Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Chugging Along

Still chugging along. Hit a snag with my pup, Ham and it devastated me. He tested positive for heart worms and now his eye surgery is on hold. He can live without being able to see but can't live with heart worms or be put under anesthesia for surgery so we are prioritizing. When he tested positive at the low cost mobile vet our county has once a week the quick kill was $500...that was about $450 more than I had.  He has friends who have been sending money for his eye surgery and after contacting them  agreed I could use the money they had both sent to be added the small amount I have been able to save and go ahead with the quick kill. It will take one month as opposed to the slow kill two year plan. I spoke with the specialist last night and we agreed to reschedule once he is cleared. Let's just hope all goes well this Thursday at the doc in a box. My youngest pup tested negative and has been given preventative. (Thanks to Massey) Dragging the doofus bulldog with us on Thursday and getting him tested as well. The vet is a nice guy and lets me post date checks so I will pay for Ham , post date a check for Charlie and have all three pups on preventative. It makes me sick that I let this happen but the past few years have taken their toll on us and we were barely able to keep our house. Heck , my kids shots are due, Massey needs therapy for her bum knee and Zach has been off his ADD meds since we hit the skids. I haven't had a physical in ten years but live by  the motto "Ignorance is bliss" so I'm good.

We're doing  better now it's just hard to get back on track after a huge financial tumble and as much as I love my pups, my kids have to come first. The pups are more well behaved and gripe less but the kids could possibly get  their act together one day and be well off  enough one day to buy me my dream cottage on the beach.

Work has started to pick up which means my pay check has started to pick up...From after Thanksgiving to New Years is our busiest time and I plan on working as much as I can.

Had a great Thanksgiving at my sister's. It's just me, my brother and sister left in our immediate family but love is large between us and makes it seem like we are still one big happy family.

Funny story...my cousin who we  recently re connected with after decades joined us for Thanksgiving so I brought along the old family photo albums. She was a little girl when my  Momma died but has fond memories of "Aunt Ann." There were many pics of her own mother in the albums and pics of her father (my Momma's brother) who died back in the eighties. Then the stories started.

There was a pic of my Diddy on vacation at  the beach with us the year after Momma died. He had on these short plaid swim trunks  I think he must have bought the year he married Momma. They were hideous.

It was a sad vacation,  the first one without Momma. My brother decided we should all go to  the water park..."The Big Kahuna."

Diddy had certainly never been  to  a water park and didn't really want to go but we all shoved him into a car and off we went. My  brother talked him into going down one of the flumes first. It's simple. You sit on a foam mat and make your way  to the bottom.  Diddy  was apprehensive but since he (as usual) paid for all of us to get in,  gave up and joined us up the wet plank steps to the top. He stood at  the top of the flume while Chris gave him instructions. Diddy put his mat down and sat on it. He pushed off gently anticipating a nice slow ride to the bottom. Not five seconds after Diddy left the top and rounded the first corner my brother dove chest first onto his mat and pushed himself along with his arms catching up with and smacking into Diddy around the first curve which sent them both tumbling off their mats and ended up in a heap  as they fell into the wading pool at  the end of the ride. Diddy was not amused...my brother was hysterical.

Back up the steps they went for round two. This time Diddy  refused to go first and may have called my brother a jack ass. He told Chris to go first so Chris did. Diddy stood at  the top of the flume for at  least thirty seconds after Chris disappeared around the first turn. He sat on his mat and gently pushed off. He rounded the first curve and saw my brother holding on to both sides of the flume with his arms waiting for my unsuspecting Diddy to smack hard into him and they both once again tumbled the entire way to the bottom.

Diddy got out of the wading pool and his swim trunks were ripped wide apart in the back from the fiberglass flume. He had to walk around the rest of the day with his foam mat wrapped around him like a blanket so people weren't staring at  the strap of his jock.

My sister and I went to Wal Mart that night and bought him a new pair of trunks that came to his knees  and didn't require a jock strap.

I hadn't thought of that story in almost thirty years but when I saw that picture of Diddy in those short trunks it reminded me and I laughed until I had tears telling the story.

We were never rich financially as kids but we were rich beyond belief with love. Two amazing parents and the happiest childhood any kid could hope for. We didn't have much but wanted for nothing.

I hope my own kids feel the same way.

I'm not the best wife or mom but  love my husband and family so much it hurts. I hope I live long enough to sit around the Thanksgiving table with grand kids and tell THEM  funny stories about their own mom and dads.

I was a lucky kid. I am a lucky adult. I am a lucky mom..

Life is what you make it. Having money doesn't make a life, love does.

Til next  time...COTTON

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