Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hope You Missed Me!!

Busy, busy, busy I have been! It is graduation time and I have many nieces and nephews. I attended one of my favorite niece's graduation last night...or shall I call it a "GRAD GEE ATION". To begin with, when we got watch a class of over 400 graduate....It began with hearing all kind of people on their cell phone..and hearing their conversations and comments over and over again. "I am in McDonough" my nephew's "Grad U ATION". YEAH.... "I'm Here... IN Mc Donough". He still kept talking..still kept screaming into his his cell phone as the Valedictorian gave the speech and as long as we could stand the whistles from the air horns that were blown every second... If my child was giving a speech, if my child was a speaker...I would be pretty ticked off. I turned to look at this older gentleman a couple of times, but he was so engrossed in his "loud"conversation that he didn't even notice me. He continued through the entire speech...speaking almost as loudly as the speaker.

People kill me with their horrible manners and lack of respect. Parents were letting their kids run all over the place. Granted, we WERE in a football stadium...but we were at a graduation...not a game!

Then there were the people that hooted and hollered at the time their student's name was called...and continued to whoop it up through the next two names that were called...drowning out any applause those two students may have had. It embarrassed me to think that these were adults acting this way.

I hope these graduates turn out to be better adults than the ones we were surrounded by. If they don't....God help us!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Server or "Servant"?

I had a table tonight at work that exhausted me beyond belief. A couple with their two young sons.
Another server ran the salads to the table..came back and said that the woman had wanted more onions for her she took her a small oval plate with some red onions on it. When she sat it down by the woman, she replied (not sweetly) "I didn't want THAT many"! Let me point out that we did not put them on her salad ourself or force her to eat every one of them.

Next came when I asked her sons if they would like some more tea. Her quick response was that they had plenty. She flagged me down not 2 minutes later , had both of their kid cups, tops off and sitting right on the edge of the table...and said "Can you get them some more tea"?

After refilling their drinks, the food arrived at the table. I asked if everything cooked perfectly and was there anything else they needed, they shooed me away saying it was perfect. Two minutes later the husband came up to me in the hall, saying to come to the table. His steak just "had a smell". I said I would be more than happy to have another steak started immediately...and did just that. I came back to the table to check on them, when the wife stated that her two sons steaks were not seasoned enough...(Didn't I JUST ask them if everything was OK?) They were all eating sirloins...our toughest steak (and cheapest). We put a seasoning on them that is similar to a Lawry's seasoning salt. It is quite salty so we don't use a lot of it on kids meals or on their french fries (like we do adult orders). I told her I would be happy to bring the boys some more of the seasoning that we use, and her husband said that would be fine. When I returned with the spice, the wife said "You know it won't be the same thing". I told her that in fact it was the same seasoning that we cook that particular steak in. She continued to test me by saying "I don't want to sprinkle it on...I want it cooked in it". I said to just let me have the boys two more steaks cooked, but she said it would be okay. Her husband's second steak was already on the grill, so I took it upon myself to go ahead and order two more steaks for the boys...telling the cooks to go heavy on the salt.

At this point I got a manager involved and sent him to the table (I felt she should have a shot at him as well). Once we had fed the three males again...and it was perfect this time...the mother said "Well, it is my son's birthday and this was really disappointing." I am not sure what was disappointing to her, the fact that my manager bought all three steaks ($30) or the fact that we bought them an $8 dessert for their son's birthday...and let me say that at no point in the evening did either son seem upset OR disappointed...neither did the husband. But the wife got what she wanted...a $58 meal for TWENTY BUCKS.

We KOW TOW, pamper and bend over backwards to please our public..and yet they smugly shake their heads like they are letting us do them a favor by our store biting the bullet of eating $38. The economy isn't THAT good. Of course I feel like she knew that as well...and decided if she picked apart the meal and made a huge deal out of everything...they could save enough money to buy the boy a present.

