Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Paranoia, Will Destroy Ya...

Can't remember the band...I THINK it was AC/DC.

I just loggd off of my "new" facebook account and my computer was running so slow that I folded two loads of laundy while typing a ten word message.

Am I being paranoid about my cyber stalker...or could she actually "hack" into my computer and just 'mess things up'???

I know that this modem is older , but only when I try to get in touch with seems to freeze up.

Now that I am on my blog...things are moving rapidly and I am amazed at the instant movement and speed of my post.

I just can't think of any other reason...and like I said, I hate to be paranoid..but if this little, bitter person has done ANYTHING ...and I mean my computer system, isn't that illegal?

I just don't get it...When I am in my email...all is fine...when I am on my blog...all is fine.

When I go to post on takes fifteen minutes to type a ten word message. Same with my new facebook account that I started for high school connections.

Some computer geek that MAY be reading my blog, help me I being paranoid or am I being a victim??

I am certain she doesn't know about my blog...YET...but the venom and acidity of her comments directed towards me on the high school site let me know that she is unstable and obviously holding a major grudge .

Everyone has dropped off the site...and that only seems to encourage her rath...and now it is MY fault that people have left her hanging without a person to talk to.

Some one that knows the inner workings of the internet HAS to read my blog.

Am I being crazy? Or could I possibly be right?!

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Renee said...

I'm no computer expert, but before we got our new computer and high speed DSL (AT&T DSL Extreme) both Classmates and Facebook were VERY slow for me, too. I used to get so frustrated with both sites that I'd rarely even fool with them. Maybe it's because of heavy traffic on them?...or lots of ads and stuff loading? not sure.
Hope that helps to relieve some of your "paranoia", lol.