Sunday, August 31, 2014

Survived and Enjoyed the Tornado

Just got a text from "muh gurl". She's safely back home smack dab in the middle of the ATL, thirteen floors up and locked in tight.

She roars back home for an occasional weekend like a tornado, tells us what to do for thirty six hours and just as quickly is gone again but always love to have her spin back home for a few short hours.

I am gone for work ten hours or more but the time between is filled with pretty much nothing but Massey Time.

Last night I had all three kids here and we sat in the dining room for hours looking through old pictures and telling stories.

Those times are priceless and almost worth having all the gray hair they've given me.

I hemmed a pair of jeans for her while home, sewed up a favorite camisole and started sewing on the eight patches from her stint as camp counselor this past summer onto a fleece blanket.

Took me four hours to sew on all but one. Thank goodness it's still hot outside.

I got up at six twenty this morning, got home early shortly after six tonight.

I think I make MYSELF tired until Massey comes home.

Yep, she's a chip off the ole block.

She's as young as I am old. She's what urges me on and sometimes still even needs me to Momma.

It's a nice mix.

Rolling into bed feeling bone tired but can at least sleep til ten.

My oldest son went on the floor tonight at Ecco and finally making some tips.

Zach is a blessing to still have at home, he is the best house keeper I've never had.

It's still not easy breezy around here financially but sure is looking up.

Boy, isn't THIS a mantra to live by?

Til next time, an up to ninety nine pound COTTON!

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