Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Waitress, a Mother.... and a Democrat !!!

I just finished watching Obama's speech...and for one of the few times in my life, I was left "Speechless"....with tears forming in my eyes.

He was eloquent, informed, articulate and impassioned.

I am the only Democrat at my workplace, besides the other African Americans that I work with. Let me retract that...I know of one other, but the point is made...we are few and far between at my job.

The thing that I get MOST tired of hearing is that Obama is a terrorist and a Muslim.

His faith is as a Christian. He quotes scripture with familiarity and reference.

I feel personally that the people that so dislike and oppose him are only showing their repressed racial bias...although most of them would immediately deny it.

This man WANTS to make a change in OUR lives.

He wants to revitalize the economy, the education system, the environment and health care...he wants to IMPROVE OUR NATION.

He is a man that has not been born into money or fame... but has fought his way into every position he has achieved or risen to.

He is not a BLACK man, he is not a MUSLIM, he is not a TERRORIST, He is an AMERICAN!

He is a man with the vision of making us once again a powerful and respected nation, who take care of their own, and one that knows that OIL will run out.... there is no doubt about that, AND IF WE DO NOT SEEK OTHER OPTIONS, We are only fooling ourselves and putting off the inevitable.

Look at the last eight years.

When Clinton left office, he had balanced the budget and had created millions of new jobs.

No one thinks he was a good husband..but HEY...he got the job done for us. We didn't elect him on his ability to be a faithful husband...we elected him to run the country, and in MY book, he succeeded well.

Then we had the "CHENEY" administration .

NOW we have the chance to pull the entire country together..To get people excited, involved and do what every person that loves our country should and MUST do.


Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat...If you don't is the most critical mistake that you can make as an American.

Our country is built on this system...and if you are too lazy to vote...then you lose your right to bitch.(in my opinion)

It is a cross road that we stand is a choice that we have to make. It is a time to stand up and be counted.

I will watch the "GOP" during their convention...but probably only to reassure myself that I will make the right decision on Nov.4th.

Whatever choice "YOU" make... just be SURE to go and have it registered...make your opinion heard, make your self count...and thereby "BE" accountable. If every person in this country voted "What a Wonderful World This Could Be".

Although I am firmly and staunchly a "DEM"...I encourage, challenge and plead with all Americans to exercise and use the "PRIVILEGE" that we have at our disposal to VOTE...VOTE ...VOTE.

It amazes me how many people that I know and respect say "I just don't won't make a difference".


Do me a favor if you read this post.

PROMISE yourself that you will get out and vote, not only for this election, but for ANY election that gives you the opportunity to have your opinion not only heard,but recorded and counted...and MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

I "AM" AN OBAMA MAMA. I am not ashamed, I am extremely proud . If you are proud of your hat is off to you...if you get off your butt and join in the voting.... If you don't want to vote... I feel extremely sorry for you as an American.

Till Next Time, ....if anybody comes back....COTTON

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sometimes The Public WEARS me Out!!

I was at work tonight when a customer was seated at my table...He was awaiting the arrival of his wife and two kids. He ordered water for all four of them. He asked for a bowl of peanuts...which I brought him . After returning to the table , he told me they were stale and asked if I could find him a "fresher" bowl ?

Number ONE: The peanuts are free.

Number TWO: They are ALL out of the same stinkin box.

Number THREE: "Did ya come here for the PEANUTS??"

Once his family arrived, they placed their order... still griping about the peanuts, but had their meal, consisting of a shared meal between the parents and two kids meals.

I waited on them as I would a family that had just ordered four Porterhouse steaks and a thirty dollar bottle of wine.

He wanted to see my General manager, who was currently out back helping to repair the dumpster unit out back in case of an inspection from the health inspectors. He was covered in sweat...heaving a shovel to clean up the mess sometimes left by the people who dump our dumpsters. I asked him if I could tell my "GM" his name, to which he replied "he would only know me by my face."

I assume (probably correctly) that he wanted our restaurant to donate to a school function or buy an ad in a money mailer or some type of advertisement.

The meal went smoothly.

After the meal, his kids and wife went to the restroom . While they were gone I took the bill to the table and asked if they needed anything else.

