Sunday, August 31, 2014

Survived and Enjoyed the Tornado

Just got a text from "muh gurl". She's safely back home smack dab in the middle of the ATL, thirteen floors up and locked in tight.

She roars back home for an occasional weekend like a tornado, tells us what to do for thirty six hours and just as quickly is gone again but always love to have her spin back home for a few short hours.

I am gone for work ten hours or more but the time between is filled with pretty much nothing but Massey Time.

Last night I had all three kids here and we sat in the dining room for hours looking through old pictures and telling stories.

Those times are priceless and almost worth having all the gray hair they've given me.

I hemmed a pair of jeans for her while home, sewed up a favorite camisole and started sewing on the eight patches from her stint as camp counselor this past summer onto a fleece blanket.

Took me four hours to sew on all but one. Thank goodness it's still hot outside.

I got up at six twenty this morning, got home early shortly after six tonight.

I think I make MYSELF tired until Massey comes home.

Yep, she's a chip off the ole block.

She's as young as I am old. She's what urges me on and sometimes still even needs me to Momma.

It's a nice mix.

Rolling into bed feeling bone tired but can at least sleep til ten.

My oldest son went on the floor tonight at Ecco and finally making some tips.

Zach is a blessing to still have at home, he is the best house keeper I've never had.

It's still not easy breezy around here financially but sure is looking up.

Boy, isn't THIS a mantra to live by?

Til next time, an up to ninety nine pound COTTON!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Well That Was a Relief

Slept another eleven hours Thursday night. When I got home from work on Wednesday night I slept from midnight until noon on Thursday then got up, ran a few errands and came home and took another two hour nap. While out running errands  had dropped off my letter of resignation at the local restaurant I've worked at for well over four years. Barb wasn't there so like the coward I am, left it on top of her basket where she keeps everything in the office. I didn't work there until the next day but knew if I didn't make myself do it, I never would.

After my two hour nap, on top of my twelve hour sleep woke up and knew I had done the right thing.

I have been killing myself mentally, physically and emotionally since the end of May and it all had finally caught up with me. At least I made it to almost September, being just three days shy. That's a long run, even for this Dynamo.

I bit the bullet, put on my big girl panties, hiked 'em up and went into work today like just another day.
Len always speaks to me first thing. Not today.

He was working in the office so quickly got busy doing my opening duties. After about an hour I had to ask him a question for one of my tables and was surprisingly pleasant.

BIG.... "WHEW!"

Barb got back to work about another hour later. She walked around the corner of the kitchen, saw me and said "Well there she is!" (but with a smile)

She didn't mention anything else and started getting ready for the dinner shift. About another hour passed and when I was up front in the restaurant away from everyone else, Barb breezed by nonchalantly and said "That was a very lovely letter you wrote." Nothing else was said and she continued to breeze on to another part of the dining room.

That's all I needed to hear.

I intentionally took over two hours writing my resignation letter because knew Barb would be the one to read it and also knew when she did and told her husband about it, he wouldn't.

I was right.

I passed her later when we were alone and asked if Len had read the letter?

Her always seemingly regal self said "No, but I knew it was coming."

Well I was glad that was over!

I suppose as a send off, the next two hours happened. I got my skinny butt kicked from one end of the place to the other. I was exhausted when all was over but made great money and just what I needed after spending $400 on text books for Massey and helping keep the bills current.

So they still love me and that's all I wanted.

Seems Barb interprets a 'two week notice' differently from me so not only worked tonight but will the next two Fridays.

That's okay too. At least now know there is an end to my madness, only have to hold on a bit longer and will helping them out too. That's the very least I can do.

So the dryer just buzzed behind me. My airport jeans are dry and ready for me to put in the work shirt I washed as soon as I got home into the dryer. Have the iron hot, ready to iron them both...and it's midnight.

Thank goodness I doubled up on my sleeping the past two nights!

It was a bittersweet night.

