Thursday, November 29, 2012

What a Day

I was off today and lucky for me it landed on  the same day the low cost mobile vet unit comes to our county. Friends of my pup, Ham donated  money  to help have the quick kill method done for his Heart Worms so Zach and I took him back today. The slow kill takes two years, the quick kill one month.

 We  were going to take Charlie with us too to be be tested but after a long debate decided to take Ziggy instead. I had enough money to pay for the quick kill and made enough yesterday to pay for shots and testing for one of the other pups. Charlie doesn't play well with others...he tends to think he is a bad ass rather than the dumb ass he really is. He most probably has Heart Worms too although I pray he doesn't but Ziggy is younger and more vulnerable but more likely NOT to have heart worms and be able to just be put on preventative so we took him first. We  will take Charlie the next time the mobile unit comes and if he tests positive will do the slow kill.

Number one it is a literal "Trip" to take two big dogs anywhere in my tiny car and I have to have Zach with me just to be able to handle them. The mobile clinic parks in a vacant parking lot at the Animal Shelter and is busy from the time they pull into the lot until the time they leave. You sign in at a table outside of the unit and when it is your turn the vet comes out into the parking lot to examine your pet. Here's the thing with anything low cost...It's like going to Wal Mart. You get  all kinds of folks. Some are well off, some are not. Some are polite and some are asses. Some are educated and some are ignorant,  but at least we are all there because we love our pets.

The vet is is his early thirties, handsome dude who I found out today is from North Africa, Morocco. There is a lady who assists him with the sign in and paperwork, I think our county sends her to help him. She resembles the lady in the above photo if she had a hair cut shorter than mine and had on Levi's and a flannel shirt but is a really nice woman.

I had Zach walk Ham around in the field next door while I filled out paperwork for Ziggy  to get his shots and be tested for Heart Worms. Ziggy was so excited to see all the other dogs and was wearing me out as I tried to fill out the form on the clip board at  the plastic table set up. He wrapped his leash around my leg and scooted underneath the table to visit another pup pulling the table along with him. A fake blonde woman on the other side of the table said "Jesus Christ what's going on with this table?" Then noticing Ziggy  staring up at her from the other side of the table continued  " It's ridiculous they have us out here in a parking lot!"

Not one to mince words I said  it was awesome to just have a place you  could afford to bring your pets  to be cared for and  was pretty  sure the dude wasn't getting rich from doing this. That shut her up as she continued the conversation on her cell phone and continued filling out her paperwork.

I had to get Zach to come take Ziggy because Ziggy  has never met a stranger and was excited beyond belief to be at  this huge doggie party!

Once free of Ziggy I sat on the curb to finish the form and the rude blond came sauntering back across the parking lot and looked at me sitting on  the curb behind the plastic table. She said "Can y'all put the chip in my dog's neck today?"

I wasn't sure what she meant but then she added "Oh, you don't work here...but you look just like the lady who does."

Number one...the lady who works there looks at least ten years older and a lot tireder than me but is  Number extremely nice, albeit not attractive woman. Then the fake blonde dug her hole even deeper and said "I guess that was really an insult to's just you both are so thin."

You can't fix stupid so I said nothing.

Ziggy got his exam and shots. He tested negative for Heart Worms and the vet gave me a year of Heart Guard preventative, all for seventy bucks.

The last time we had enough money to take our dogs for shots, Rosie was still alive and it was two hundred bucks for each dog...without the Heart Guard.

Then a family... Grandma, son, daughter in law and grand kids walked up and looked at  the mobile clinic. The younger woman asked, looking at the sign "What's the difference between spay and neuter?" Granny said (I kid you not)  "Spay is for humans, neuter is for animals." I didn't correct them but just worried they had brought the daughter in law to be spayed.

This vet never stops. He goes from animal to animal with people constantly interrupting him and asking him questions. By this point I had taken my glasses off and when the old woman who obviously looks like me handed us our rabies tag for Ziggy and the vet said he tested negative for Heart Worms they handed us our Heart Guard (liquid form) and Zach and I piled them both back into my toy car. The vet said he would order the quick kill for Ham and could administer it next  Thursday. I thanked him and he moved on to the next dog but not before saying "You must have really good friends, you are a lucky person."

We got home and then Massey got home from school. I told her to get the preventative for Ziggy and his rabies tag out of the glove compartment. She came inside and said "The rabies tag is for a dog named Miley and the medicine is for a dog named Ginger."