His reply was... "Can MOMMY have her water put into a 'GO' cup"?

Who is he talking to?

No one else is at the table.

Is he actually calling his wife "MOMMY" to me?

It struck me as strange. I could never imagine my husband saying that.

Maybe he had a brain fart, or maybe they just speak that way so often that it seemed normal to him.

They left me a $5.00 tip on a $60.00 tab.

Maybe it was because I didn't produce my General manager on the spot, or maybe "MOMMY" is in control of the checkbook.

I happen to give GREAT service to EVERY table that I wait on.

I happen to make $2.13 an hour.

Maybe he ought to tell MOMMY that one!!

This is just an observation, just a vent.

It was the only tip that I got tonight that was under 20%.

"Tell MOMMY that she OWES me one"!!!!

If my husband EVER calls me MOMMY to a waitress, I would take him outside and flog him to death...and then I would go back inside and tip the waitress at LEAST 20% for listening to a grown man not only talk down to the waitress, but stiff them on a tip.

GOOD LUCK ever getting me to get you to the HEAD guy in OUR place!

AS I say, it is just an observation, just a rant...just an example of how people want SO much for SO little.

Till next time....COTTON

PS I hope none of my customers ever find me , or my blog!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thirty One Years Down the Road...Seems Like Yesterday

Today is my daughter's thirteenth birthday.

That also means that my Mother died thirty one years ago on this day.



Those two numbers seem so connected for me on this particular day. Complete opposites...yet both have such a significant meaning.

Thirty one years ago I was a seventeen year old, left numb and quivering with the desperate realization that my Mother was gone from my life forever. It has been a struggle and somewhat a weight on my shoulders.

Thirty one years later, I have a thirteen year old daughter who was born on the day that my Mother died. A daughter that is named after her...and keeps my Mother alive to me every single time I speak my daughter's name.

My heart breaks to not be able to see them together, or have them interact as grandparent and grandchild.

But if God did ONE thing miraculous in my life (and He has done MANY) was most certainly sending me my youngest child as a joyful blessing to replace the most horrible memory of losing one of the greatest people that I ever had the honor of being born to.

How can it possibly be that thirty one years have gone by?

How can it be that God sent Massey to me on the same day that he took my Mother?

I just do not think it is coincidence. Actually I KNOW that it isn't.

He sent me my daughter to fill the void, to make this day a happier one...and to make my life all the greater.

I still mourn the loss of my Mother...always will.

But now August 19 is my daughter's birthday. It is also the day that my Mother died...but the day that God gave it back to be to be a happy day.

A day that my Mother found her home in Heaven, and a day that my beautiful girl found her way into my life.

You have to take the good along with the bad. You have to find reason with God's decisions and plans...and you have to find a way to have it all make sense in your heart and mind.

I will miss my Mother forever, and the hurt hasn't faded much after thirty one years.

What this experience HAS done, is give me a daughter who reminds me of my Mother and reminds me that although God took my Mother from me on August 19...He also gave me my daughter on August 19. My Mother's birthday in Heaven...and my daughter's birthday on earth.


It is up to us to find the beauty and meaning... to enjoy what we are left with, and make the best of the situations and decisions that are ultimately out of our hands...but to realize as well that luckily we are all in God's hands...and that is a wonderful place to be.

Happy Birthday "Mama"

and Happy Birthday "Massey".

I love you both, and YOU BOTH make me the person that I strive to be. I hope that I don't let either of you down.

With a full heart and complete sense of gratitude to you both...This post is for the both of you...and for my own comfort as well.

With love and admiration,

Your daughter...and Massey's mother... till next time COTTON

Thursday, August 14, 2008

They Say That the Number Thirteen is Unlucky...But it Is Incredible to Me

My youngest only girl, is turning thirteen.

How did she progress from being a four pound "preemie" to being a young woman already more grown up than ME??

Her birthday is Tuesday. Being that school is in session, we have decided to have her party this Sunday so that all of her school friends and hopefully all of my family can come.

By the way Elizabeth, consider this your invitation...because I am working my butt off these last few days , trying to get everything together, and I know you read my blog.

ANYHOO... back to my girl.

We are having a "BLOWOUT"!!