I simply had to give up this job for a while to work the one that "brung us." (to financial stability)

With God as my witness, if things somehow (and hopefully) get us back to a six figure a year family I'd be more than pleased to simply drive sixteen minutes to and from work each day and hope these crazy Italians will hire me back.

For now, I'm still an airport rookie but learning the ropes. Iron your uniform tonight, sleep ten more minutes when the alarm goes off at six fifteen AM.

Til next time...COTTON

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It's Friday Again!

Got a good night's sleep and woke up ready to go! Left the house early for work and transferred some money into Massey's account for books, made a deposit in my own account and got to the MARTA station thirty minutes early.

Stalked the TSA workers as they filed out of the station and snagged a pretty decent spot, stepped onto the train platform as the train rolled to a stop and made the first shuttle over to International.

I like it when days start out like this. Added bonus, it was "Me Friday!"

There was a huge flight leaving for Germany and the restaurant quickly filled up. After an hour I had already made a hundred dollars and was only three o'clock.

Did I say I like days like this?

It's so entirely different working in an airport restaurant. There's no big twelve o'clock lunch rush or six o'clock dinner rush. You can't tell if it's day or night, it's always brightly lit and bustling with people. They check the departure boards every day to gauge when the busiest times will be.

Flight delays are awesome too! (unless you're a passenger)

Today I was lucky enough to work when there were over 300 people leaving for Paris, 249 leaving for Germany and almost 300 leaving for Amsterdam.

TJ was supposed to take his final test today but when we got there, was turning into a mad house and were quickly in a wait for tables. He helped everyone out and ran food, polished glasses and silverware and helped everything run much smoother.

When he started two weeks ago I didn't mention anything about him being my son or even related to me to any other co workers. Of course management knew but I wanted him to make it on his own, not that I'm anything other than an old newbie myself but just didn't want that getting into the mix.

Several of the younger girls who are hostesses and Gelato girls think "He's hot." Granted he has beautiful green eyes and a great smile but is still one of my kids and unfortunately know all their downfalls and weak spots.

One of the younger hostesses was talking with us in the back while we were polishing glasses. She thinks TJ is gorgeous (which he is) but doesn't have a snow ball's chance in hell with him. Number one he's in love with a cutie pie and her young daughter and number two, this girl is so young and ridiculous it isn't even funny. While she was talking to TJ, one of the cooks walked by and said something to her. Her response was an eye roll and "You're so trifling."

TJ and I laughed about that remark all night. He was helping me do something later on and when I made a remark to him, his answer was "You're so trifling."

Yep. He's a Cotton!

It's actually been nice having him join me at the airport. Of course it would be even better if either one of us owned a vehicle but are working on that.

The car I bought over two and a half years ago should be ready this next week. I guess they are fixing it in a crock pot set on low.

The body is great on the car and paid $1400 for a transmission to be put in only to find out the engine was bad. Spent another $900 on the engine and still have to pay for labor.

If it works out like I think it probably will I'll have a car that works to get me to and from work but radio, A/C and heater, electric windows and power locks won't.

Trust me. I'm gonna be right on at least four out of five.

This car debacle has been yet another lesson well learned and will certainly never happen again.

TJ and I were cruising home from work the other night, in my next door husband's borrowed little Ranger (which runs better than any car we have owned in quite a while) scooting along in the far right lane. I call it The Cotton Lane. I told TJ  "If you're a Cotton, stay in the far right's a lot easier to get towed from."

I also told him I knew he was having a rough patch. His car blew up on the highway on his second day going to the airport for training. His girlfriend is a single mom and her car was acting up too. She's back in school while raising a four year old and working as well.

Here's what I told him:

"You have to  take the bad with the good. Laugh at your misfortunes and just shake your head at them. This too shall pass. If you never have bad times you'd never really learn to appreciate the good times. If you always give life your best and keep on keeping on eventually Karma will roll back around your way. And here's the added least you are still in your twenties. I'm almost in my mid fifties and if I can do it... your life should be a piece of cake."

After all we've been through (and still going through) have suddenly had another Epiphany.

