Friday, July 9, 2010

The "Professor" Leaves Our Island

Tonight after work we had a party for one of our fellow employees who is jumping ship and moving to Miami..(am I small enough to stow away in one of his bags?)
This was the first time I have been with all my new fellow workers in a "non working situation" and I must say it was even more delightful than it is to work with them.

We all met at the bowling alley after work ... at first I thought I wouldn't go...then I got home, found three dogs waiting for me and no one else so I decided "What the hey" changed clothes and went to say farewell to a guy that I have only known a few short months but have come to genuinely love respect and admire.
I call him "The Professor' ...remember the only savvy person on Gilligan's Island? Well that's my new friend that is leaving us for the sunny beaches of Miami. He has a lot going on and is an excellent server and I consider him a dear friend. He thought about going to medical school and I am sure he would have made it but as we all do, sometimes you get sidetracked in your crazy youth and end up on a different road.
His path led him into the crazy world of serving...using his PHD in BS like I am, he has a flair for serving and can make more money in one short shift than most people can make in a twelve hour shift of gruelling corporate life.

There were about a dozen of us that showed up to send him off to a life in Miami that I secretly covet. Beautiful people, beautiful beaches and an atmosphere that I was born to live in if I hadn't married and had three kids.

I even have a picture of Peaches included (previous post.)

The people I work with are an amazing group of people, working for amazing crazy over worked and stressed beyond belief family that have opened a restaurant that is their life and livelihood.
If you work hard and do what they ask of you it is a cake walk. Step out of line or screw with their livelihood and you will be shown the door. I like that approach and that is why I enjoy working there so very much. I don't answer to a corporation I have never met, I answer to the owner's that I see every day working ten to twelve hours a day seven days a week.

This is a picture of one of my favorite co workers...we call him "The Pink Panther." The name SO fits and you can hear the theme song in your head as he walks towards you.

This is a picture of me and the Professor...DANG I'll miss him on our little island.

Here's the Professor with the head waitress who I also love and can crack up in an instant (I love people that think I am as funny as I do.)

Here's a video of a few of the employees...notice I always HOLD the camera so as NOT to be IN the video. One of my favorite bartenders shows up (Big Black) with his cute girlfriend(another blog altogether) and it shows a quick glimpse into the wonderful world I have been graciously welcomed into.

I will miss the Professor, but now Massey and I have someone to go visit in Miami...and don't think I won't go! Mark (AKA The Professor) has warned me if we do I might not want to come back. I'm willing to take the chance.

It is crazy how happy I am in my new home and how 'At Home' I already feel.

I looked up at work tonight to see my arch nemesis...the General Manager who fired me after 13 years at my last restaurant sitting at the bar. I felt like blowing him a least he knows a good restaurant when he sees it.

Happy to be home alone (no kids no hubby...just three dogs that can't talk back... stereo up ... laundry washing and a cold beer by my side.)

Life is good...especially when you are in a better place ; Can look your former boss in the eye and be glad that his face is not one you have to see every day.

I will miss "The Professor" and hope to stay in touch. He will do great wherever he goes and has lived in Miami before and has lots of connections.

Massey and I are already planning another road trip...Look out Professor...Here come Mary Ann and Ginger!

Til next time...I'll be Ginger and let Massey be Mary Ann. I'll have to remember to take a slinky sparkly gown to Miami and bring Massey some Daisy Dukes and a bandana top.

BTW...why did they have all those clothes packed for "A Three Hour Tour?"

As on the photos and video

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