Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Back in the day, I worked for Western Sizzler. It was really LongHorn but after they fired me for giving my daughter a cup of ice cream (without ringing it up) when she and friends had spent over fifty bucks on lunch and they knew my husband was out of work as well, swore to never mention or go their establishment again.

I haven't eaten there since and most probably never will, but met some pretty awesome peeps in the thirteen years I was employed there.

There were two young girls, who were servers that I especially felt close to. The girl on the right in the above photo had lost her mom to cancer around the same age I was when my own mother died. She's smarter than smart and sweeter than sweet. All these years later are still friends. She put herself through Georgia Tech and currently is employed with them, while also working on her Doctorate.

The girl on the left was originally good friends with my oldest son, TJ first (who worked there as well) but quickly also became my friend.

She is also smart as a whip but totally whimsical as well. I'll never forget the time she told me about the unicorn in her back yard...and was drop dead serious.

You have to love someone who believes in unicorns.

She's also done very well for herself, working for CSX. Last year her father was diagnosed with brain cancer and the battle has been fast and furious, for him and his family.

I know all too well about losing a parent; I've lost both of mine.

In hindsight was extremely blessed when they passed. My mother went from shopping with me and my sister for school clothes one second to being dead in thirty more.

My father lived to the ripe old age of seventy seven and went from feeling kind of "Yucky" one day with seemingly some cold or virus to being taken off life support ten days later from what we found out was West Nile Virus.

Those ten days with our Diddy in the hospital felt like a decade to us, but it wasn't.

It was ten days for me and my two sibs to bond, remember, laugh and sometimes cry.

It was all God's always is.

We were lucky in the respect that God took our parents quickly.

My heart is breaking for Frazier. Am hoping for the best for her dad, and her family. If Jimmy Carter beat it, so can he.

So I was finishing up this blog in our bedroom as Ole Jed (Tim) was going to bed. I turned around and asked him what song most conveyed the message of hope and love?

Can you believe it?

He nailed  it.

I know Frazier's dad has quite the uphill battle. That's why am asking for furious prayer warriors.

People did it for me when I needed it and people should do it now for my friend as well.

"There but by The Grace Of God go any one of us."

Help a sister out.

Prayer is a mighty tool and think is stronger than the Internet.

Til next time...a praying COTTON

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