Why do I ever take my glasses off? I called back and the vet said he would wait for me to come back.I am not faulting him at all..I should have looked at  what they handed me. We went back and he gave me the right tag...told me the preventative was correct. I think he was kinda pissed at my twin but now I know to be more aware. Yes I am going to a low cost vet but I still have faith in him.

Next week Ham gets his quick kill..and I will keep my glasses on the entire time. God bless this vet who is helping us and I will be sure to watch closely.

Til next  time...COTTON

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Chugging Along

Still chugging along. Hit a snag with my pup, Ham and it devastated me. He tested positive for heart worms and now his eye surgery is on hold. He can live without being able to see but can't live with heart worms or be put under anesthesia for surgery so we are prioritizing. When he tested positive at the low cost mobile vet our county has once a week the quick kill was $500...that was about $450 more than I had.  He has friends who have been sending money for his eye surgery and after contacting them  agreed I could use the money they had both sent to be added the small amount I have been able to save and go ahead with the quick kill. It will take one month as opposed to the slow kill two year plan. I spoke with the specialist last night and we agreed to reschedule once he is cleared. Let's just hope all goes well this Thursday at the doc in a box. My youngest pup tested negative and has been given preventative. (Thanks to Massey) Dragging the doofus bulldog with us on Thursday and getting him tested as well. The vet is a nice guy and lets me post date checks so I will pay for Ham , post date a check for Charlie and have all three pups on preventative. It makes me sick that I let this happen but the past few years have taken their toll on us and we were barely able to keep our house. Heck , my kids shots are due, Massey needs therapy for her bum knee and Zach has been off his ADD meds since we hit the skids. I haven't had a physical in ten years but live by  the motto "Ignorance is bliss" so I'm good.

We're doing  better now it's just hard to get back on track after a huge financial tumble and as much as I love my pups, my kids have to come first. The pups are more well behaved and gripe less but the kids could possibly get  their act together one day and be well off  enough one day to buy me my dream cottage on the beach.

Work has started to pick up which means my pay check has started to pick up...From after Thanksgiving to New Years is our busiest time and I plan on working as much as I can.

Had a great Thanksgiving at my sister's. It's just me, my brother and sister left in our immediate family but love is large between us and makes it seem like we are still one big happy family.

Funny cousin who we  recently re connected with after decades joined us for Thanksgiving so I brought along the old family photo albums. She was a little girl when my  Momma died but has fond memories of "Aunt Ann." There were many pics of her own mother in the albums and pics of her father (my Momma's brother) who died back in the eighties. Then the stories started.

There was a pic of my Diddy on vacation at  the beach with us the year after Momma died. He had on these short plaid swim trunks  I think he must have bought the year he married Momma. They were hideous.

It was a sad vacation,  the first one without Momma. My brother decided we should all go to  the water park..."The Big Kahuna."

Diddy had certainly never been  to  a water park and didn't really want to go but we all shoved him into a car and off we went. My  brother talked him into going down one of the flumes first. It's simple. You sit on a foam mat and make your way  to the bottom.  Diddy  was apprehensive but since he (as usual) paid for all of us to get in,  gave up and joined us up the wet plank steps to the top. He stood at  the top of the flume while Chris gave him instructions. Diddy put his mat down and sat on it. He pushed off gently anticipating a nice slow ride to the bottom. Not five seconds after Diddy left the top and rounded the first corner my brother dove chest first onto his mat and pushed himself along with his arms catching up with and smacking into Diddy around the first curve which sent them both tumbling off their mats and ended up in a heap  as they fell into the wading pool at  the end of the ride. Diddy was not brother was hysterical.

Back up the steps they went for round two. This time Diddy  refused to go first and may have called my brother a jack ass. He told Chris to go first so Chris did. Diddy stood at  the top of the flume for at  least thirty seconds after Chris disappeared around the first turn. He sat on his mat and gently pushed off. He rounded the first curve and saw my brother holding on to both sides of the flume with his arms waiting for my unsuspecting Diddy to smack hard into him and they both once again tumbled the entire way to the bottom.

Diddy got out of the wading pool and his swim trunks were ripped wide apart in the back from the fiberglass flume. He had to walk around the rest of the day with his foam mat wrapped around him like a blanket so people weren't staring at  the strap of his jock.

My sister and I went to Wal Mart that night and bought him a new pair of trunks that came to his knees  and didn't require a jock strap.

I hadn't thought of that story in almost thirty years but when I saw that picture of Diddy in those short trunks it reminded me and I laughed until I had tears telling the story.

We were never rich financially as kids but we were rich beyond belief with love. Two amazing parents and the happiest childhood any kid could hope for. We didn't have much but wanted for nothing.