So "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BUDDY."...hope ya liked your present...and if you didn't...your Mama will take it back...don't worry!!

Till next time...COTTON

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Can't Wait Any Longer!!

A good friend of mine from work was going to set up search engines on my blog, so that people could bounce from my blog to a site that may interest them. But she has taken too long and I HAVE to write!! I have been informed by my sister that some of my family members read my blog (Thanks Frances and Elizabeth).

It is storming here...I almost turned off the computer, but the storm has passed, and my fingers are eager to type.

My enemy from high school has decided that I am her new "BEST" friend..I think because I never responded negatively to her comments or joined her in her "I HATE KELLY" battle.
Life is a funny thing..things that are unimportant to me are so very important to others..but that is why it is called "The Game of Life". Throw the dice and just see what comes up...I was dealt a horrible hand when I was younger...I lost my mom when I was seventeen, and my dad six years ago....HEY!!! Who dealt me THAT hand?

But I am one of the fortunate ones. I have a sister that is not only my best friend, but my mentor, my rock and my saving grace.

I also have a brother that is so kind to not call me a lot, but sends GREAT presents to my kids on their birthday and at Christmas. They think their "UNCLE" is a millionaire...and by our standards he IS!!

I have another GREAT network of love in my extended family, Frances, Elizabeth and my former co worker from New York that faithfully read my blog every day. (Shout out to YOU, JoJo).

I have enjoyed writing this blog more than anyone could ever imagine...and it has made me happier than anything....for people to read my drivel, to keep coming back for more....and let me tell you...I HAVE PLENTY TO COME.

Hopefully by the next time I post I will have a lot of different options and choices on my site. I do not plan to ever quit this blog...but to enhance, add to and make it my profession. I have made myself happy, and I think a few others as well.

I have had comments from the UK and comments from a New York Times Best Selling author.

What I want comments from YOU...the encouragement to continue, and the feeling that I am actually not only entertaining you, but have made you want to read all my ramblings, observations and "TAKES" on life.

Next time you check in, it should be a whole new website, one with tools and engines to give you even more of the "VERBAL" views on life that I have "THOUSANDS" of.

Keep reading if you enjoy, and if you DO enjoy...tell a friend. Till next time...COTTON

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Trophy Husband

Here we go!! My sister and her husband come over every Friday night for dinner (my daughter says we are JUST like The GILMORE GIRLS)!! I told her that in fact we were, except that none of us are rich or on a TV series...and we are two sisters, not a daughter and her mother (although I consider my sis my only MOM that I have in my immediate life). Hey It's kinda cool to have a mom that is only seven years older than me!!

My husband justed walked by the computer, and after looking at the title of my blog... just gave a snort as he went back upstairs to watch the Braves and put some Aloe on the sunburn he got in the golf tournament he played in today.

Here is a good place for the story to begin. He is HANDSOME..I'll give him that. He is a sweet guy, honest and hard working (except at home). He is good to look at, good in bed (is the best snorer I ever heard) or good on a softball field or golf course...or ANY sports "STAT" that you want to know about.

What bugs me is the fact that I have spoiled him BEYOND repair. I met him as he was coming out of a horrible marriage, he was cheated on and bankrupted by the supposed "Love of His Life". I came swooping I do in any situation, and took him not only into my life but into my heart. He had retained possession of the house and had told her to take every thing that she wanted... She ended up taking EVERYTHING..his toothbrush and most of his clothes.

He was my new project...and I took to it like stink on "#$*&". He and his brothers...there are six brothers and two sisters...had been coming into the restaurant that I worked at for a beer after work for months, before I really noticed him. Actually one of the waitresses that I worked with commented on how beautiful his legs were (I guess she took all his long pants too)... and I looked at him and thought..."He is pretty cute". He asked me out for a date...and he asked me to marry him after a month. We waited a year, had a fabulous wedding at the home of his the pool and shuffle board courts..which were above the tennis courts. Had our reception in the two story pool house that had a dance floor, kitchen and bathrooms. Needless to say "WE THREW DOWN AT THE WEDDING". I did the entire reception myself, and off we went to California for a honeymoon.

