Sunday, July 25, 2010

Self Check Out...Is It Really Worth It?

What's the deal with self check out? Why isn't it as quick as having some clerk check you out?
Is their scanner different from ours?

Every time I go through there are multiple problems. "Please remove the last item and return it to the scanner." ... "An attendant has been notified to assist you."... "Please step away from the scanner as your brain explodes."

I ALWAYS think it will be faster. I always think that doing it myself is quicker than standing in line. Guess what? I always leave saying "I'll never do THAT again" and come back in two days and try it again.

The main reason I do it is because I was forced to have to put my family on food stamps and am embarrassed that I am using an EBT card. I don't know why I am ashamed. It is a system that I have been paying into since I was fifteen years old and took until I was almost fifty to have to use it.

I will come off of government assistance next month and can return to my favorite store and once again hear "Hey Mrs. Cotton."

It's still a sticking point with me. These self check out isles are a joke. I know they are geared for catching cheaters but they are a pain in the butt.

Does anybody else think they are a pain or am I just "Self check out deficient?"
After July I won't have to worry about them. I will never have to hear "Please remove the last item and return it to the scanner."

Til next time...a moving on Cotton

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Joannah said...

They stink. When I went to Wally World for Mothers Day Cards I figured I'd avoid the lines...instead end up waiting because the 2 cards dont weigh enough to register that they were put in the bag.