I hope my own kids feel the same way.

I'm not the best wife or mom but  love my husband and family so much it hurts. I hope I live long enough to sit around the Thanksgiving table with grand kids and tell THEM  funny stories about their own mom and dads.

I was a lucky kid. I am a lucky adult. I am a lucky mom..

Life is what you make it. Having money doesn't make a life, love does.

Til next  time...COTTON

Friday, November 23, 2012

I Am Thankful...

Not really sure how this year has slipped by so quickly. Next  week is December for Pete's sake! Spent Thanksgiving at my sister's house. We had eighteen people and it was a  grand old time. It was a beautiful day so we left the pups out back. We took the rascal., Ziggy with us. He's still a puppy and left to his own devices for any  extended period of time unsupervised usually involves some type of home repair or clean up. Also he hasn't met every one in the family yet so we took the little doofus with us. I think I heard Charlie and Ham both snort a sigh of relief when we put him in the car with us and pulled out of the driveway.

My brother was there...haven't seen him in a while and he most likely prefers it that way. (I'm a needy  sister)  My cousin who we recently re connected with after decades came and  I took the old family photo albums to  share with her...we laughed and cried and had a blast.

Friends of my sister came who were planning on going to a restaurant for Thanksgiving (gag me with a spoon) and all fit in nicely with our crazy bunch!

It was "Eat  Drink and be Merry!"

Sometimes, more often than not I feel ridiculous complaining about the past few years. Yes they were tough, but are in the past and there is no way to change the past. You can only change the future.

My family has survived and in recent times have seem to flourish  thanks to much help, love and hard work.

Never be afraid of working hard. Never be afraid of accepting help when you need it and never be timid about paying  your good fortune FORWARD.

One of my high school friends and blog reader has suggested me for a job opportunity with her company. It's something totally different yet a job I feel I would have a lot to offer.

You never know until you  try. If you never try you will never know.

I am almost fifty three years old and considering changing careers after almost 34 years,   thanks to the confidence my friend has in me and my abilities as a hard and dedicated worker.

I'm already "What the Hey?"

I'm nervous, not making any commitment but willing to try. As Forrest Gump said
"My Mama always said you've got to put the past behind you before you can move on." 

Til next  time...COTTON

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ham's Big Day

Boy, six AM sure rolls around early when you go to bed at three after scrubbing bathrooms you put off because you were online watching Candid Camera classics but I bounced out of bed ready to take Ham for his visit to Georgia Veterinary Specialists, thanks to new friends of Ham.

I was apprehensive about driving my rattle trap of a tiny car with no shocks up to the north side of Atlanta with Ham crammed in the even more tiny back seat. One of my dear friends loaned me her Blazer for the day and off we went! I took Zach with me to help with my gentle giant. Her fuel gauge doesn't work and she thought there was enough gas but just in case we stopped to fill up. When the gas splattered out all over my feet I assumed we had enough and we hit the highway. Straight up  through Atlanta we went, barely missing rush hour traffic and arrived at  the clinic with fifteen minutes to spare.

I can't say enough about what a wonderful place GVS is. The minute we brought Ham through the door people, employees and assistants constantly stopped to admire him and comment on how handsome he was. Ham was (as usual) the consummate gentleman and fascinated with this new place he really couldn't see...but his sniffer still works so he was delighted with every dog he encountered.

The above picture is when we were led into the exam room. The doctor's assistant came in to take vitals and readings of his eyes. I introduced myself and Zach and started my spiel... "We're here through the generosity of friends, we don't really have a lot of money..." when she said "Are you the one who writes a blog?" I said I am and she commented she was impressed the money had been raised so quickly for Ham's evaluation. She checked his eyes,  put in little tape strips to take readings from both and commented "He is beautiful!" She dilated his eyes and left us all three sitting in the dark for ten minutes.

The doctor came in next. She had a framed picture in her hand and held it out in front of Ham. She said "Do  you recognize your daddy?" It was a picture of Boss, Ham's daddy who had surgery for his cataracts at the same clinic a few years back.

The news was good and bad. One eye was totally blind and the other was catching up quick. The quotes another assistant brought back were so far beyond our means but gave us an idea how it could be done. He was really nice (absolutely went on and on and on about what a great dog Ham was) and told us if we just had one eye fixed, Ham could learn to compensate. That seems to be the way to go. When he left,  he commented "If I ever had a big dog, this would be my perfect choice."

Ham looks so much like his daddy and they are both big ole softies.  I spoke with the office manager about setting Ham up an account for donations but they couldn't. I thanked them and told them I would figure it out...and off we went again, back through Atlanta.