God seemed to make us suffer, sweat and stress. He let us breeze along for over twenty years living phat with a 401 K, great insurance and over ten grand in savings, then suddenly took it all away.

I know now why He did that when He did .

All three of my kids were old enough to realize we were suddenly broke. They saw their parents struggle. They saw their parents argue and they saw their parents cry.

They also saw their parents keep on keeping on even when obstacles continued to block the way. They saw family and friends come to the rescue, never acting like it was charity but a gift. They have witnessed love.

The past five years of my life have been mind blowing. I've gone from turning couch cushions over to find quarters to being so close to being caught up it isn't even funny's really happening.

I guess God wanted to show us how quickly it it can all be taken away and find out if we had the MoJo to fight our way back.

Baby, call me a fighter!

All three of my kids have learned at an early age that life has no guarantee. They have learned that life is what you make it. They have learned to be a good person and if you are, good things will eventually happen to you.

I am truly the luckiest woman on earth to have raised three kids who "Get the big picture."

Getting muh hurr did on my day off for $8.99 with my coupon, buying some groceries for my barren kitchen, working in the yard and taking twenty four hours off to enjoy life... because I can.

Till next time...COTTON

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Guess It's Done

It took me over three hours to write this short one page letter. That should tell you something about how much these two people mean to me and always will.

"It is with great apprehension and regret that I write this letter. Over the past four and a half years, Mama’s has been my home away from home and have become a part of my own family.  You took me in when at one of the lowest points in my life and made me feel immediately welcomed and loved. Yes, you’re both insane but who wouldn’t be given the countless hours and seven days a week you work. (and with each OTHER none the less)
I’ve learned more as a server working for you than at any other restaurant and that knowledge has afforded me the opportunity to obtain a job that while does not feel comfortable or like home has let me not only catch up our mortgage and other past due bills but also allows me to help with Massey’s college education and begin to pay back people who have helped me while I bummed rides to and from both jobs.
I was scared but committed to trying anything to keep our house and family afloat. I am out of my element and comfort zone but have managed to somehow make it more than fake it with persistent and continuing effort, thanks mostly to you both. Len, for all the food knowledge and Barb, for everything single thing I knew about wine.
You are both part of what even got me this job and hope you can both be happy for me.
Since the end of May, have had maybe five total days off and although is considered part time for either of you has been draining and stressful for me, not only physically but mentally and emotionally.
I still have volumes to learn about serving in fine dining and also once again subject to big corporation shops and expectations. I’m already working fifty hours a week with a two and a half hour commute time each shift.
I’m tired.
With gratitude for all you’ve done and sincerest appreciation for all you’ve taught me, must tender my resignation with Mama Lucia’s family.
This being my two week notice will make September fifth my last day.
If things continue to work out as planned for us, hopefully in the future you will consider me for employment again.
With deep admiration and eternal thanks,


Monday, August 25, 2014

What Day Is it?

I'm so Granny Clampett it ain't even funny. I'm the feisty old woman "a feared of nothing" and my husband is the younger man, Jed. Still ticks me off he'll always be two years younger than me but is as slow going as I am "Fast Forward."

At work the other day the managers were talking about something and one of them said "It's not like I'm fifty."

I countered with  "Wish I was just fifty."

I'm hanging in there with all the youngin's and somehow getting it done.

My oldest son is working with me now too and just like our Cotton luck always is, had his car engine blow up last week on the side of the interstate on the way to the airport.

Now he's bumming rides with me in MY bummed ride.

He'll do great and is all coming easier for him than me.

I panic at the thought of stepping out or changing jobs.

He embraces it.

Tim was off today so we took his still limping along car to the airport. I told TJ we couldn't run the A/C because of something wrong with the engine, wanted to open the sun roof but was scared something was wrong with that too and may not shut when we reached the  MARTA parking lot to leave it for nine hours.