We have rented a forty foot long slip and slide that they come inflate on our back lawn. It stands about four feet off the ground and has water spraying from arches all along the way. It is the most fun thing I have ever done legally, and all of the nieces, nephews and neighbors absolutely have a blast.

Just a shoutout to my kinfolk in LaGrange...We rent it from a place in LaGrange, "B&E Happy Hoppers". You should call them up next time you have a party for your "grand youngin's". Put a couple of drops of baby shampoo on the slide and it gets even better!!

We have kids in my neighborhood that only come to my house once a year...just to get their turn on the massive "SLIDE".

We are cooking burgers, dogs, having Chicken salad with Pineapple and almonds, and giving my girl the greatest send off into her teens that we can think of (or afford).

Her room is ALWAYS a wreck...she is unorganized and unfocused...but she is so stinkin sweet, honest and loving that I forgive her for her shortcomings, and praise her for her attributes.

I may regret it one day, but after raising two boys...she'll probably always be the easiest to influence...and she is A LOT easier to bribe!!

If I didn't have my kids, I don't think that my life would have much focus of any kind.

They are the reason that I work so hard, worry so much and pray so hard....Maybe they are what is keeping "ME" in line!!

If you live near NEWNAN Georgia...drop on by on Sunday! We will be glad to have you!!

I don't want to brag on myself (but I will) I have had over 5000 hits on my blog and want to thank every person that has read my blog and that has contributed to my postings.

Keep it up...and keep on reading for the re-cap of the big "Slip and Slide" event.... We may even give out medals, since it is the week of the Olympic Games. If any Chinese gymnasts show up...we WILL check "ID'S" . Till next time...COTTON

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Time to EXPAND!!

I have decided... with a push from a dear friend (who remains nameless) to expand my site. She asked me what my two most favorite things to do were? I replied inquisitively.."drinking and smoking"?

She pointed out that I love to work in the yard and love to cook. I have decided to incorporate some of my favorite recipes and tips on landscaping and yard work into my blog.

I have a cook book that my Mother got as a wedding present. It is the "Updated" version of the 1946 edition of The Fanny Farmer Cook Book. Most of my favorite recipes come from this book.

I know that my relatives and friends can add to this tremendously, and welcome all of your additions.

My cousin from LaGrange can certainly help me out in the horticulture department...and I will look forward to anything she could add.

This is a work in progress. I am currently trying to add a search engine to my blog, and once I get things set up...I think it may be a really good tool.

Be patient with me, I am extremely "technology deficient".


Tomorrow is my one day off, and I plan on working on this.

I also have a couple of new stories to share...and can't wait for you to hear them!!

Till next time...COTTON

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Back To School...UGH!!!

Tomorrow starts a new school year for my kids and another year of torture for me.

My daughter bounces out the door every morning looking forward to school (which she considers a social club) and I shove my sixteen year old out the door saying "Just two more years if you pass this one"!! (By this remark I am trying to encourage him in the only way I know how).

My daughter isn't an "A" student, but she tries hard and has never been a problem. She is loved by all her teachers and for the just too sweet to be hard on (maybe that is one of our problems).

My son...God help us, is another story all together. He is the smartest of my three. He can debate like nobody's business, he can tell you any historical or scientific data...he can even tell you why America is in such dire straits....and most of the time I agree with him. He HATES to be judged by numbers or letters ( that is his explanation for his GPA).

My daughter had her orientation at the middle school today, and got assigned to the team of teachers that had my son two years ago. In each classroom that I went into, after I told them that I was Zachary's mom and they had taught him two years ago...their first comment was "Zach was the smartest kid I ever taught".

Not that he passed their class with flying colors, but they saw the potential that I see on a daily basis.

He is a genius, he is my way to an early retirement...if ONLY we can get him out of school.

He fights the system, he fights the rules and he fights the entire concept of a controlled environment. My boy is a rebel...albeit a smart one.

But what I cannot instill in him is that at his age, you JUST have to play by the rules, you have to surrender to authority, and you just have to "PLAY" the game...not fight it at every turn.

Last year by the end of the school year...I had spent more time with the ninth grade principal than I had my husband. I look forward to meeting the tenth grade principal and I am certain by May, we will be well acquainted.

