Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cartoon Net "Work" Part Too !

No one at work seemed upset with my last post about the cartoon net"work" I work in so I'll charge ahead with some I left out the first go 'round. To the left is my friend the dishwasher. She helps out also with the food prep and has a voice that reminds me so much of Charo that I expect her to say "coochie coochie" at any given time. Not to mention she always has plenty of make up and lip stick on and platinum blond hair.

Let's move on the man that started this all for me. He looks so much like John Belushi when he starred in Animal House that it isn't even remotely funny. His disposition is the same...his demeanor is the same and the first time I asked him for a side of potatoes I thought he would deliver them to me the same way John Belushi did in Animal House. I thought he would pound both of his cheeks with his fists and spew them at me like "Here's your taters biotch."
Let's move on to another server that I love to death but who will most certainly want to kill me when I assign her likeness to Olive Oyl. She is tall, definitely slim and has jet black hair. Hey!! At least she works in an Italian restaurant...hence "Olive Oyl" can translate easily into the scheme of things.

Next up are the two cute female bartenders that are best friends and women that are truly and justly feared by their husbands (Smart men.) They make Thelma and Louise look like "Betty and Wilma" with a "Lucy and Ethel" twist.

We have a new cook. I have never seen him with his cap off, it is always the same cap and seems to be stitched onto his head. He is quiet and very efficient and a great addition to our team. I have seen him twice outside of work and he STILL had that very same cap on.

Back to our fearless leader. I had to admit to my good friend who is the owner's son that he was pretty dead on with the Mr. Magoo for his dad so I thought I would give the boss man another shout out here.
Thank the Lord he is like my husband and doesn't read my blog...but like I say "If the cartoon fits..."
I absolutely love my new job and the cartoon characters I work with. Come in to eat with me and see how many people you can match with their cartoon counter parts...AND have a great meal while you are there!
Til next time"Tooned In" COTTON

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Mary Anne said...

Cute blog tonight...hey I know it takes alot of time to google up all those cartoon characters!!