I snagged a close by spot near the train station and both jumped out and hoofed it to the entrance. Some kind of fan was still running under the hood of the car but told TJ it'd probably cut off as we fast walked away. I mean it's a COTTON car, that's always a hit or miss.

I've noticed TJ shaking his head at me a lot more often since he's started working with me.

I really don't talk to him much during work, let the person training him do their thing.

But when just me and him, it's a hoot.

I made the Sardine Shuttle the other morning and one else was on board. We sat for about four minutes (a half hour in airport employee time) but once I started chatting it up with the driver, my girl shut the doors (after an additional sixty seconds of waiting) and took off in my own private limo to International.

Today I had TJ in tow and once again was a packed shuttle but at least we made it on. The driver was a woman in her thirties and not the most helpful. Most of the drivers get off to welcome aboard the passengers and load their bags for them. This woman was obviously strictly a "Driver". She sat in the driver seat while all the passengers lumbered on board with their bags. Another girl who is a cook at Ecco was on the shuttle with us and even helped one person with their bag.

The driver remained seated facing forward. Glad I was just an employee carrying only my clear plastic purse.

She had her big ole purse on the floor beside her and beside that, had a cooler big enough to easily ice down a case of beer. I pointed it out to TJ and whispered "Dang, it looks like she's going on a picnic instead of her lunch break later." I asked him what he thought she had brought that required a cooler that big? His guess was a Honey Baked Ham. Her purse spread out on the floor was big enough for an overnight visit and obviously had the food and drink portion of her day covered too.

TJ is very helpful at work and  going to be a great addition to the team. I'm not sure if everyone knows he's my son and certainly haven't made a point of but most of the people I've grown close to know it and think he's doing an awesome job.

We left work with perfect timing and made the MARTA train with two minutes to spare.

Luckily the fan had cut off on Tim's car and all was good when we reached the car. We breezed onto the interstate and after passing I-285 settled into the right lane. I commented to TJ we were riding in the "Cotton Lane". When you are driving one of our vehicles (which now only HAVE one) you always stay in the right lane so when it breaks down can simply cruise over to the emergency lane and call someone to come pick you up.

My car is 'supposed' to be ready this week but not counting on it. It feels like it is being fixed in a crock pot set on low at the very best. I know we're not the guy's main priority but am so embarrassed that I asked my next door husband to borrow his little spare truck for two weeks and has turned into me putting over 3000 miles on his truck in three months.

So now this blog has changed days, I was too tired last night to finish.

I worked a mid shift today which means I go in at one thirty which means need to leave by noon. I was running five minutes behind but left with TJ in tow and once again took my next door husband's little truck. We snagged a close spot at MARTA and even got on the first shuttle.

It was the BIG bus which carries more people. I was busy on my phone when TJ said
"There's your buddy."

She got on, sat down and started with her purse as I set my cell to video.

I got another slow head shake from TJ and since  wasn't in the greatest of positions to film decided to just take a pic instead.

She immediately got busy with her purse but must have checked it forty times before leaving home and quickly changed to simply chattering.

An Asian couple across from us tried not to stare but could tell they were.

My little buddy chatted to herself loudly the entire ride and wanted so badly to ask the Asian couple what she was saying but didn't. Much to TJ's relief.

TJ helped me knock out all my opening side work and went on the floor by two thirty.

We had a nice pop and then things died. I kept up all the polishing of silverware and glasses, parred butter for tomorrow and by eight thirty got cut and had all my side work done.

As usual, it always happens in the server world... every once in a while you have a slow shift but still made over $130 and got home early.

Here's my quandary.

I've almost tripled my salary but still feel allegiance to Mama's here in Newnan.

I've been working over fifty hours a week at the airport and two days here in Newnan, just recently cut down to one.

It's time to only have one job and have to make the right decision for me and my family.

God opened a window for me at Mama Lucia's and was a blessing. For over four years have been lucky and grateful to have it.

Now I've been blessed with an even greater opportunity and would be even more of an idiot to not focus on my future.