Once at home again... I began to slowly realize the MONSTER that I had one handedly created. Once I met him, I just TOOK over, and he let me. Once we started having kids, he obviously realized that he had won the lottery.

After 20 years of marriage, I still do all the yard work (which I actually DO love), the laundry, cooking and cleaning and still work full time.

I remember when my kitchen sink totally stopped working and I knew the whole system had to be replaced, I went to Home Depot and bought new pipes, spigots and a sprayer. I asked the guy if it was easy to do, and he said "SURE, your husband can do it". My reply was a startled "You can replace this from a recliner"??? He asked me what tools I had and I told him I had two big wrenches and a bottle of wine. His reply was "That outta do it".

The sink still works fine, my husband is still the best ball player or all round good guy you would ever want to meet.

One night at the dinner table, I mentioned to my kids that every one liked their Dad. The kids said "Yeah, he's nice to everyone but us... he's nice to Massey (my only daughter) but THAT will wear off. And Whada U know?? It did!! As easy as he is in the rest of his life, he is hard on his kids (GOD bless him) and he is hard on himself as far as being the provider. He is the provider and I am the caretaker. Every once in awhile when I crack under pressure, he pitches in and helps.

He is a creature that I nurtured and brought forth, so I have no one to blame but myself. One time , when talking to my brother about what would happen to my kids if I were to die...his response was "Don't worry about it... Tim will remarry before you know it". Talk about AN INSPIRATION FOR LIVING!!!

We have had many ups and downs...good times and bad times...but you know what? At the end of the day...I love him and he loves me....and at least he is truly gorgeous to look at....Inside AND out!

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Funeral

I recently attended the funeral of a dear lady that had worked for me in the After School Program that I was the asst.coordinator for. She was only 56...fought a three year battle with colon cancer and unfortunately lost. This was the first African American funeral that I have ever been to.

Let me begin by saying that is is a good thing that I had taken the whole day off from work...after three hours, I was sitting on the pew wondering if I needed to perhaps get someone to cover my next day as well.

It was a very spiritual and moving service. It was also the most fascinating event that I have ever been to. It began with several very lengthy selections from the choir...all swaying to the beat and clapping to keep time.There were four ministers who spoke (at great length as well). Then we moved on to a couple of solo's. After a prayer was sent up in the family's behalf, a female evangelist took the microphone. She was before the five other people that were listed in the program scheduled to speak.

By this point, I stopped looking at my program...because these people were flying this train to Heaven by the seat of their pants. When the minister began his eulogy...twenty minutes in I realized that this was going to be a full out sermon (and it was).

The funeral started at 1:00. I got home at 4:00. And when I left, the entire cortege was preparing to go to the grave site to (in the word's of the minister) " Continue the service".

The funeral directors all wore tux, with tails and white gloves. They stood by the front of the church the entire service without so much as moving a muscle. I heard more "AMEN" "YES, JESUS"..."GLORY BE TO GOD" than I think I have heard in my entire life....and I grew up in the church.

It seems to me that this group in fact did not WANT this service to end...and peacefully spent an entire afternoon in the company of each other, the bereaved family, and their Lord.

Being a Caucasian...I have only experienced funerals of my relatives or other church members. When we send them on, it with the briefest of services, and before the hour is out we are all back in our own cars headed back to our own life.

It was a cultural eye opener for me...and a marvelous send off for this wonderful woman. How can I have lived 48 years and never attended one of these affairs? I have many African American friends...they are just all still alive.

After the grave side service... they were all coming back to the church for "The Repast". They were probably still at the church while I was cleaning up my dinner dishes.

I was impressed beyond words at the incredible amount of time and devotion that went into saying goodbye to their loved one. I left the church a little numbed (and not just my backside that I had been sitting on for three hours).

