Friday, July 23, 2010

Now THAT Was a Week!

It was a long week for everyone...the guard, the parents and the coaches. Thank goodness it all ended on a happy note.

A giant slip and slide and a pizza party.

The week had it's rough spots.

But it had it's good spots too. There are many sunburned and exhausted teens asleep in their beds now dreaming " 5.. 6.. 7.. 8."

I saw a lot of smiles and wiped away quite a few tears.

When you add 30 teens together for 12 hours a day for five days in 100 degree heat index it all equals to quite a bit of drama but the end sum is a total feeling of accomplishment and a job well done.

Spinning and tossing on the hot asphalt for hours at a time is no easy feat...even for a teen.

Some of the guard moms and dads are there the entire time the kids are. Filling coolers lugging ice chests, treating blisters, sunburns, injured body parts and bruised egos. Nobody said it was easy to have teenagers and all of us are well aware of this fact...and maybe a little more so after this week.

It was brutal heat all week...which in comparison made their brutal coach seem like a "Teddy Bear." And trust me...that means it was REALLY hot.

I was there as much as I could be and it exhausted me. I cannot imagine how the women that were there the entire time feel, but know that I for one truly appreciate what they do for all of the girl included and once again feel honored to be a part of this "Hot Mess."
I left today around 2:45 to go pay some bills and get ready for work. I swung back by the school on my way to work to drop off some things for Massey and she looked wiped out. The minute I asked her if she was okay the tears welled up in her eyes, rolling down her sun burnt cheeks and it tore me up to have to leave her and go to work. I hugged her sweaty body close to mine and told her I loved her and was proud of her for being strong.
When I got to work it beat the crap out of me...but it was a nice whooping.
I waited on five tables and walked with over $140.00. That's the kind of whooping I like (and need.)
When I went into the restroom to pee, it was like pulling up a wet swimsuit just to get my drawers back up. I know I'm fifty and suffer from hot flashes but when your underwear are soaked and it's not from wetting your know it's hot. The kitchen was at LEAST 91 degrees and I don't know how the cooks stood it in their longs pants and chef coats. It was almost like "Guard camp part two."
I didn't get off until almost midnight and was on the way to the grocery store when I noticed a message on my cell.
One of the guard mom's had sent me a text saying that Massey had gotten "Spinner of the day." She spins a flag and every day the most accomplished guard gets recognized...for flag work or whatever part they participate in.
Massey DEFINITELY needed this pat on the back and it meant a heck of a lot to me.
It's a weird world I have ended up in, this whole guard thing... but to see a group of kids make it through this past week renews my faith in the youth of today and makes me awfully glad she is my youngest.
Three more years to go and someone can put me in a home..I hope it's a nice one and they will have bird feeders outside of my window...and WI FI so I can still blog from my cranked up bed.
Do you think my kids will come visit me?
If they don't, they'll be cut out of my will and I'll just leave my LP collection and past due bills to Mr. "Slow"Lee next door. That'd be a zinger !!
Next week is band camp...guard AND the band. 8:30 AM til 11:00 PM...really looking forward to THAT.
You know what is even crazier? I kinda AM looking forward to it.
Call me crazy, you won't be the first person to.
Til next time... COTTON

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