Got to work today and found out I had been "Shopped" again! Third time in three months. I got a 91 score but now realize if this is job has turned out as great as had hoped for need to concentrate on it.

Writing my letter of resignation tomorrow for Mama's and will be bitter sweet.

They have been nothing less than marvelous to me but feel I have done them a great service as well.

Hope they feel the same.

Til next time...COTTON

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Half a Day Off is Better Than NO Day Off

I've always said days off were over rated and stuck to my guns today. They needed another opener this morning and agreed to come in if I could leave by one thirty. I still had grass to cut , dog food to buy and was picking Massey up for her birthday dinner at Ecco in midtown. My general manager had called to let them know I had a reservation and was an employee at the airport location.

Jesus answered my prayers and the bottom fell out just as I pushed Johnny Dear out of his parking spot in our garage. Of course since I had things to do (Murphy's Law) it was wide open at work but managed to get out a little after two.

By the time I bought dog food and gas for Johnny it was almost four. I was going to try and get the other side of the subdivision cut in twenty minutes and just weed eat tomorrow but had to give Zach a lift to work by five and be ready for dinner with Massey when I left to take him.

The skies opened up , pushed Johnny back into his space and decided to paint my hooves instead since I was wearing sandals to dinner with a dress.

The good thing about going to see Massey around five is everyone else is driving OUT of Atlanta as I drive in.

Legs shaved, hooves painted, makeup on and  "Muh Hurr Did" along with my cute thrift store dress with spaghetti straps felt pretty good about this treat for Massey's birthday and even huger treat for me.

Obviously I don't get out much.

Pulled into the parking lot across from Massey's loft at about ten til six. Our reservation was for six forty five and the place was just ten minutes away but in rush hour traffic you never know.

I normally have Massey meet me at the curb and do a slow drive by as she jumps in but since it was her birthday celebration bit the bullet and paid to park and went up to her loft on the thirteenth floor.

I had to pee anyway.

I was amazed at all the girl's had done to the place after I sent Massey back last week, packing tons of stuff a dear friend had given her and things I'd picked up at Goodwill.

The little living room looked great with all the artwork and wall sconces.

The curtains my friend, Robin had given her fit the window perfectly and look great in the room but as I walked over to the window was once again amazed at the view this kid has every day out of her little living room's huge picture window.

They fixed the bathroom up really cute with the gorgeous mirrors they were given and even found an excellent spot for Marilyn on their formerly bare hall wall.

This used to be a parking garage before they made it lofts so there's no overhead lighting except in the kitchen and bath.

Now they have plenty of lamps and the place has really come together quite nicely.

 I love what Massey did to the concrete beam in the corner of her room with her "Chalk Art".

We headed out for the restaurant after this momma took pictures, secretly hoping she would ask me to be the third roomie. Heck I like sleeping on a sofa, especially with THAT view!

She took this picture through her bedroom window the night after I helped move her in as a storm rumbled into downtown Atlanta. It's now the screen saver on my new fangled "Puwter" at the house.

We got to Ecco about ten minutes early and was thrilled at complimentary valet parking! I like free stuff.

So the Clampetts rumbled into the driveway in our 1990 over borrowed Ford Ranger pick up behind the Land Rovers, Mercedes and Beemers and waited our turn.

You know, I'm so grateful my next door husband has loaned us his little spare truck (which I now affectionately  call Ronnie Ranger) and certainly drives better than any car we've owned in quite a while that it feels like a freakin' Ferrari to me.

He originally bought it for his son when he was still in high school,probably five or six years ago. His son had put a silver Cobra head gearshift knob on the gear shift and as we got out of the truck I  told the Valet after he had parked the Mercedes ahead of us "Look, I'm just sayin...that Cobra Head better still be on that gear shift when we get this truck back."

Massey rolled her eyes and off we went, up the steps to go into the restaurant.

Quick selfies on the patio was next on my list of embarrassing things Mommas do.

Got a great pic of Massey before the Clampetts stormed the building...

We got to the front door but when I opened it for her quickly said "Momma, this is a pretty fancy place!"

