Saturday, September 6, 2014

Extra Extra Read All About It!

I woke and got up the first time the alarm went off this was gonna be a good day! Even had time to let the pups out, leave Ziggy (Houdini) on the cable run out back and give him fresh food and water. Got to MARTA three minutes till eight. Ran to the station and down the stairs to find everybody sitting on the benches or milling around on their cells.

CRAP! must have missed the 8:00 and since it was Saturday would have to wait for the 8:20. Not good when you work all the way out on Concourse F at the airport.

Eight twenty came and went with still no sign of the train. I asked another woman how long she had been waiting and her unhappy reply was "Thirty minutes".

My MARTA app on my cell had said one was due at 8;30 but when I checked again it said the next one was 8:40.

Heck I coulda hit the snooze four times on my alarm and gotten forty more minutes of sleep!

The restaurant gives you a fifteen minute grace period due to stupid things (like this) out of your control when working behind security way out on the International concourse but called them anyway to let them know I was coming.

Another employee out on F and I scrambled our way on to the Sardine Shuttle which luckily sat open and empty.

Do you know how many passengers ride MARTA to the airport for a flight? A butt load, that's how many.

Number one it's totally ridiculous they go down to only one line to and from the airport on Saturday, Sunday and holidays...those are the busiest travel days for Pete's sake!

Number two who's the numb nut that decided if they were only going to run one line, may as well make you wait twenty minutes for a train instead of five.

Sheesh.  MARTA needs some serious help sometimes. Definitely a government run system.(huge eye roll)

I try my daily best to hit that station every day at the exact right time to be stepping aboard the next departing train, they could at least do me the courtesy of showing up when their cute little app on your phone says they will.

They should call it the "Political Promise Poke Along."

Once MARTA backs up  going into the airport, the entire airport begins to back up. I'm still a rookie but even this doofus knew that, so the minute the train doors finally opened up by 8:38 at the airport think I actually made skidding sounds as I raced around the corner for the Sardine Shuttle before all the suitcases, also running late would go in search of the shuttle.  At least I already knew where it was!

The other employee and I scrambled on to the empty shuttle. Of course it was empty, MARTA hadn't stopped at the airport for forty minutes! Full of mostly employees and not too many suitcases she shut her doors and pulled off as a trail of bags on wheels came out of the terminal from the MARTA station looking for the international shuttle.

SAYONARA! Adios and Bon Voyage!

Got to work well before nine and with four of us opening got through in no time. Unfortunately it wasn't super busy but still made friends with "Ben" and left around five fifteen.

One of Massey's textbooks had been delivered to the house and  had finally finished sewing her numerous patches on to her fleece blanket and was taking them both to her after work. Her loft is only ten minutes away from the airport. I called and told her to be downstairs and would take her out to eat. Since it's only ten minutes away from work as opposed to almost an hour from the house it's a nice excuse to visit and get my "Massey Fix."

We just tooled all through downtown Atlanta and chatted looking for somewhere to grab a bite. We aimlessly drove around for thirty minutes and was really nice hearing about all her day and me telling her abut mine.

We finally settled on where we usually do, Little Five Points. She suggested Front Page News and I agreed. I've only eaten there twice and the first time was great. Tonight, not so much.

It was a busy Saturday night in Atlanta, the beginning of football season but got a seat quickly out in the garden area by the fountain.

The waiter (young kid) walked up a few minutes later and asked what we'd like to drink...and that's pretty much verbatim.

Strike One.

He (never told us his name) came back with our drinks and in the exact same way asked us what'd we like to eat?

Strike Two.

We ordered, he walked off and Massey said "Don't tip him good, he's not very nice."

She's right, he wasn't very nice. I don't mean to say he was rude, just totally non engaging and carelessly going through the motions.

He had sunglasses propped up on his forehead and shorts on. He had probably been working that patio all day in the hot ATL sun, sweating out last night's tequilla and was ready for a Jager Bomb. I used to be young dumb and stupid too but always faked it at work...had to.

Strike Three.

Because the service was so lacking and impersonal, the food just wasn't that good either, not that HE brought it to our table.

If he had been as good a server as he was good looking, that kid would be banking every shift.

When we asked for a to go box he promptly came back with it and carelessly plopped it down on the table.

I think Massey wanted to scream but instead looked at him and said we needed the check. We got the finger point and nod letting us know he'd be "Back in a Jiffy!"

You know, I left the schmuck an over 22% tip. I mean  these are my peeps!

I did leave him perhaps some encouragement if he's sharp enough to understand.

Not that I'm all that or some kind of spectacular server but for Pete's Sake Try!

See, if he's smart he'll see what I wrote, see how much I left him, leaving him to realize how much more he could have made if he had been "ON" or even close to it.


I've Payed It forward yet again. (if he  can decipher my encrypted message)

So my day was crazy from top to bottom, in other words it's the same ole same ole.

Had a good time with Massey,  miss my Bestie but thrilled she is fulfilling her dreams.

I'm good with a few weeks going by, but by then need a hug. That's not too clingy is it? (not that I care if it is)

Ironing a work shirt again and doing the horizontal until six thirty. MARTA wouldn't be down two days in a row would it?

Let's make that six twenty.

Til next time COTTON

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