Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Cartoon World I Work In

Let me start off by saying I absolutely LOVE my new job and all of the people I work with and for. We have a little game that a few of us like to play...assign an employee to a cartoon character or TV personality that best fits their look, actions or demeanor. I'll take the first hit...I am DEFINITELY Sonic the Hedgehog. Personality wise and "Hair wise."

Next up is my dear friend who is the owner's son and a chef that can kick #@%. He is hands down "Quick Draw" with the Latino cook who is as crazy as they come as his side kick "Baba Booey."

Next up is another cook who I used to work with as a manager at my old place. He has recently left for another job but hands down was "The Brain" after a hard long shift with his shaved head and childish face.

Moving on to the servers...Leonard (I don't think he'll mind me using his name) is so dead on as "The Pink Panther" that it isn't even funny. A tall guy that is slick and sleek. He knows his job well and never seems to be in a hurry but gets everything done with seemingly no effort or panic.

Next up is our boss..the owner. He is SO Dr.Evil that Mike Meyers should pay HIM . In his chef's coat he looks the part and when he gets upset he LIVES the part. His son told me to use Mr. Magoo...I think I will stick with Dr. Evil.

Next is another cook that has the attitude and build of Patrick the starfish. He never gets upset, is always nice and congenial and is one of the most pleasant people I have ever met. I don't think Patrick has any enemies...neither does our cook.

Moving over into the dish area we have our "Mickey Mouse." A cute Latino with huge ears and an even bigger heart. Always happy and always ready to help.

Then we move back to servers and meet Irona. She is a robot. You could come up behind her with a knife and draw it back and she would politely say "Am I in your way?" Nothing rattles her and it is hard to imagine her running or being in a hurry. She just takes life as it comes and rolls with it's punches.

We covered the "Professor" in my last blog but his title is quite befitting. He is smart and has guaranteed me that he can make a battery out of a coconut if the need arises.

Back to servers..this gal recently got a bob hair cut that looks so much like Dora I feel like saying "Swiper no swiping" ever time I see her.

It's just a's just a way to fill the down time. It's also one of the greatest games I've ever joined.

Think about people in your own life. Think about who they seem like and who would be a character they represent.

Maybe I'll do my family next!

Let's see...I know my father in law is Mr. Burns (from The Simpson's) and my dogs are Larry, Curly and Moe. My husband is more like Mr. Magoo than my boss except that he isn't rich and sleeps like Rip Van Winkle.

I'll have to work on this...don't get me wrong, it's already in the works...

Til next time..."Sonic."

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