Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Another Day Older...

Per the Cotton vehicle luck, TJ's engine blew in his car this past week. I saw it on the way to work one morning on the side of the highway. It was tagged for towing.

So now TWO Cotton's have a job over twenty five miles away without a vehicle between them.


He got his training rescheduled for every shift I work. Now not only am I bumming a ride from my neighbor but my son's bumming one with me, bumming from them.

Traffic was backed up but we made it to MARTA , parked kinda far away and fast walked to the station. Made the first Sardine Shuttle and met up with three other employees from the restaurant when we climbed aboard.

I saw who was seated across from me and leaned over to whisper to TJ "Watch this!"

Immediately got out my cell (because it takes me so long to find how to shoot a video with it) and was ready by the time the ole shuttle took off.

TJ seemed mortified by me holding my cell in my lap aimed directly across the aisle at a little tiny Asian woman. I knew she'd never notice ... and she didn't.

She chatted to herself for a few seconds as I filmed and then got quiet. The guy next to her had already scooched over away from her when he noticed she wasn't wearing a blue tooth.

After a minute I stopped taping because  wasn't her usual lively, happy sounding conversation with whoever she usually has it with on the Sardine Shuttle.

One red light up the road...


Now  learned another interesting fact about my little friend, she's really OCD and I mean REALLY.

I couldn't for the life of me get the video to upload but can see it on my FB page.

It's a ten minute ride to international and she didn't look at me once, even glance in my direction or give me the ole snake eye.

I leaned over to TJ and whispered to count how many times she zips and unzips her purse.

First made sure her 'girls' were in order, had her work badge on and  had her MARTA card filed away carefully. Then she zipped everything up, unzipped it and zipped it again. Over and over again. (sixty times at last count)

It absolutely fascinated me. The passenger dude next to her, a hippie if I ever saw one even acted like HE didn't notice. (I know he did)

As we pull into the terminal she yawns as if exhausted from all that zipping and unzipping. I know I was.

I bet if I took this little lady to Vegas, she'd make me rich quicker than Tom Cruise in "Rain Man."

Work was uneventful but the thrill of witnessing the phenom on the Sardine Shuttle lasted all day. Several other employees knew who she was, seems to be something of an icon for us us commuting employees at the airport.

Got home around seven, traffic was a nightmare again.

I was supposed to re cut the front of the subdivision, which is getting mighty burly with the rain of the past couple of days. I had maybe a quarter of a tank in Johnny Dear and two empty gas cans in the garage.

I cranked him up anyway and putted next door to where I park my borrowed truck every night when I get home from work  (at my, am sure to soon be next door EX husband's house).

I had four bucks in my back pocket and just wanted to buy a little gas to finish the cut. His wife (my sister wife)  answered the door just as I started to turn away. I was sure by now they had heard Johnny Dear pull up and were scurrying for cover saying "It's a Cotton, act like we're not home!"

My sister wife answered the door but they were out of gas too, her husband (my next door husband) cut their yard yesterday.

For Pete's sake! After all I've done for them.

I let her husband fix my stove twice! Yeah, not once but twice.

Not to mention I let him spend a day and a half helping Tim blow out our dryer vent that was more clogged than the Grady Curve on a Friday afternoon before a Braves game.

Don't even get me started on the fact I let him install two dishwashers for us over the past fifteen years and fix numerous cars for all our family members.

While here I am, driving his stinkin' SPARE vehicle for him for almost three months religiously on an almost daily basis sixty miles a day so the thing won't get all "Stove Up" on 'em and what do I get?

No gas for my riding lawn mower I have let him fix at least eight or nine times!

People...go figure!

I was actually embarrassed to go over and even more embarrassed to ask another favor but did it anyway.

I lost "Humility" way on back a ways in this saga of my life.

At least I got half way through and my job will be half done when I putz back up there in the morning, after borrowing gas from my OTHER next door neighbor who's yard  have cut all summer.

I'll be in bed by midnight and getting pretty used to turning early.

So my youngest turned nineteen today.

Like the Cyber Mom I've reluctantly been pulled into being for having kids, sent her a message last night right at midnight on Facebook then text her this morning and finally called her on my breakfast break.

"She's the best friend you'll always have, even when upset with each other. You know each others's weakness and fill in their missing parts. They bring out the best in you and oh so carefully, lovingly and tenderly point out the worst."

That is a friend and that is my daughter!

She's a 'Talk Box' just like her momma but can also be pensive and extremely observant of the entire world around her and know how to effectively "affect" people's lives, I know she has mine.


Webster's defines it as : Deeply, often wistfully or dreamily thoughtful.

Yep, that's my girl.

She feels deeply and  often times is wistful and dreamy.

What a great thing to have within you when just nineteen and  making that first gigantic leap into not only adulthood but the next few critical years which can and WILL shape your life forever.

This picture of my momma at her own wedding shower SO reminds me of Massey. Always a different hair do or outfit, those thick short eyebrows and a smile that warms the soul.

Dang, she's MY daughter...how come 'I' never looked like that in 1979?

Happy Birthday Massey, on this day which almost four decades ago seemed like a bad dream.

You know what?

Your Grandma left us way too early but certainly left us with not only her namesake but reminder of how great it is to be related to someone EVERYBODY loves!

Go Gettum Kid, you're gonna soar.

Til next time   COTTON


 btw Massey, I'd like my fancy dancy really cool and hip (slight pun) nursing home room, complete with  segway and Jitterbug phone ready and paid for by 2020. I want a window bed please with flannel sheets. And maybe an Alaskan cruise for two weeks when Bingo and Shuffleboard are on the DL at the Hizzy.

I've always thought that would be a neat trip.

Or maybe you could just always love me like you do now?

That would be even better!!


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