When we got back to Newnan... Zach and I took Ham to the mobile vet clinic to update his shots (another gift from a friend of Ham's). It's a doc in the box for cats and dogs  that comes to our county once a week. I signed up for an exam, Rabies shot, Parvo and Heart worm testing. The dude (vet) comes out into the parking lot by your car to do the exam and draw blood. He takes it into his mobile clinic and comes back outside to administer shots and vaccines while you simply hold your pet.

He was an extremely nice guy.. seeming  to be of Indian descent  (dot not the feather) and certainly can't be getting rich by charging $55 for an exam, Parvo and Heart worm testing along with a Rabies shot.  MUST be a true animal lover!

He came back into the parking lot and dropped the bomb.

 Ham tested positive for Heat Worms. Quick kill method would be $500.  Obviously out of the question... Slow kill is medicine once a month for two years, I took it.

Came home feeling like crap for being too broke to buy preventive medicine... but what are you  gonna do, keep  your house, gas and lights on or take your dogs to the vet?

I was cooking dinner tonight when the phone rang. A woman called and said "GVS told me about your dog and we want to help." I can sign up with their website  and apply for an interest free loan, from $500 to $1000. I would have two years (I think) to pay it back interest free  and if people were donating as well they would help cover Ham's surgery costs.

Now I just have to get this Heart Worm problem under control. Zach's buddy has a girlfriend who works for a local vet. She thinks she may able get us the "Quick Kill" at a discount with her administering the injections.

I know this may all seem crazy to people who aren't dog lovers...but I AM a dog lover and my three pups rank right behind my three kids...sometimes I think they should be ahead in the line. They never gripe or complain and never get ticked off at me. They love me and love me and love me!

Hoping for good news tomorrow...Gotta kick these Heart Worm's asses first and take care of his eyes next. Call me stupid, call me an idiot but my pups are just as much a part of my family as the one's walking on two legs...and a lot easier to please..
Til next  time...COTTON

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Long Days Are Okay When They Are Good Ones

This is a picture of my dog, Ham before he lost his sight...which thanks to his friends  will be getting back soon!

I opened the restaurant this morning , had a break after lunch which means I ran errands paid bills and did laundry. I got off at 10:30 tonight and have my first  day off  this month on  Sunday. My bosses aren't MAKING work this much  but when you're a server and things are slow you HAVE to work more to make ends meet.

I got home tonight and luckily made enough money to take Sunday off. I may still pick up a night shift but we close at  8:30 so what's four hours in the grand scheme of life?

I got a text from my daughter around two today while I was at work. It read "Ham got mail!" He received a donation from a friend of my sister's. It will pay for his vaccinations to be updated and have him ready for surgery!

People might think I am stupid to worry  this much over a dog...if they do so be it. If they love pups like I do, God bless them for helping!

This is a picture I took of Ham tonight after I got home from work.

If you click on the photo you can see his milky white cataracts. It breaks my heart. I have raised three children and four dogs.  Not one of the dogs have ever slammed a bedroom door in my face or rolled their eyes at me. Not one of them ever complained they had to wait an entire day to eat. Not one of them has ever had  to be bailed out of a problem ...literally  or figuratively. (and I''ve done both)

I come home and the dogs are thrilled to see me. They never whine they haven't had their shots in over two years.

They just simply and completely love me. What's even crazier is they love my kids and husband too.

They just love...and I love them.

 God will always come first in my life. My husband and kids are a close battle for second depending on if my husband finished his "Honey Do" list but my pups are a solid third.

Yes I have three dogs and yes I am crazy...but who couldn't love THESE faces?

It's been a lean week around here. We've eaten a lot of canned soup and frozen leftovers. But do you know how many people around the world LOVE to be this UN lucky?

People are helping my pup when I simply can't. I want to and feel I should be able to but just can't.

Yes it's "Just a dog" but if you have ever experienced the sincerity of a dog's devotion and love you realize how ironic it is that "DOG" is "GOD" spelled backwards. Unconditional Love!

Ham, thanks to friends will be able to see again soon. I am humbled (although I lost humility several years ago which is sometimes a good thing) and grateful.

It's another good day in life.

Til next  time...COTTON

Glad I Helped

One of my co workers asked me  the other day if I would help her move her stuff out of her house today. My immediate thought was "I dreaded helping people move...they were never prepared and it usually took all day."

This instance was totally different. I  like the woman, she is a hard worker and fanatic about details and cleaning but it's not like we are BFFL's. We've never been out together or even seen each other outside of work and often times she seems stressed out. I knew she was in a rocky relationship and recently it fell totally apart when she found out he had an affair. Let's just leave it at that.