Ms. Rosa had herself a humdinger of a send off and one that I felt privileged to be able to witness. God bless Rosa and her son left behind. I am confident that her congregation will take him under their wing...and he will be okay.

Till next time...COTTON

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Twenty Minutes Left to Post

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!! Just got home from work (Talk about a fun night).Just wanted to tell all Mothers out her in the "CYBER" world that not only do I tremendously enjoy being a mother, but respect each and every other mother out there. It can be a tough demanding job...but one filled with so many rewards and fond memories that I would have my life be no other way. My kids and husband were GREAT to me today. My daughter made me breakfast in bed, my oldest son gave me a dozen roses, my husband gave me two more books to read and a sweet card..AND he even ironed my shirt for work. My middle son simply said "I love you, MOM". And you know what? That is all I want from my be loved. They are my reason for being, my reason to carry on and my inspiration on a daily basis. They can drive me crazy, but in another instant fill my heart with joy. I am proud so much more than simple words can say about my kids, and hope that they remember me fondly for the rest of their days.

Although I realize that they will never fully comprehend my love for them until they have children of their own...I hope that I have raised them to believe in them selves and to be the BEST person they can possibly be on this earth. THAT will be the greatest gift any of them can give me...and the greatest gift that I could have ever given to another realize that they actually HAVE been listening to me for the past twenty two years.

I have terrific kids, a husband that I love as much as I love to make fun of...and a life that is TRULY, TRULY blessed.

To my mom up in Heaven, (AND I KNOW THAT IS WHERE SHE IS) ...Thanks for raising me to be the person and mother that I am today...and for being my inspiration every single step of the way. Without a MOM like you, I wouldn't be the MOM I am!!!

Enjoy every moment with your children...they flash by in the wink of an eye...and can NEVER be replaced. I had my "Day in The SUN'" and enjoyed every moment of being with my family. I hope that I have years and years yet to come with you...and know that I will love you even more EVERY step of the way. Until next time...with a FULL heart...COTTON

Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Victims "Du Jour"

I have decided to pick on my nephews for a bit. I have quite a few nephews, but these two are close to my heart and my roots. Casey was the first born... looking like a papoose...a native American infant...he had the most amazing dark complexion that I have ever seen. Unusual for a little "Whitey". He grew up to be an amazing ball player at the tender age of five. He is a sensitive, "THINKY" type(is that a word?) He is extremely talented in quite a few areas...graphic arts, singing, baseball, golf; making you love him ..and staying in the home nest as long as he can. My brother did not move out of our childhood home until he was almost thirty . Obviously my nephew has followed his uncle's lead..."MAN, living at home is a DREAM come true...don't rush yourself into having to buy your own food or pay for utilities when they are just sittin there..waiting to be used." He has made "BABY" steps....gotten his own car, is working at not only driving my sister nuts, but helping her with her painting business (he is an awesome painter). He is a pleasure to be around..and I love him dearly (but he ain't in MY house, at the age of 25). He will eventually become something GREAT... I have no doubt in my mind.

And then there is "GRIFFIN" He came into the world screaming, and continued that practice for the first three years of his life. I am not sure what he was screaming about...but he wanted it to be heard..BY EVERY ONE!! Every picture of him that I have when he was a a pic of him with a grimace on his face, and a tantrum waiting to be be expelled. He was cute to look at; but a tyrant in diapers that demanded to be "Immediately " recognized and sucked up to! He followed his ( I mean Our) traumatic period by becoming the most "laid back" and "WHATEVER" individual that you could ever want to know. He is also a ball player, and an athlete. He has a girlfriend that could kick his butt on a daily basis if the need arises, and I think that is what he may love about her the most.

