Monday, August 25, 2014

What Day Is it?

I'm so Granny Clampett it ain't even funny. I'm the feisty old woman "a feared of nothing" and my husband is the younger man, Jed. Still ticks me off he'll always be two years younger than me but is as slow going as I am "Fast Forward."

At work the other day the managers were talking about something and one of them said "It's not like I'm fifty."

I countered with  "Wish I was just fifty."

I'm hanging in there with all the youngin's and somehow getting it done.

My oldest son is working with me now too and just like our Cotton luck always is, had his car engine blow up last week on the side of the interstate on the way to the airport.

Now he's bumming rides with me in MY bummed ride.

He'll do great and is all coming easier for him than me.

I panic at the thought of stepping out or changing jobs.

He embraces it.

Tim was off today so we took his still limping along car to the airport. I told TJ we couldn't run the A/C because of something wrong with the engine, wanted to open the sun roof but was scared something was wrong with that too and may not shut when we reached the  MARTA parking lot to leave it for nine hours.

I snagged a close by spot near the train station and both jumped out and hoofed it to the entrance. Some kind of fan was still running under the hood of the car but told TJ it'd probably cut off as we fast walked away. I mean it's a COTTON car, that's always a hit or miss.

I've noticed TJ shaking his head at me a lot more often since he's started working with me.

I really don't talk to him much during work, let the person training him do their thing.

But when just me and him, it's a hoot.

I made the Sardine Shuttle the other morning and one else was on board. We sat for about four minutes (a half hour in airport employee time) but once I started chatting it up with the driver, my girl shut the doors (after an additional sixty seconds of waiting) and took off in my own private limo to International.

Today I had TJ in tow and once again was a packed shuttle but at least we made it on. The driver was a woman in her thirties and not the most helpful. Most of the drivers get off to welcome aboard the passengers and load their bags for them. This woman was obviously strictly a "Driver". She sat in the driver seat while all the passengers lumbered on board with their bags. Another girl who is a cook at Ecco was on the shuttle with us and even helped one person with their bag.

The driver remained seated facing forward. Glad I was just an employee carrying only my clear plastic purse.

She had her big ole purse on the floor beside her and beside that, had a cooler big enough to easily ice down a case of beer. I pointed it out to TJ and whispered "Dang, it looks like she's going on a picnic instead of her lunch break later." I asked him what he thought she had brought that required a cooler that big? His guess was a Honey Baked Ham. Her purse spread out on the floor was big enough for an overnight visit and obviously had the food and drink portion of her day covered too.

TJ is very helpful at work and  going to be a great addition to the team. I'm not sure if everyone knows he's my son and certainly haven't made a point of but most of the people I've grown close to know it and think he's doing an awesome job.

We left work with perfect timing and made the MARTA train with two minutes to spare.

Luckily the fan had cut off on Tim's car and all was good when we reached the car. We breezed onto the interstate and after passing I-285 settled into the right lane. I commented to TJ we were riding in the "Cotton Lane". When you are driving one of our vehicles (which now only HAVE one) you always stay in the right lane so when it breaks down can simply cruise over to the emergency lane and call someone to come pick you up.

My car is 'supposed' to be ready this week but not counting on it. It feels like it is being fixed in a crock pot set on low at the very best. I know we're not the guy's main priority but am so embarrassed that I asked my next door husband to borrow his little spare truck for two weeks and has turned into me putting over 3000 miles on his truck in three months.

So now this blog has changed days, I was too tired last night to finish.

I worked a mid shift today which means I go in at one thirty which means need to leave by noon. I was running five minutes behind but left with TJ in tow and once again took my next door husband's little truck. We snagged a close spot at MARTA and even got on the first shuttle.

It was the BIG bus which carries more people. I was busy on my phone when TJ said
"There's your buddy."

She got on, sat down and started with her purse as I set my cell to video.

I got another slow head shake from TJ and since  wasn't in the greatest of positions to film decided to just take a pic instead.

She immediately got busy with her purse but must have checked it forty times before leaving home and quickly changed to simply chattering.

An Asian couple across from us tried not to stare but could tell they were.

My little buddy chatted to herself loudly the entire ride and wanted so badly to ask the Asian couple what she was saying but didn't. Much to TJ's relief.

TJ helped me knock out all my opening side work and went on the floor by two thirty.

We had a nice pop and then things died. I kept up all the polishing of silverware and glasses, parred butter for tomorrow and by eight thirty got cut and had all my side work done.

As usual, it always happens in the server world... every once in a while you have a slow shift but still made over $130 and got home early.

Here's my quandary.

I've almost tripled my salary but still feel allegiance to Mama's here in Newnan.

I've been working over fifty hours a week at the airport and two days here in Newnan, just recently cut down to one.

It's time to only have one job and have to make the right decision for me and my family.

God opened a window for me at Mama Lucia's and was a blessing. For over four years have been lucky and grateful to have it.

Now I've been blessed with an even greater opportunity and would be even more of an idiot to not focus on my future.

Got to work today and found out I had been "Shopped" again! Third time in three months. I got a 91 score but now realize if this is job has turned out as great as had hoped for need to concentrate on it.

Writing my letter of resignation tomorrow for Mama's and will be bitter sweet.

They have been nothing less than marvelous to me but feel I have done them a great service as well.

Hope they feel the same.

Til next time...COTTON

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