I told her the place where I worked looked just the same, to just let's go in, have dinner and has she not been listening since May when  stated "I'm way out of my league with this new job"?

So us Clampetts slid on in and blended in nicely. The place was beautiful and filled with beautiful, well to do people.

Our server was very nice and extremely helpful in explaining all the European cuisine to her. Heck, I was listening too to get some pointers to help me at work!

We had a fabulous meal, starting out with the signature "Fried Goat Cheese Balls" drizzled with clover honey and fresh cracked black pepper.

We both had fresh pasta dishes, hers with shrimp and mine with lamb.

All herbs and vegetables used in the restaurant come from their roof top garden smack dab in the middle of downtown Atlanta.

The GM came over and introduced himself, chatted with us for a while and asked how I liked working at the airport location? Very nice, professional and was as even Massey commented "extremely handsome".

After dinner the server brought Massey a house made gelato of  vanilla, chocolate and sea salt complete with a birthday candle.

They gave us the free dessert and knocked twenty five dollars off our dinner tab. Felt even better to be all fancy for over thirty percent off!

We went back to get Ronnie Ranger and handed the valet our ticket. As the dude drove up in our over borrowed vehicle, put on the parking brake and got out, I said "All I'm saying is that Cobra head better still be on that gear shift knob."

He held the door open for me and (almost) sincerely said "It sure is Ma'am, that's why we parked it in the VIP lot".

I Loved That!

Had a great time with Massey, got to show her what type of place I was working in now and not only had a delicious meal but a fabulous night with "My Bestie."

I felt like it was MY birthday!

Til next time   COTTON

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Another Day Older...

Per the Cotton vehicle luck, TJ's engine blew in his car this past week. I saw it on the way to work one morning on the side of the highway. It was tagged for towing.

So now TWO Cotton's have a job over twenty five miles away without a vehicle between them.


He got his training rescheduled for every shift I work. Now not only am I bumming a ride from my neighbor but my son's bumming one with me, bumming from them.

Traffic was backed up but we made it to MARTA , parked kinda far away and fast walked to the station. Made the first Sardine Shuttle and met up with three other employees from the restaurant when we climbed aboard.

I saw who was seated across from me and leaned over to whisper to TJ "Watch this!"

Immediately got out my cell (because it takes me so long to find how to shoot a video with it) and was ready by the time the ole shuttle took off.

TJ seemed mortified by me holding my cell in my lap aimed directly across the aisle at a little tiny Asian woman. I knew she'd never notice ... and she didn't.

She chatted to herself for a few seconds as I filmed and then got quiet. The guy next to her had already scooched over away from her when he noticed she wasn't wearing a blue tooth.

After a minute I stopped taping because  wasn't her usual lively, happy sounding conversation with whoever she usually has it with on the Sardine Shuttle.

One red light up the road...


Now  learned another interesting fact about my little friend, she's really OCD and I mean REALLY.

I couldn't for the life of me get the video to upload but can see it on my FB page.

It's a ten minute ride to international and she didn't look at me once, even glance in my direction or give me the ole snake eye.

I leaned over to TJ and whispered to count how many times she zips and unzips her purse.

First made sure her 'girls' were in order, had her work badge on and  had her MARTA card filed away carefully. Then she zipped everything up, unzipped it and zipped it again. Over and over again. (sixty times at last count)

It absolutely fascinated me. The passenger dude next to her, a hippie if I ever saw one even acted like HE didn't notice. (I know he did)

As we pull into the terminal she yawns as if exhausted from all that zipping and unzipping. I know I was.

I bet if I took this little lady to Vegas, she'd make me rich quicker than Tom Cruise in "Rain Man."

Work was uneventful but the thrill of witnessing the phenom on the Sardine Shuttle lasted all day. Several other employees knew who she was, seems to be something of an icon for us us commuting employees at the airport.

Got home around seven, traffic was a nightmare again.

