Wednesday, September 3, 2014

That's a Wrap!

Left the house a little after noon for work. TJ was already there snoozing on the couch after his girlfriend dropped him off around seven. We walked out the front door and schlepped our way across the front yard to my next door husband's house and climbed in my free rental. Luckily he was in his back yard cutting grass and didn't hear his vehicle crank up for the hundredth time with me behind the wheel taking HIS TRUCK  either to the airport or Mama Lucia's.

Like the champ I am got to the MARTA lot just as the TSA workers from the airport exited the station and left in their cars, always in close and prime spots. As I backed ole Ronnie Ranger into a pretty close spot TJ remarked, "Well that was lucky!"

Nope kid, you're riding with a semi pro broke and riding MARTA woman who has learned quickly how to work this airport gig to the max!

(Of course I didn't say that, but he's smart and will catch on a lot quicker than I did.)

For more than a couple of years I've been the bug on the windshield. It got old.
I had a job I loved but simply couldn't work enough hours to make the money we needed.
I got extremely lucky after over five years and landed a job which has turned out to be incredibly lucrative for a server.

Yes I am a Clampett who feels like she's working in Beverly Hills.

It hasn't been easy getting used to the commute (considering I still don't even own a vehicle) and finagling the city called "Hartsfield International Airport". Still have tons to learn about the food and wine I'm slinging but sling it I will and believe it or not am getting better at it every day.

 The above report is from my best night. I sold $1286 and added gratuity was $215. I made an additional $175 and walked with over $400. Wish it was like this every shift but isn't. But as long as I have one of these every now and then, feel more blessed than you can possibly believe.

It's not like I'm getting rich but we are getting ahead. I found this in the pocket of my pseudo carry on bag tonight after work.

On days that are stifling hot (like today) when I go in now, wear nice street clothes. My best capris, tank from Goodwill and my nicer flip flops. I pack my uniform in a small duffel bag of my daughter's and change in the restroom of the international terminal. That way when I take the Sardine Shuttle am welcomed like a passenger and even asked "Are you headed to international? Climb aboard!"

So the job is way over my Granny Clampett head but this ole dog learned you best learn new tricks or be the runt of the litter.

It's the slow season at the airport but should pick up as the holiday travel season begins. I'm so ready for it don't care if have to work Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day or even New Years.

Come to Momma baby! We can always celebrate and eat ham, turkey and dressing later.

I will miss Mama Lucia's, already do but this new job has literally saved and put us so close to almost really actually being ahead,  makes me wake up every day wondering what I did to be so blessed?

I've stayed up way too late but so excited can sleep until I want to and even have an entire day for myself left.

So it's really official. I'm now a "Fifth Group" employee and feel blessed to be one.

Life is never what you want it to be, unless you are a Kardashian.

I'm no Kardashian but am kicking butt like nobody's bidness!

I hear chocolate ice cream calling my name.

It's a done deal.

Til next time...COTTON

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