...(no little faces from him) :)

He sent me a text one time trying to tell me that he knew more about fixing my computer than the person I had asked to come over and take a look at it. His text read "Mom, I know more than HE dose". (I saved THAT one in my drafts).

My daughter used to occasionally text me from school...a totally forbidden act that could get her into trouble if they ever burst into the bathroom stall while she was texting. She has stopped after I threatened to take her phone away. The last time she did it, I ignored the text three times trying to get her to give up. I finally sent her a message back and said "Do NOT text me again". Not one minute went by and I received another text: OK :)

Granted she was sick...but for Pete's sake go to the nurse or the office.

I honestly do not know how my mother raised three kids without a cell phone or at least a pager. I couldn't imagine my kids NOT having a cell phone. My one rule is that if my husband and I are paying for it, they sure as heck had better answer it when WE call.

If you had told me when I was 12 years old in 1972 that one day I would have a daughter 13 years old with a laptop AND a cell phone...I would have looked at you like you were crazy.

Who's the crazy one now? "ME" !!

LOL BFF BTW JK JP OMG IDK... How long does it take to spell out a simple word, or is everyone in THAT big of a hurry?

Granted girls seem to use it a lot more, but the whole younger generation seems to be looking for a shortcut in life at any point they can.

Wait til they get my age ... they will be hunting for some way to turn the clock BACK! ;(

At least I am fortunate and work with young people on a daily basis. I have to put up with some of them being lazy, irresponsible and undependable...but for the most part they keep me in touch with what my kids are in touch with and end up keeping me a pretty cool mom.

Guess that I will close for now and switch back to my high school site (NOT CLASSMATES) and spew some of my verbal diarrhea their way!!

Til next time...COTTON

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Darn That Stripper!!

Just got home from work..threw in a load of clothes to dry, helped my son bake his "Toads in the Hole" for international day at school tomorrow and sat down to type.

I waited on the nicest family tonight. The economy has struck hard at our store, tips are WAY down and I have to struggle to make in 6 hours what I used to make in four. The night went okay...could have been better but certainly could have been worse.

My last table was a family of six...Mom, Dad and four teens. They were very nice and extremely easy to please.

When I offered dessert they said they had a birthday cake back at the house. I asked who's birthday it was and they all pointed at dad...who immediately pointed at the others. I ordered our little hot fudge sundae that we give to customers on their birthday and took it out to dad. I told him happy birthday and said "I am SOO sorry, the stripper is off on Wednesday night...prayer meeting at the church. You know we ARE in the Bible Belt".

They all cracked up (even the mom, thank goodness). The man asked me how long I had been serving and I told him for 31 years. He asked how I always kept a smile on my face and a good attitude. I told him I went to college, got my PHD in BS and put it right to use. His kids really liked THAT one!

In my line of work it is a game of averages...some days are downright terrible and other days people seem to be throwing money at me. I just persevere and hope it all averages out in the long run and you know what? It usually always does.

On another work note, I got my sister a paint job ...she is an excellent interior painter and has painted my entire house.

A bartender who works with me (putting her Emory degree to good use) is married with three small children. My sister is painting her front entrance hall.

Let's call this girl I work with "Rebekah".

She is one of the best and most patient moms I have ever met and the result is three terrific kids.

My sister smooths out rough spots as she goes and uses a putty knife to scrap off excess Spackle, keeping the putty knife in her back pocket.

My friend's little girl, probably around three...followed my sister as she painted constantly saying "Are you through yet"? My sister told her at one point "Now I am going to paint the wall RIGHT outside of YOUR bedroom"!!

My sister said this little girl looked up sweetly at her , eyes wide open and said enthusiastically "THANK YOU"!! While painting outside of ....let's call her "Trinity"'s room, she pulled her putty knife out of her back pocket and Trinity said "Why do you have that sword in your pocket"?

God, I miss those days of a young child's interpretation and reasoning.

I remember when my daughter was about the same age she got a doctor's kit from Santa. She wanted me to play doctor with her so I stretched out on the sofa and said "Doctor, I don't feel too good...will I live"? She gave me a serious look and replied " will live with your family". I laughed so hard it made her mad.

It's like the time my middle son asked me when he was in fourth grade or so..."If I ask you a question, will you promise to tell me the truth"? I told him I would, then he proceeded to ask me if Santa was real. I asked him if he wanted the truth...he nodded and I told him that Santa wasn't real.

He looked at me for a couple of stunned seconds and then bluntly said "You mean it's all just a BIG FAT LIE"??

After composing myself, I told him it was for smaller children and that in fact the spirit of Santa is what matters most. After crushing him (although I found out later his older brother had already done that without my knowledge and THAT'S where the question came from) he forgave me and asked immediately if he could tell his little sister (the doctor).

Thankfully he let his little sister continue believing the "BIG FAT LIE" for a number of years.

Kids are such a blessing, such a learning experience and a tremendous joy. The stories I have of my kids could fill a book and would certainly be a best seller.

As two have turned into teens and one into a young adult, they still fill me with immense pleasure and pride...even when they screw up.

Til next time...COTTON