I was supposed to re cut the front of the subdivision, which is getting mighty burly with the rain of the past couple of days. I had maybe a quarter of a tank in Johnny Dear and two empty gas cans in the garage.

I cranked him up anyway and putted next door to where I park my borrowed truck every night when I get home from work  (at my, am sure to soon be next door EX husband's house).

I had four bucks in my back pocket and just wanted to buy a little gas to finish the cut. His wife (my sister wife)  answered the door just as I started to turn away. I was sure by now they had heard Johnny Dear pull up and were scurrying for cover saying "It's a Cotton, act like we're not home!"

My sister wife answered the door but they were out of gas too, her husband (my next door husband) cut their yard yesterday.

For Pete's sake! After all I've done for them.

I let her husband fix my stove twice! Yeah, not once but twice.

Not to mention I let him spend a day and a half helping Tim blow out our dryer vent that was more clogged than the Grady Curve on a Friday afternoon before a Braves game.

Don't even get me started on the fact I let him install two dishwashers for us over the past fifteen years and fix numerous cars for all our family members.

While here I am, driving his stinkin' SPARE vehicle for him for almost three months religiously on an almost daily basis sixty miles a day so the thing won't get all "Stove Up" on 'em and what do I get?

No gas for my riding lawn mower I have let him fix at least eight or nine times!

People...go figure!

I was actually embarrassed to go over and even more embarrassed to ask another favor but did it anyway.

I lost "Humility" way on back a ways in this saga of my life.

At least I got half way through and my job will be half done when I putz back up there in the morning, after borrowing gas from my OTHER next door neighbor who's yard  have cut all summer.

I'll be in bed by midnight and getting pretty used to turning early.

So my youngest turned nineteen today.

Like the Cyber Mom I've reluctantly been pulled into being for having kids, sent her a message last night right at midnight on Facebook then text her this morning and finally called her on my breakfast break.

"She's the best friend you'll always have, even when upset with each other. You know each others's weakness and fill in their missing parts. They bring out the best in you and oh so carefully, lovingly and tenderly point out the worst."

That is a friend and that is my daughter!

She's a 'Talk Box' just like her momma but can also be pensive and extremely observant of the entire world around her and know how to effectively "affect" people's lives, I know she has mine.


Webster's defines it as : Deeply, often wistfully or dreamily thoughtful.

Yep, that's my girl.

She feels deeply and  often times is wistful and dreamy.

What a great thing to have within you when just nineteen and  making that first gigantic leap into not only adulthood but the next few critical years which can and WILL shape your life forever.

This picture of my momma at her own wedding shower SO reminds me of Massey. Always a different hair do or outfit, those thick short eyebrows and a smile that warms the soul.

Dang, she's MY come 'I' never looked like that in 1979?

Happy Birthday Massey, on this day which almost four decades ago seemed like a bad dream.

You know what?

Your Grandma left us way too early but certainly left us with not only her namesake but reminder of how great it is to be related to someone EVERYBODY loves!

Go Gettum Kid, you're gonna soar.

Til next time   COTTON


 btw Massey, I'd like my fancy dancy really cool and hip (slight pun) nursing home room, complete with  segway and Jitterbug phone ready and paid for by 2020. I want a window bed please with flannel sheets. And maybe an Alaskan cruise for two weeks when Bingo and Shuffleboard are on the DL at the Hizzy.

I've always thought that would be a neat trip.

Or maybe you could just always love me like you do now?

That would be even better!!


Friday, August 15, 2014

So Close I Can Smell It

So I bit the bullet today and took the mechanic $875 for the new used engine for my still don't have new/used car. All that's left is $600 for labor and will pay that on Thursday when I get paid from the airport.

I'm keeping the faith that this car will run like a dream after all the money we have shelled out.

Yesterday was my big day off and got everything done on my list but two things and did one of them today before going to work here in Newnan. When I make lists, I do the things I detest the most first and work toward the ones I like.

All that's left is cutting grass and will do that tomorrow when I get off work at the airport.

