Sunday, November 4, 2012

Bring Back Simple

I'm not so sure modern technology is all that great. There's talk of not teaching cursive writing in elementary schools anymore. Guess my grandchildren will sign their names in big block figures. No one sends hand written letters anymore...all I get in the mail box is bills and junk mail. I can't remember the last time I got a letter written in long hand. Nine of every ten Americans own a cell phone. How many TVs do you have in YOUR house? We have five.When I was a kid we had one and there were five of US.

 There were no gluten allergies or celiac disease. Your momma cooked dinner and you  ate it.
 There was no Alzheimer's just crazy ole folks we all put up with. When I was a kid the only things that could kill you were running with a stick, war or a car wreck. Now it seems every thing is bad for you. Holding a cell phone to your head, flour, milk products, caffeine , peanuts , shellfish and even strawberries.

Now there are all kinds of ADHD meds for our kids. When I was little the teacher sent home a note saying "Kelly is talking too much in class and not paying attention." When my Diddy got home from work and my Momma showed him the note, he took me in the green bathroom (where everything horrible from enemas to whoppings happened) and suddenly the next  day I shut my trap and paid attention. He may have repeated the process a couple of times over the course of a few years but I got the message and  the thought of taking it up with our doctor never crossed their minds. The only thing that came across was my Diddy's belt over my butt.

In this economy there are millions and millions looking for work.  Do  you  think they can walk in and just apply? Nope! You have to go online and fill out an application which will sit in an inbox for who knows how long with hundreds sometimes thousands of others.

You need more documentation for a driver's liscense renewal than you do to drive across our border.

And it's not just us humans. When I was little my Diddy got us a dog. They got it a rabies shot, brought it home and were done. No Frontline, no Heartguard no chip in the neck or clipping nails. Just a bowl of food and a bowl of water. It's insane what they charge for a pooch these days and don't even guarantee it will live a lot longer. My pups have been flying commando but I just recently learned I can take them to the Humane Society and get all the fancy dancy stuff done for whatever I am able to pay.

Since we have no health insurance  I'm thinking about seeing what they can do for my kids. They are all due for re vacinations and flu shots. Isn't Parvo and Kennel  cough  a lot like the flu? I may even see what they would charge to have Zach's gotta be along the same lines of procedure. My pups have two balls, so does Zach and I don't wanna be a granny and Massey definitely needs a chip in her neck having her own car.

 I'm just trying to be funny but it amazes me that I grew up in a time when so many of these problems didn't even have names or seem to exist, yet I survived .  Are we over thinking or parenting less?

On  an up note...Ziggy hasn't crapped in  the house in over twenty four hours...a new record. We got up this morning and the living room (his dumping ground) was dooky free. We all hugged him and kept saying "You're a GOOD dog!" He kept cocking his head from side to side like "I'm a WHAT?"

Life is never dull around these parts. Sometimes it's tough but at least we have a house to have tough times in...millions and millions would love to have my life, so I think I'll keep it!

Talking with the vet specialist in  the morning about setting up a pay pal account to get Ham's eyes fixed. Things are looking up for us and I want Ham to be able to see them.

Til next  time...COTTON

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