Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It's Friday Again!

Got a good night's sleep and woke up ready to go! Left the house early for work and transferred some money into Massey's account for books, made a deposit in my own account and got to the MARTA station thirty minutes early.

Stalked the TSA workers as they filed out of the station and snagged a pretty decent spot, stepped onto the train platform as the train rolled to a stop and made the first shuttle over to International.

I like it when days start out like this. Added bonus, it was "Me Friday!"

There was a huge flight leaving for Germany and the restaurant quickly filled up. After an hour I had already made a hundred dollars and was only three o'clock.

Did I say I like days like this?

It's so entirely different working in an airport restaurant. There's no big twelve o'clock lunch rush or six o'clock dinner rush. You can't tell if it's day or night, it's always brightly lit and bustling with people. They check the departure boards every day to gauge when the busiest times will be.

Flight delays are awesome too! (unless you're a passenger)

Today I was lucky enough to work when there were over 300 people leaving for Paris, 249 leaving for Germany and almost 300 leaving for Amsterdam.

TJ was supposed to take his final test today but when we got there, was turning into a mad house and were quickly in a wait for tables. He helped everyone out and ran food, polished glasses and silverware and helped everything run much smoother.

When he started two weeks ago I didn't mention anything about him being my son or even related to me to any other co workers. Of course management knew but I wanted him to make it on his own, not that I'm anything other than an old newbie myself but just didn't want that getting into the mix.

Several of the younger girls who are hostesses and Gelato girls think "He's hot." Granted he has beautiful green eyes and a great smile but is still one of my kids and unfortunately know all their downfalls and weak spots.

One of the younger hostesses was talking with us in the back while we were polishing glasses. She thinks TJ is gorgeous (which he is) but doesn't have a snow ball's chance in hell with him. Number one he's in love with a cutie pie and her young daughter and number two, this girl is so young and ridiculous it isn't even funny. While she was talking to TJ, one of the cooks walked by and said something to her. Her response was an eye roll and "You're so trifling."

TJ and I laughed about that remark all night. He was helping me do something later on and when I made a remark to him, his answer was "You're so trifling."

Yep. He's a Cotton!

It's actually been nice having him join me at the airport. Of course it would be even better if either one of us owned a vehicle but are working on that.

The car I bought over two and a half years ago should be ready this next week. I guess they are fixing it in a crock pot set on low.

The body is great on the car and paid $1400 for a transmission to be put in only to find out the engine was bad. Spent another $900 on the engine and still have to pay for labor.

If it works out like I think it probably will I'll have a car that works to get me to and from work but radio, A/C and heater, electric windows and power locks won't.

Trust me. I'm gonna be right on at least four out of five.

This car debacle has been yet another lesson well learned and will certainly never happen again.

TJ and I were cruising home from work the other night, in my next door husband's borrowed little Ranger (which runs better than any car we have owned in quite a while) scooting along in the far right lane. I call it The Cotton Lane. I told TJ  "If you're a Cotton, stay in the far right's a lot easier to get towed from."

I also told him I knew he was having a rough patch. His car blew up on the highway on his second day going to the airport for training. His girlfriend is a single mom and her car was acting up too. She's back in school while raising a four year old and working as well.

Here's what I told him:

"You have to  take the bad with the good. Laugh at your misfortunes and just shake your head at them. This too shall pass. If you never have bad times you'd never really learn to appreciate the good times. If you always give life your best and keep on keeping on eventually Karma will roll back around your way. And here's the added least you are still in your twenties. I'm almost in my mid fifties and if I can do it... your life should be a piece of cake."

After all we've been through (and still going through) have suddenly had another Epiphany.

God seemed to make us suffer, sweat and stress. He let us breeze along for over twenty years living phat with a 401 K, great insurance and over ten grand in savings, then suddenly took it all away.

I know now why He did that when He did .

All three of my kids were old enough to realize we were suddenly broke. They saw their parents struggle. They saw their parents argue and they saw their parents cry.

They also saw their parents keep on keeping on even when obstacles continued to block the way. They saw family and friends come to the rescue, never acting like it was charity but a gift. They have witnessed love.

The past five years of my life have been mind blowing. I've gone from turning couch cushions over to find quarters to being so close to being caught up it isn't even funny's really happening.

I guess God wanted to show us how quickly it it can all be taken away and find out if we had the MoJo to fight our way back.

Baby, call me a fighter!

All three of my kids have learned at an early age that life has no guarantee. They have learned that life is what you make it. They have learned to be a good person and if you are, good things will eventually happen to you.

I am truly the luckiest woman on earth to have raised three kids who "Get the big picture."

Getting muh hurr did on my day off for $8.99 with my coupon, buying some groceries for my barren kitchen, working in the yard and taking twenty four hours off to enjoy life... because I can.

Till next time...COTTON

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