They have a daughter together but my friend got kicked out of the house because the wimp filed a restraining order when she went nuts after she discovered him cheating. She's not much bigger than me and he's ...well a man. (kinda, in my opinion) So he's a cheater AND a wimp.

She had two hours today to get all of her belongings out of the house they had shared. She told me she needed to show a strong front and wanted me there, which of course GOT me there!  I arrived at  nine, in freezing weather and found the house immediately. It was easy to locate with two cop cars and a code enforcement truck sitting out front.

For Pete's sake...we weren't there to rob the place,  just simply move HER possessions out.

I expected to see four or five others waiting to help but it was just me. It took twenty minutes for the dead beat to say yes or no as to what we could take. My  girlfriend had at least fifty boxes ready  to be taped up, tons of paper to wrap fragile items and loads of packing tape and sharpies to mark boxes with. The cop was nice enough but I could tell my friend was stressed to the hilt.

How do you move your life out of a house in two hours with cops and a cheater standing watch over you?  Up drove the answer...another co  worker from work. She is short but a large woman...pretty stinking large but came to help and help we did.  We taped boxes together as he argued over cookie sheets and pots and pans. She said time and time again "I bought every pot and pan in this kitchen and they are going with me." She decided to leave a few for him til he started acting like a jerk and tried to have the whole  thing called off saying he didn't have time to stand around for two hours while we moved her out. I just wanted to slap his  balding head and poke his eyes out for fun. My friend looked at me and said to pack up everything except the one old looking pot in the back of the cabinet...that one was his.

I packed and packed and packed.  I left him with one cheese grater, only because she had three. I commented to my co worker on one trip out loaded with boxes..."When a man has an affair does he not realize you're gonna be really ticked off?"

The thing that struck me the most was although I like this woman we aren't  extremely close. She's called me once on my cell and that was to ask for help moving today. The other girl from work who helped is the same...I've never seen her outside of work either. But a girl needed help and two girls CAME to help. What if WE hadn't  shown up? I loved this girl more immediately and it pulled at my heart.

 We were a good team. We packed so many boxes into the car it was impressive to say the least. As our friend stayed in  the house arguing with the cheater over what bathroom products she could take, I slipped into the back of the SUV with my ninety five pounds and my big friend shoved in the boxes for me to push to the back making room for more. Thank goodness another of her friends showed up and luckily drove an Excursion.  We had maxed out both vehicles, moving what little could fit in my little car. We loaded up that big ole gas sucker from  the floorboard to the roof. She got there late but at least it gave us another vehicle to fill.

The cop told us we had used up all our time as we decided where to squeeze in the small flat screen TV.

Here's the thing. What if I hadn't gone and helped? What if my beautiful large friend hadn't gone and helped? This woman would have been totally screwed over...again!

She came into work tonight and thanked me so sincerely for coming to help her and  replied I was just glad she was moved out of an abusive place.

She cocked her head at me and asked how I knew he was abusive?

This ain't my first rodeo. I'm an old chica. I know stress when I see it...been there done that. I also know  the frightened look on a woman's face when having to  live with a monster.

Guess what? Now the monster has one pot to cook in and a cheese grater. (I left the crappy one for him) There are  many forms of abuse.  Mental, psychological, emotional, sexual and physical. I think this turd may have hit on a few of them. (small pun)

"Enjoy your crappy cheese grater!" I wanted to yell out my car window as I drove off.

Kudos to my friend for being smart enough to escape.

I came home and felt like kicking myself for ever dreading to offer and help. So I get depressed, so we are broke as a joke. My husband has never raised a hand to me, he has never cheated on me and he has never called the cops on me. (which only guilty wimps do)

I have new respect for this woman , co worker and now good friend. She could have ended up like Nicole Brown Simpson but made the right decision and I was lucky enough to be able to help when she did.

And I thought MY life was tough sometimes. Boy was I wrong.  Counting those blessings again and putting an icy/ hot on my aching back...but it's a good kind of ache this time!