They are two TOTALLY different people; but I love them equally, get on to them equally, and want the best for both of them on a daily basis. How my sister raised two boys on her own is beyond my comprehension...and something that I would never want to attempt. When I wait on families that have young boys when I am at work, and they stumble over just ordering "CHICKEN FINGERS" ... I tell them that "One day you will get married...and you won't have to THINK again for the REST of your life." We shove our men down the path of life...WHO ELSE IS GOING TO DO IT? I love my husband beyond belief, but how did he make it until he met me? How will my nephews make it without a female telling them what to do? How will my two sons make it? I guess That "EVE" took control in the Garden of Eden, and said "LOOK....THIS IS THE WAY THINGS ARE GOING TO GO"!! Just make it easy on us all, and do what we tell you.... You may be the head of the family, but I am the neck... I will tell you which way to turn. Granted In hindsight, I should have not pushed the "APPLE" thing...but cut me some slack...I have those two boys, Cain and Abel to look after". We are a bossy bunch... but BABY, we can "GET 'ER DONE." We love you men, we respect you, but women are the epitome of "The Heart of a Family"...EXCUSE ME.... CAN YOU HAVE A BABY???" Get back to me when you can!! I love my nephews and my sons dearly..but when it comes to reality...There is nothing better than having a good woman shoving you down the right path of life!
I absolutely adore my nephews, and want them to succeed in life...and I KNOW that they will. I want them to know that I love them beyond belief, and have faith in them more than they could ever know... But I believe in them...and they can ALWAYS believe in me. Till next time... COTTON

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I Am At Your "Beck" and Call

My sister... my saving salvation in my life...had been in dire need of help. Her husband had open heart surgery, out of work for six months total...from the time he got sick, was finally diagnosed and till he is released from the doctors care. The entire time this has been going on...two amazing friends have saved my sister time and time again. Actually they were her friends to begin with, but now I consider them mine as well. The wife went to the high school that my sister taught at....also the school my college room mate went to. The husband (I don't know where he went to school...I just know he came with the package of friendship). They live across the street from my sister. They have brought meals, they have visited at the hospital, they have visited since Harvey came home...They have been there "Literally" EVERY step of the way. They also attend the same church as my sister (I tend to home school my kids in religion). They organized for love offerings to be taken at the church to help my sister in the one way she needed most...financially.It was an amazing outpouring of love that the church showed...and one that was RIGHT ON TIME. Beside that, they are incredibly funny people (MY KIND OF PEOPLE). I thought that I was pretty funny until I heard some of their stories. They are genuine, they are honest...and they are true Christians and true friends. They stepped in and totally SAVED my sister when I couldn't. They took a burden off of her that was entirely overwhelming her and distracting her from the medical issues at hand. They will FOREVER be my heroes (and my sister's)....and they will always be considered some of my most valued friends and acquaintances. Friendship is a marvelous "PERK" to have in your life...and one not to be taken lightly or for granted. I value my friends, they are the foundation of a secure and stabilized life. They are your safety net, they are your back up....and they ALWAYS have your back. It would be a sad existence to live without knowing that you had people that love you so much...that they would , and DO help you in any spot, situation, or time of need. My sister is such a GOOD person that she has people falling over backwards to help her. And if the situation was reversed...she would be (and has quite often) the first person to lend a hand or help in any way that she could. But I want to express my gratitude to these two "ANGELS" that have pulled my sister through, and done it with "AMAZING GRACE".......How sweet is THAT sound? To my sister...and is a beautiful melody...and a memory for a lifetime...Thanks Julie and Danny...(sorry that I used your names...but you deserve it) and know that you both mean the world to me, Cin, and the bills that you got paid by your selfless acts of love and friendship. Come on over next time we get together...and I will be the first to hug your necks, and the first to tell you how much I love you. Thanks for loving my sister...But she makes it easy to love her, doesn't she? I love you both, and just wanted to let you know how much you mean to my sister...and to me! God bless you both, as you have so richly blessed my sister. Till next time...COTTON

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Don't Go "POSTAL" on me!!

