Friday, September 26, 2014

Changing Colors In Fall

After what my "Hurr" dresser said yesterday decided to go ahead and let my sister highlight my hair tonight. What the heck, Fall is the season of changing colors!

So this is how we started...two old blind dogs, both with gray hair. I just got home and none of the dogs seem to notice anything except the smell of Zola, my sister's boxer on my clothes. Aren't dogs color blind anyway? At any rate, they're all males anyway. Tim never notices when I change my hair.

I was a little nervous at first when Cin kept saying how she wasn't really a pro and barely knew what she was doing. YIKES! Somebody get me a glass of wine.

She did just fine, she has done her own for years and is cute as a button.

Wait a minute, that's the wrong picture!

Here's the right one! This is also the look she will have when seeing I posted the picture of her the year she won "Miss Harris Street." (that was the name of our elementary school)

I'm a pretty low maintenance about how I look. I never wear make up unless working or going somewhere like court or a funeral.

I've never in my life had a manicure, pedicure or massage. I've never paid to have my hair colored and the most I pay for a hair cut is $12.99. I buy what ever shampoo is the cheapest  (White Rain or Suave) and the same with make up. Actually I don't even wear "make up" just Banana Boat self tanning cream ($6.97) on my face and the cheapest eye shadow I can find.(Rimmel) I do splurge on Maybelline  mascara but can get it for $2.99 at Dollar General. My only other name brand waste is Sally Hansen nail polish. (quick dry of course)

I told Cin tonight not to worry about not being a pro, I'm (obviously) not that worried about how I look. I just don't like all the gray hair I've been sprouting after less than two weeks after a hair cut. Twelve ninety nine doesn't grow on trees, ya know.

Let's see if semi blonds have more fun too! I forget about it til I walk past a mirror in the house but think I like it. It was nice spending a couple of hours with my sister though, haven't seen her in a few weeks and that's a really long time for us.

I certainly looked different than I did in my smock, hat and peepers when arrived at my sister's house for my "Hurr" coloring.

I think it takes away from my frown and worry lines, don't you?

I've had the past two days off and got so much done ran out of things to do. That's a first1

Ironing a work shirt for tomorrow. Kinda nervous, my first big weekend double. I'll scream into the MARTA station at seven fifty, half jog half run to the train platform for the eight o'clock train, ride the Sardine Shuttle to international,begin at eight thirty and trudge out again by midnight with hopefully over three Ben's in my pocket.

Cha Ching!

Till next time...COTTON

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