Saturday, November 10, 2012

Long Days Are Okay When They Are Good Ones

This is a picture of my dog, Ham before he lost his sight...which thanks to his friends  will be getting back soon!

I opened the restaurant this morning , had a break after lunch which means I ran errands paid bills and did laundry. I got off at 10:30 tonight and have my first  day off  this month on  Sunday. My bosses aren't MAKING work this much  but when you're a server and things are slow you HAVE to work more to make ends meet.

I got home tonight and luckily made enough money to take Sunday off. I may still pick up a night shift but we close at  8:30 so what's four hours in the grand scheme of life?

I got a text from my daughter around two today while I was at work. It read "Ham got mail!" He received a donation from a friend of my sister's. It will pay for his vaccinations to be updated and have him ready for surgery!

People might think I am stupid to worry  this much over a dog...if they do so be it. If they love pups like I do, God bless them for helping!

This is a picture I took of Ham tonight after I got home from work.

If you click on the photo you can see his milky white cataracts. It breaks my heart. I have raised three children and four dogs.  Not one of the dogs have ever slammed a bedroom door in my face or rolled their eyes at me. Not one of them ever complained they had to wait an entire day to eat. Not one of them has ever had  to be bailed out of a problem ...literally  or figuratively. (and I''ve done both)

I come home and the dogs are thrilled to see me. They never whine they haven't had their shots in over two years.

They just simply and completely love me. What's even crazier is they love my kids and husband too.

They just love...and I love them.

 God will always come first in my life. My husband and kids are a close battle for second depending on if my husband finished his "Honey Do" list but my pups are a solid third.

Yes I have three dogs and yes I am crazy...but who couldn't love THESE faces?

It's been a lean week around here. We've eaten a lot of canned soup and frozen leftovers. But do you know how many people around the world LOVE to be this UN lucky?

People are helping my pup when I simply can't. I want to and feel I should be able to but just can't.

Yes it's "Just a dog" but if you have ever experienced the sincerity of a dog's devotion and love you realize how ironic it is that "DOG" is "GOD" spelled backwards. Unconditional Love!

Ham, thanks to friends will be able to see again soon. I am humbled (although I lost humility several years ago which is sometimes a good thing) and grateful.

It's another good day in life.

Til next  time...COTTON

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