Til next  time...COTTON

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This

It's been a good week...gotta keep reminding myself of that. I have lots of people wanting to help with Ham's eyes. Got a check in the mail today that will cover his assessment with the specialist and get the ball rolling. A blog reader I have never met and who lives in a different state read my blog about Ham getting lost at  night and promptly offered to cover his initial visit. (Thank you Jerry and Dee)

It's also been a bad week. Every night at work has been slow and tips even worse. That's the catch 22 about waiting tables. If you desperately NEED money you can't count on it until you actually are counting it into your pocket. I'm $300 under what I usually make by  this point in my work week  and it depresses the crap out of me. I had all kinds of plans for that $300. Pay the greedy Verizon giant get some groceries for the house and help Tim with gas money. The cell phones got cut off yesterday and somehow, someway I lost thirty dollars out of my work apron last night. I left work with the pitiful forty dollars I managed to make staying  til an hour after closing. Of course my gas light came on when I got in my car so I went to Kroger and paid for ten bucks worth thinking that would leave Tim twenty for gas and ten for milk and breakfast food. I pumped the gas and came straight home. It was gone this me, Tim looked for gas money and my apron was empty. I've torn the car apart and quizzed the kids. It was windy and cold last night as I pumped gas in my work skirt and was hurrying...can I really be so stupid?

This morning I woke Zach up and asked him to ride with me to the animal shelter where the mobile clinic visits every Thursday. I was going to take Ham today to the eye specialist but not on ten bucks of I decided to schedule for next  week and go get his shots updated. He has to be up to date on shots for surgery and although I plan to every week I run out of money by Thursday.

 Then I talked to a co worker who's story makes mine look like a fairy tale.  Her husband lost a $200,000 a year job and they are in jeopardy of having their beautiful vintage home off  the town square in Newnan auctioned off on  the courthouse steps. They have scrambled like we have and also have dogs like us. They took their dogs to the mobile clinic for shots and medicine and when her husband asked them to just hold the check for a day they said just pay when they could.

Sounds like MY kind of clinic! I loaded up Ham and Ziggy...I felt bad taking all three and Zach and I headed over. We  got there and an old skinny woman (no it wasn't my twin sister) handed us a form to fill out. It had different packages and I noted the ones Ham and Ziggy needed were both $35. I looked up at the woman and said "I'm broke as a joke and don't have any money  today."  She said to take the form with us and come back at a later date.

I went home and called my co worker.  She said I should have just filled out the form, checked  what I needed and waited til the vet called to see my dogs...then tell him I couldn't pay today but could post date a check or send him a money order.

I must be slipping in my desperation. I've never been one to give up and should have known better than to take "No" from the woman just handing out forms. I have Ham scheduled for next  Thursday morning at 8 with the specialist. I will take him immediately from his assessment to the mobile clinic and barge my way through to the vet.

I picked up a shift earlier this week, picked up today on my day off and will pick up as many shifts as I can til Ham can see. I shouldn't have given in so easily today at the humane society, and it certainly isn't like me.

I must keep remembering desperate times call for desperate measures and that it's amazing what can happen if you just keep  trying.

Always remembering my "Pay it forward" I  have volunteered  to help a friend move out of an apartment and abusive relationship tomorrow. At least she gave me gas money  to get there and if I have to...I'll kick his sorry  A** too.

Sometimes it's hard to stay positive.  I usually always go to bed late, and those are the hours when I do my best thinking and rationalizing. I think about how my life has changed so dramatically. We used to go out and buy whatever we needed... now we worry how we will get by with what we have.

There's not enough Duct Tape in the world to fix us but there IS enough love and Karma.

If I keep on keeping on and paying forward...everything will work out. I keep reminding myself of the millions and millions less fortunate than me. The ones without a roof over their heads or a hat ON their heads as winter blows in. I am typing on a computer...they would be happy to snuggle up in a corner of my garage with the wind off  of  them. They would be happy to simply have ANY roof over their head.

Waking up early to help my friend and pay it forward. At least my husband isn't a cheater or abusive...that would REALLY suck. At least my life sucks in a loving environment and  have so many people loving me that it is almost embarrassing.

I am truly blessed and  need to ALWAYS remember that.

Thanks to every one for helping with Ham. Thanks to God for helping me...simply said "THANKS!"

Til next  time...COTTON

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Bring Back Simple

I'm not so sure modern technology is all that great. There's talk of not teaching cursive writing in elementary schools anymore. Guess my grandchildren will sign their names in big block figures. No one sends hand written letters anymore...all I get in the mail box is bills and junk mail. I can't remember the last time I got a letter written in long hand. Nine of every ten Americans own a cell phone. How many TVs do you have in YOUR house? We have five.When I was a kid we had one and there were five of US.

 There were no gluten allergies or celiac disease. Your momma cooked dinner and you  ate it.
 There was no Alzheimer's just crazy ole folks we all put up with. When I was a kid the only things that could kill you were running with a stick, war or a car wreck. Now it seems every thing is bad for you. Holding a cell phone to your head, flour, milk products, caffeine , peanuts , shellfish and even strawberries.