He is a good boy. He doesn't do drugs (a trip to the county juvenile detention center for a drug test guaranteed me that) ...Just checking after a rebellious period. But you have to keep a close watch on your kids, I am not one that will not keep a check on a floundering sixteen year old...and be caught off guard when it is too late.

I have come to realize that he is a pistol. He is loaded with information, facts and data that blow me away on a daily basis. He just doesn't like school. He doesn't like the fact that they judge and grade him on whether he gets a paper signed, or a progress report signed.

But how do I tell him that this is the way it works? How do I tell him that unless you come out of high school a is a hard ,hard road...even if you ARE smart?

I pray for him daily...and he probably prays in his room at night that I will leave him alone.

Guess who's prayer's will get answered first?

I have no reservation in saying that he is the smartest, brightest sixteen year old I have ever met.

Someone please tell me how to help him succeed, how to let him finally see his potential, and how to stop my heart palpitations every time a new school year starts.

Just thought that since I had this blog, I would throw it out there to you and see what came back.

Please help me help HIM.

Till next time..COTTON

Monday, August 4, 2008

Oh My "Deere"

My John Deere has been sick. I would almost rather my husband be on the outs than my riding lawn mower.

I am a yard fanatic. I can work in the yard from sun up till sun down....and I did JUST that today. I cut my own acre of grass, then moved next door to my retired neighbors. I cut, then I go back and weed eat (another favorite tool of mine) the entire perimeter of the property.

All of this is thanks to my next door husband (see previous post).

I bought my "Deere" from a neighbor for $400. It was the best money I ever spent.
Granted it is older, but after my next door husband put on the new blade belt and drive belt...I have been in a tizzy!!

After cutting my yard and the ole folks next door, I moved up to the front of our subdivision, which looked a run down trailer park. I have been cutting it all summer long (where exactly do my home owner's association dues go)?

I don't mind cutting it, and in fact I do a pretty good job. But gas is a million dollars a gallon, and I feel that even if they don't pay me back, they could at LEAST slow down when they ZOOM by me with my back to the road, or at least swerve over to the other side of the road.

My daughter goes with me to pick up all the trash that has been thrown out by passer's that fly by our entrance.

All I know is that I am so entirely happy to back in the seat of my "Deere"...that the other questions seem a moot point.

So all the homeowners know that I will take care of everything (sounds like the same thing that is going on in my house).

But at least every time I pull into my subdivision, I admire my handiwork and mentally pat myself on the back.

They couldn't STOP me from doing it. If my yard looks great, I don't want it to be surrounded by unkempt or overgrown yards.

I guess that I have bumped up my responsibilities and have no one to blame but myself .

I may file a grievance or complaint at some point, if gas prices don't come down, but I feel so completely satisfied with my work that it almost makes it worth it to me.

I am an odd duck, I am anal about my yards, and thanks to that, the rest of the subdivision has a great entrance to their homes and I bring their property value up on a regular basis.

Sounds like a small rant, but with the heat index, it was 100 degrees while I did all of this work.

Who will nominate me for neighbor of the year??

Till next time.... a sunburned COTTON

Sunday, August 3, 2008

"KIDS" ... What Can You REALLY Do Besides Worry ?

I got me a "BROOD" at my house.

I have three kids and they are all so different that it makes me wonder how they are all three mine.

My oldest, who has always been my hope for an early retirement...netted from his HUGE income of being "something" great, has dropped out of college for a break (I hope it is a short break).

My second in line is my sixteen year old son...who is a "freakin" genius that refuses to use any of his capabilities in any type of school work , homework or anything that may represent the fact that he is indeed smart. He can tell you how the Air Bus works, how to build an atom bomb, ANYTHING about history or culture...but can't seem to get a progress report signed or a project turned in by it's due date.

My third is my daughter...sweet and mature for her age, but blinded by the horrible heart wrenching debacle of "MIDDLE SCHOOL" and the fact that she has to struggle for the grades that she makes and most of her friends are seemingly "Breezing" through with all "A"'s. (At least she picks really smart friends). After being exposed to girls in their "tweens"... I have to salute her. Girls at her age are a vicious and conniving sort, and I would rather have my "average" scoring girl than some of the snotty little "priss pots" that I have encountered at the middle school she attends.