Little Massey came home for a visit this weekend. She posted this pic of herself this week from school and must say my jaw dropped open when I saw it. She looked beautiful but made me sad to see how truly grown up she is.

I still think of her looking like this:

Just starting her sophomore year in college should make me realize she's a young woman now but's still hard for a momma to accept.

She and her room mate have a really cool loft this year and has been fun getting it all decorated. It was an old parking garage they transformed into lofts. The only downside (besides having to move everything up to the thirteenth floor) was  no overhead lighting except in the kitchen.

I went to Goodwill yesterday and picked up a tall torch style lamp for eight bucks and a Shark vacuum for twelve. I have a bedside lamp one of my dear friends gave me that I love but never use and will send that back with her too. I found them a small brand new crock pot for fourteen dollars so they can throw a couple of pieces of chicken or small roast in it before class and have dinner ready when they get home from their jobs at night.

I worked at Mama Lucia's tonight after running errands all day. I got home in time to take a short nap before work and as usual dreaded getting up forty five minutes later. Naps just don't help me. If I go down I wanna stay down.

It crossed my mind that I really didn't need this job anymore and felt like calling and saying I wasn't coming in. That way I could be here when Massey got home from college and spend the evening with her. Karma poked me in the side and told me to get up and go to work.

No, I don't need this job anymore but they now need me. They are short staffed and have been nothing but wonderful to me for five years, not to mention a rough five years for our family and helped us out time and time again. They took me in at my lowest point and helped us survive. How could I turn my back on them and live with myself? I couldn't, so got in a steaming hot shower and headed in.  It's the first week of school here in ole Coweta and high school football is a big deal, especially the first game.

It was Snoozeville and kind of grateful for it. I'm working fifty hours a week at the airport and one day here in Newnan. This skinny girl be gettin' tired.

I was glad I went in because soon one of my favorite peeps was sitting up front in the lobby waiting for my table. I met her through her husband who owns a tire shop and has fixed the tires on my Johnny Dear time and time again. She came in with her twin grand sons, probably around four years old and her daughter. Since it was slow I got to chat with them and she asked me what Massey needed for her loft? Tomorrow after working a day shift at the airport am going by her house to pick up all kind of things she offered to give Massey.

Friends are wonderful to have! Her husband takes care of my Johnny Dear and she is helping take care of my Dear Massey.

I know Barb and Len realize I don't need the job at their restaurant anymore but after all they have done for me and my family simply can't seem to put in my notice, especially now with them being short staffed.

Every week I tell my family "I'm going to put in my notice tonight" then come home without having done it.

Yes it would be nice to have two days off a week but haven't in almost twenty years so what's a few more months?

This car engine put a huge dent in my previously recent flush bank account but pay day rolls around on Thursday and will back on top within a week or so. I wanted to make another mortgage payment this next week, getting us even further ahead to make a "HA! take THAT you non helping sorry sack of poop mortgage giant who wouldn't help us when we were down on our luck after fourteen years of never being late once!"

Guess that will have to wait til next pay day.

So for now I'll hang in there with two jobs. One I need and one that now needs me. That's not such a bad thing and's what the Golden Rule is all about.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

They helped me and now I'm helping them.   "KARMA"

I've finally learned when exhausted just go to bed, and worry about what didn't get done later.

I'm feeling better every day and financial relief is like a breath of fresh air.

Sometimes I feel like the above photo but have learned to shut down when I have to and leave some things undone until the next day.

It's not like someone else is chomping at the bit to scrub my toilets or vacuum up dog hair. It will still be there waiting for me.

We're doing really good now, not there yet but forging ahead.

I'm far from perfect but am a fighter, always have been.

What's really gotten us through is people seeing how hard we work and how determined we are.

The love we've been blessed with is a true testament to what living your life right can be.

I've always tried to do the right thing and remain positive, even when I didn't feel positive and sometimes had to fake it.

It may sound hokey but has worked for me.

I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop but now realize it dropped years ago but still survived.

I am a lucky woman!

Til next time...COTTON