Saturday, July 31, 2010

OMG...Turning Fifty Felt GREAT!! amazing can turning fifty be?

My reason for my most of my gray hair..planned it all behind my back.

Some of my best friends from high school were there.
It was incredible and it was just what I needed.

There were friends from high school...two of them drove up from Destin just to hug my neck. There was another friend from high school that came straight from her vacation to do the same.

My champion on FB and a champion that has helped us out time and time again came.

Massey's BFF and her mom came.

My in laws came.

Nurse "Becky" came...from guard camp and dragged her husband along with her.

A friend from the church I grew up in came. We haven't been in touch in over 30 years but via FB have re connected and she brought the fanciest cup cakes and gave me the profile pic of a life time.
The friends Massey and I stayed with in Destin drove up JUST for my birthday can you thank friends for that type of commitment?
I knew that a party was being planned...I didn't know that so many people loved me so much.
I came home overwhelmed and grateful.
My kid's first grade teacher showed up with my partner in crime from the ASP program I used to work in...I was strictly the entertainment.
I turned fifty...I have made it to AARP status.
Just let me entertain for a few more years and I'll be "OUTTA HERE."

What a great birthday...what a blessing...what a lucky person I am.

Thanks to every one, my heart is full.

To be loved is a precious thing.

To have friends and to have champions that help you through is not only amazing but renews your faith in the human spirit and gives you inspiration for "Paying it Forward."

I intend to do just that and hope that everyone
who has helped me knows that I am focused on "Paying it Forward."
Thanks for the night off...Thanks for an amazing day...thanks for loving us! were a hit...EVRYONE that reads my blog (all of the people there) know who you are and were amazed at you...Keep Kickin" Franny !!!!

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