My point being...

I am in my late forties.

I thought by now one of my kids would have received the Nobel Peace Prize or at least would have discovered the cure for cancer.

But as a parent you have to take it all in stride. You have to unfortunately take everything into perspective...At least I HAVE them.

At least they are all healthy and happy (I guess that my constant cooking, cleaning and doing laundry pretty much make up the "happy" part) but I am OK with that.

I just want for them the absolute best and most.

It is easy for me at 48 to know what they need to do, but it is a totally different thing to get them to see my point.

I only want them to see that I am trying to save them years and years of wasted time and effort.

I want them to see their life from my view point..and to save them from wasted years, and to show them the short cut to success.

But as I type...I know it won't happen.

Life has to happen at it's own pace, with all of the the interruptions, pitfalls and mistakes.

I wish I could save all three of my kids from having to experience them, but I can't.

The only thing that I can do is to love them, pray for them and be there for them when they need to be picked up...reprimanded and sent back into the world to hopefully find not only themselves but find their way.

I envision great things for all three of my kids. I think that all three are extremely talented, gifted and destined for greatness.

It just worries me that they may get side tracked on the way. It worries me that they may get a menial job that seems like great pay to them, and forget their potential. It worries me that they may think they don't need to further their worries me that they might get killed by a bus crossing the street.


If I had known that having sex with my husband would cause me thirty years of constant worry and concern...would it have made me change my mind?

Unfortunately, or maybe should I say gratefully it would not.

I love my kids, I desire the best for them and have tried to give them the best advantages that I could.

I truly believe that all three of them will be just fine. They will ultimately find their way to is just a HARD, HARD road to have kids and have them find their own way...and to let them find it in their own time.

Let's just hope that "OLE" mom is up to the challenge.

Till next time...........COTTON

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Realities and Fantasies of Life

I think that I am going to have to start carrying around a notebook so that I can jot down the hundreds of things that come to my mind.

My most recent thought is of a recipe that a dear friend of mine gave me.

I love recipes and always want to try new dishes.

My friend told me that she had found a wonderful new dish of pasta salad.

BABY..I love me some pasta and I LOVE me some salads.

She found it on the internet and told me she would bring me some to work the next day.

The next day...she brought a bowl of bow tie pasta that looked so forsaken and lost ...just waiting for someone to come to it's rescue.

She informed me that it called for a cup and a 1/2 of mayo (she had substituted low fat mayo "YUCK" ) and said that red bell peppers were too expensive to buy.

She also said that it was to have green onions diced and added..but she had left them out. Also it was to have grape tomatoes added, but they were also too expensive to purchase. "'s called a recipe for a reason"!!

The result was a bowl of noodles mixed in low fat mayo and it was at the LEAST...unappealing and bland.

Of course this particular friend relies on me for all of her "SNACKS" when I work with her... and after getting the "REAL" was absolutely delicious and a big favorite of all of my co workers.

Maybe they know me too well. Maybe they know that I love to cook and feed the masses.

Maybe they are just "Playing Dumb" knowing that I will bring in a dish that they will all fight over and snicker behind my back..."She ain't got a CLUE that we like her cooking".

I do it every time that I work a day shift.
I went into work today and the manager sifted through my bags and said "What did Cotton bring us today"

I am not sure what my mission is on this earth. Is it to raise my family, or is it to raise an entire company?

I love my family dearly, but I rely on my job to keep the money flowing.

Sometimes I think that the two are intertwined ... I have been at my current job for ten years and sometimes think that THEY are my family as well.

I actually DO love my job (which is rare these days ) and they compensate me wonderfully.

I care about, love and respect everyone that I work with, and I honestly think that is why they treat me so well and that is the reason that I continue to work for them.

To be "LOVED" is a great thing.

Not only am I loved by my family, I am loved by the people that I work with.

Let's look at it this way.. I could be "super sizing " it at a drive through or just be hoping to.

I am blessed, my family is too.

What more could an American hope for?
A better recipe than the American Dream.... I DON"T THINK SO!!!
...What better recipe for life could we all have ???