I was working a Saturday day shift...standing at the hostess stand chatting with the host, when the mailman came in the door with the mail. It was the middle of summer, it was about 100 degrees outside. The mailman came literally dripping into the front door of the restaurant...holding a bundle of mail for us. I of course was quick with my witty rendition , singing lightly.."WAIT A MINUTE MR. POSTMAN"!! His response was to stare at me like he was getting ready to pull out an M-16 and leave me in a puddle of blood that would be a lot more impressive than the sweat that he was drenched in, coming from every sweat gland that he had in his big ole body. He continued to stare at me, not saying ONE word. As the awkward silence seemed to last forever, I bantered back with a sweet "How are you doing today? It sure is hot out there, isn't it"? This once again got nothing but a stare, and I had the feeling that he was fixing to pull a missile launcher out of his bag and take me out right there in the lobby of the restaurant. So I just meekly replied...."I guess I will just mosey on now..nice to see you". I scurried away from the host stand...not daring to look over my shoulder into the barrel of a missile launcher. The host came up to me and told me I had another table, and I was grateful to have somewhere else to go. I went up the steps to my station of tables...and there he was...seated at my table....our "POSTAL" worker had decided to eat with us, and fate sat him at my table. I began by saying there would be no more singing from this point on, and what could I bring him? He said, as nicely as if he was Charles Manson coming in to eat " I want a cheeseburger, medium, no tomato...I repeat, NO you have that part? I want a coke with a lot of ice ..I repeat a lot of ice...did you get that part"? I said that I certainly did, and began to give this "HAPPY" guy the best service that I could muster up...all the while shaking in my work shoes. The coke never got empty, the burger was served exactly right. He never got any happier acting with me, but he ended up leaving me a decent tip. A couple of months down the road, I had a man, his wife and their daughter at my table. I kept thinking "where do I know this guy from"? And then he ordered a cheeseburger with "no tomato"....and it struck me like a two by four in the forehead....IT WAS CHARLIE MANSON AGAIN!!!! I once again made sure that everything went as smooth as silk...another flawless meal!! Tonight, we were in a twenty minute wait, the manager told me there were three parties up front that wanted my fast could I turn my tables? About that time, "CHARLIE" the mail man came stomping through the dining room and ran into me. He said "Can we get you to wait on us"? I was FLOORED!! I told him I had several people waiting on my tables, but if he asked a manager, he could request my section. He looked at me with his "DEATH" stare, and replied..."What's your name"? I told him to ask for Cotton..and he stomped back up to the lobby. I waited on him and his family again (another flawless performance....I AIN'T stupid)..and he left me an $11.00 tip on a forty dollar tab. Isn't it crazy how things happen...He Hated me when he met me, but now requests me when he comes in. So my lesson is this....maybe I am not the comedienne that I think I am, but obviously I am the server that I have spent thirty years becoming...and I suppose have succeeded at doing. Who would ever think this grumpy ole guy would ask for my table? It is an honor to have someone recognize my skills as a server (If not my skills as a singer or joker). That is my favorite thing about being a server...a good server. People might not want my singing or jokes, but it amazes me that they want ME to wait on them...and will wait for my table to come open. HEY!! I didn't go to college for NOTHING!!! Till next time....COTTON

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Lived To Tell

Over 150 class mates came together as a whole..lots of comments on my "stalker" lots of good times remembered. I feel compelled to say that I once again feel complete as not only a person, but a class mate that is welcomed by my peers....ones that hate me were obviously absent...classmates that I were never close to in school...(ROXIE) thanks for coming..and I feel proud to call you my friend ..and I hope that you consider me a friend as well. It was a group of red necks, politicians and blue collar workers....all coming together for an evening of unbridled and unchallenged lifestyles. We at RUSSELL are an eclectic and unassuming bunch of people that continue to connect and keep in contact over a fifty year span of time. When our school gets together...the house is "ROCKIN" we are a fired up, crazy mix of white, black, rich, poor, middle class people that make ANY party a party to remember! I LOVE my class mates, I love my childhood, and I love the life that I was so graciously given. When my husband and I left tonight, they were moving on to another club....and are still partying as I write this post. To have a school that WANTS to get together, WANTS to remember, WANTS to keep in touch...It makes me feel satisfied that I am a part of a school that not only remembers the past..but wants to keep in touch for the future...and who knows how long that may be? We "WILDCATS" were aptly named...and we hold true to our name. It was a pleasure to be surrounded by these people from my past, look at them in the present, and hope to see them in my future. And I didn't even get attacked by my stalker.... NOT YET!!! Till next time...COTTON