Now there are all kinds of ADHD meds for our kids. When I was little the teacher sent home a note saying "Kelly is talking too much in class and not paying attention." When my Diddy got home from work and my Momma showed him the note, he took me in the green bathroom (where everything horrible from enemas to whoppings happened) and suddenly the next  day I shut my trap and paid attention. He may have repeated the process a couple of times over the course of a few years but I got the message and  the thought of taking it up with our doctor never crossed their minds. The only thing that came across was my Diddy's belt over my butt.

In this economy there are millions and millions looking for work.  Do  you  think they can walk in and just apply? Nope! You have to go online and fill out an application which will sit in an inbox for who knows how long with hundreds sometimes thousands of others.

You need more documentation for a driver's liscense renewal than you do to drive across our border.

And it's not just us humans. When I was little my Diddy got us a dog. They got it a rabies shot, brought it home and were done. No Frontline, no Heartguard no chip in the neck or clipping nails. Just a bowl of food and a bowl of water. It's insane what they charge for a pooch these days and don't even guarantee it will live a lot longer. My pups have been flying commando but I just recently learned I can take them to the Humane Society and get all the fancy dancy stuff done for whatever I am able to pay.

Since we have no health insurance  I'm thinking about seeing what they can do for my kids. They are all due for re vacinations and flu shots. Isn't Parvo and Kennel  cough  a lot like the flu? I may even see what they would charge to have Zach's gotta be along the same lines of procedure. My pups have two balls, so does Zach and I don't wanna be a granny and Massey definitely needs a chip in her neck having her own car.

 I'm just trying to be funny but it amazes me that I grew up in a time when so many of these problems didn't even have names or seem to exist, yet I survived .  Are we over thinking or parenting less?

On  an up note...Ziggy hasn't crapped in  the house in over twenty four hours...a new record. We got up this morning and the living room (his dumping ground) was dooky free. We all hugged him and kept saying "You're a GOOD dog!" He kept cocking his head from side to side like "I'm a WHAT?"

Life is never dull around these parts. Sometimes it's tough but at least we have a house to have tough times in...millions and millions would love to have my life, so I think I'll keep it!

Talking with the vet specialist in  the morning about setting up a pay pal account to get Ham's eyes fixed. Things are looking up for us and I want Ham to be able to see them.

Til next  time...COTTON

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Gonna Miss My "Booty" ful Friend

Tonight was the last night at work for one of our bartenders who is one of my absolute favorite peeps. She's a beauty, inside and out. She has the work ethic so many young people never grasp or even seem to want. She has a huge heart and even though I am probably older than her own mother  has always made me feel young.

We have exactly the same views on everything ranging from moral values and ideals to politics and the love of dogs.
She has always reminded me of the Walt Disney version of Cinderella.  Beautiful blond hair most always swept back at work by a cute up do or fancy hair band.

She has a booty that I constantly kid her about....Baby got back and I cannot lie.

 I usually always do  the sandwich  sign that goes out front of the restaurant because I love to write... whether it's a short story, blog or  just block letters on a sign. Even when I am taking orders on my order pad, if it's sloppy I rewrite them all before even putting them into the computer.

I was doing the sign out front one day during some sporting event...I  think it was the Olympics. I had  neatly drawn the five Olympic rings and asked her if it was okay  to write "Come enjoy watching the games and a glass of wine with our "Booty"ful bartender!"

She laughed but totally nixed my idea.

I will miss her but know she is making the right move.

She fell in love with  a great guy  who is another good friend of mine. They moved in together and got a place in mid town Atlanta over 25 miles away.

Coming from a person who sets the alarm for forty five minutes before having to clock in at work and still has time to shower, iron a shirt and feed three dogs, I am surprised she has made the commute this long! I guess it helps she drives a Prius.

I'll miss my girl. Dang it's hard to let go when you feel like a co worker is part of your family...and the good ones are. Some others are like crazy relatives you have to like but roll your eyes at every time they walk away or complain.

I'm a "Lifer"...  have been a server for well over thirty years and  is my chosen profession. It's allowed me to raise three kids and for the most part enjoy going to work every day. I meet different people have different situations every day and for the most part love it.

When I think of my dear friend moving on it reminds me I am over half a century old and still not doing what I really want the be a writer.

Then I look at  the above picture and  think... both sets of my grandparents gone, both parents gone and only one aunt left.

