Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Better Day...and There's Always Tomorrow

Woke up today to many encouraging and helpful suggestions. (God bless networking.) I am a firm believer in Karma and a believer that "All's well that ends well."

Went to spend the day with Massey out on the asphalt from 9:00 til 3:00 and just felt better being with my girl and the friends I have made in this whole new "Guard World."

It was hotter than heck but we were blessed with a few breezes and wandering cloud cover.

This video is when just Massey's section performed. I never knew "Beast" was a good thing...but obviously it is and they appeared to be "Beast" in this video.

When you are fifty, it is great to be around teens. Their exuberance and exhaustion is on a collision course in 99 degree heat index and somehow the exuberance always wins out with these kids. They are resilient beyond belief. I sweated like a pig for six hours and was just sitting watching them, refilling water bottles and making sure they didn't fall out.

My worries from yesterday were replaced by worries today for these kids in incredible heat and another 12 hour day.

It is no wonder they are such champions and so feared by other guards...

When I have a bad day...I just spend a good day with Massey's guard and it all makes sense.

Work hard...be committed...have drive and desire to be the best. Give life your best effort and keep going when you feel like giving up. The end result is amazing ...as another guard mom said to me today "Sometimes it gives you chill bumps just to watch these kids."

From the mouths of babes...I can be "BEAST" if I gotta be.

Til next time...a persevering COTTON

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