PS Thanks for all the compliments from one guy that I don't think I ever talked to before, that I have known since I was ten....WHO KNEW that he thought I was cute? I guess that 48 , and skinny is HIS kind of gal...but anyway...It was nice to hear, and it made my husband laugh (I need to ask my husband EXACTLY what he was laughing at). At least Tim is married to 105 lb's of opposed to 200 lb's of grief. That HAS to be a heck of a lot more crap to put up with.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Haircut....

I only have ten minutes to post..then my frozen pizza will be ready, my laundry will be done...and so will I..for the night! I was at work tonight and ran some food to a table. It was a woman with her teenage daughter. I went to place their food down and the woman commented "I LOVE your hair"! Let me begin by saying that for years and years I had long hair, which I always wore in a French braid because I work in food service. Once I began to go gray (much quicker than I would have EVER dreamed) I started to color it. I didn't like the way it looked...I LIKED my natural reminded me of my mother and no "BOXED" color matched. So at the age of (about) 47, I went into a "Great Clips" and told them to chop it off. I was extremely lucky that day...the owner of the shop was there(she owns 6 franchises) and I sat down in my lucky chair. I told her I was tired of coloring, tired of the gray..and decided that if I had shorter hair, I would have LESS gray hair. Let me also interject that my 15 year old son went with me. He stayed in the car and probably would not have gone with me at all except for the fact that he wanted me to take him to Blockbuster for a video game and that was the only way he would get there. So I chopped off my locks...looked in the mirror..and once they gave me some product that I could spike my hair on end with...I liked what I saw! I returned to my car, and the first remark my son made was "You look like a lesbian". I told him that he could assure himself, his sister, his brother and his father that indeed I was not gay....although at some point in all of their lives, that may have made my life easier...because they were all "KILLING ME SOFTLY" as Roberta Flack once stated in one of my favorite songs. My husband; now when seeing a picture of me from a few years back will say to one of the kids "Here's a picture of your mother when she HAD hair". I JUST like it. It takes me about 30 seconds to do my hair(on a slow day) and I can barely see the gray at all!! If I begin to see it...I know that it is time for a hair cut. Or if my best friend at work says "You are starting to look straight" I head back to the Great Clips and tell them to chop it off again. I feel that it suits my personality and my general attitude of life..."GO GO GO. DO DO DO...get it done NOW"!! If my husband's hairstyle reflected his attitude... he would have a mullet bigger than "JOE DIRT" . I Guess what they say is true...opposites attract. But I have more comments on this hairstyle than I have had on ANY of my others (and I have had quite a few). It just suits me, it expresses my personality and zest for life...and more importantly DRIVES my husband nuts!! But I do that to him at least I am happy with my spiky, short cropped hair...cut 15 minutes off of the time I need to get ready for work...and tell the whole world..just by my hair..that I am absolutely crazy, impetuous , bizarre and loaded with so much enthusiasm and energy for life that sometimes it scares even me! But HEY...Who knows how much time any of us have left? I will leave my mark as a woman with a crazy haircut, a house full of kids that I adore, and a husband that I drive crazy on a daily basis. But I love my life, with it's ups and downs....and wouldn't trade places with anyone else on this Earth. I am blessed beyond belief..and if you take a true look at your own may also be more blessed that you have ever thought you were...HEY...we're breathing aren't we? Till next time...COTTON