But I still have my brother and sister. God left me in wonderful hands. They both (for some unknown reason :)  love and support me no matter what spot I find myself in. It's just us now...but we had the greatest parents on the planet which luckily leaves me one of the luckiest siblings on the planet.

It's time for me to get off my own ninety five pound "Booty" and at least TRY and be a writer.

I've been practicing putting my drivel on  discs and learning how to compress files. No one wants a manila envelope in the mail anymore...they think it may contain anthrax.

If I'm lucky I may have thirty good years left.  I think it's time to get cracking... my knees already crack!

Good luck  to my beautiful/bootyful friend. You  are so smart to grab your dream when you are young.

Tomorrow is unknown,  even the next instant is uncertain. Grab life while you can!

I'm getting me an extra hour of sleep tonight...that may all I need  for today but I'm gonna start thinking about tomorrow a LOT more often.

In my home we have all bases covered. Tim is a staunch Republican and my oldest son TJ is close behind. Massey is a moderate, I am a Democrat and Zach is an Anarchist.

I told my dear sweet friend tonight as I hugged her neck for the last time and left work (totally kidding but somewhat meaning it) "Don't leave me! Now It's just me, the Latinos and African Americans in the kitchen."

Good luck, Anna and Godspeed!

Til next  time...COTTON

Thursday, November 1, 2012

November... Are You Kidding Me?

This is a picture of Zachary and me in  front of  the Fountain of Youth in St. Augustine. It was at least ten years ago and the water I drank hasn't kicked in yet. I keep waiting...

Number one I can't wait for this election to be over. I am so tired of robo calls. When you get more robo calls than collection calls at our house we know we are in trouble!

Number two ALL politicians tell you what you what to hear then do whatever  they want to do once elected. This country is in a sh*t load of trouble and all the infighting is doing absolutely nothing to help the problem...only adds to it.

Number three everything you  read on  the Internet is NOT true. People post articles, pictures and comments  believing them to be true simply because a website says so. That , in my way of thinking is pathetic. I have also been duped by  pictures and articles but at least have the common sense to realize I have been duped.

It's down to two guys running for the highest office in our land. As my youngest son pointed out just the other night "It's hard to believe out of over 300,000,000 people these two are the only one's qualified."


I am sure both men have a vision. I am sure both men have good intentions. I am also sure that no matter which one wins,  the infighting in not only the congress and senate but between the lobbyists and big business still seem to somehow dictate our future...or lack of one.

People with money, corporation power and lobbyists seem  to rule our country and take away from US to insure their own advances and stability.

My next  sore point is the lack of supporting a chosen leader.  I never voted for Bush.  I thought he was a doofus, still do. I like his wife Laura a lot and even her mother in law.

I have voted for both parties.  I vote for the person not their party affiliation. When Bush was re elected I thought  to myself..."He is MY president now and I will support him."

My nephew who is a Democrat put an Obama sign in his front yard a week ago down here in Georgia. He went onto his front porch  to see a truck  screaming by after stealing his sign and screaming out the window "Fu*k that  Nigger." I started to not use the whole "N" word but thought it relevant.

Granted I have been disappointed over the past four years at times but have also made personal and financial  strides and finally come to grips with the horrible  realization that most people hate him because he is black.

He is not  Muslim...but what's the big whoop if he was? Are you  so narrow minded  you  think no one will EVER be elected to office other than a Catholic or Protestant?

Our country was founded as a melting pot. We all came here. Georgia was originally a debtor's prison (guess that's why I live here :)

We took the country from  Native Americans and plopped our butts down with a turkey, pilgrim hats and a musket.

We called them savages... which literally means they fought stinking hard to keep their land.

If I was a Native American...I would STILL be pissed.

Then we brought over Africans in chains and treated them as animals and servants...sometimes even sexual slaves.

I remember years ago hearing a comedy routine from "Sinbad" who said it was no wonder most black people don't swim...that first big boat ride pretty much  ruined it for us.

My question is when are we going to return  to the melting pot this nation was built upon?

My second question is when are we going to quit playing the race card?

When are we going to quit hating Latinos for wanting to do the same thing we did hundreds of years ago...flee oppression to  live in a better place?

I know there are all kind of issues. Forms to be filed, hoops to jump through and papers and papers and papers to be filled out.

I just think we all need to take a step back. Look where we all came from...look how we all got here and most together to get where we need to be.

Might lose a few blog followers over this one but I don't care. What I do care about is my country. What I do care about is my life.  What I do care about is the future my children will inherit.

Let's stop the fighting. Let's stop the accusations rumors and  inaccuracy. Let's begin to find a solution...


Til next time...COTTON