Thursday, November 29, 2012

What a Day

I was off today and lucky for me it landed on  the same day the low cost mobile vet unit comes to our county. Friends of my pup, Ham donated  money  to help have the quick kill method done for his Heart Worms so Zach and I took him back today. The slow kill takes two years, the quick kill one month.

 We  were going to take Charlie with us too to be be tested but after a long debate decided to take Ziggy instead. I had enough money to pay for the quick kill and made enough yesterday to pay for shots and testing for one of the other pups. Charlie doesn't play well with others...he tends to think he is a bad ass rather than the dumb ass he really is. He most probably has Heart Worms too although I pray he doesn't but Ziggy is younger and more vulnerable but more likely NOT to have heart worms and be able to just be put on preventative so we took him first. We  will take Charlie the next time the mobile unit comes and if he tests positive will do the slow kill.

Number one it is a literal "Trip" to take two big dogs anywhere in my tiny car and I have to have Zach with me just to be able to handle them. The mobile clinic parks in a vacant parking lot at the Animal Shelter and is busy from the time they pull into the lot until the time they leave. You sign in at a table outside of the unit and when it is your turn the vet comes out into the parking lot to examine your pet. Here's the thing with anything low cost...It's like going to Wal Mart. You get  all kinds of folks. Some are well off, some are not. Some are polite and some are asses. Some are educated and some are ignorant,  but at least we are all there because we love our pets.

The vet is is his early thirties, handsome dude who I found out today is from North Africa, Morocco. There is a lady who assists him with the sign in and paperwork, I think our county sends her to help him. She resembles the lady in the above photo if she had a hair cut shorter than mine and had on Levi's and a flannel shirt but is a really nice woman.

I had Zach walk Ham around in the field next door while I filled out paperwork for Ziggy  to get his shots and be tested for Heart Worms. Ziggy was so excited to see all the other dogs and was wearing me out as I tried to fill out the form on the clip board at  the plastic table set up. He wrapped his leash around my leg and scooted underneath the table to visit another pup pulling the table along with him. A fake blonde woman on the other side of the table said "Jesus Christ what's going on with this table?" Then noticing Ziggy  staring up at her from the other side of the table continued  " It's ridiculous they have us out here in a parking lot!"

Not one to mince words I said  it was awesome to just have a place you  could afford to bring your pets  to be cared for and  was pretty  sure the dude wasn't getting rich from doing this. That shut her up as she continued the conversation on her cell phone and continued filling out her paperwork.

I had to get Zach to come take Ziggy because Ziggy  has never met a stranger and was excited beyond belief to be at  this huge doggie party!

Once free of Ziggy I sat on the curb to finish the form and the rude blond came sauntering back across the parking lot and looked at me sitting on  the curb behind the plastic table. She said "Can y'all put the chip in my dog's neck today?"

I wasn't sure what she meant but then she added "Oh, you don't work here...but you look just like the lady who does."

Number one...the lady who works there looks at least ten years older and a lot tireder than me but is  Number extremely nice, albeit not attractive woman. Then the fake blonde dug her hole even deeper and said "I guess that was really an insult to's just you both are so thin."

You can't fix stupid so I said nothing.

Ziggy got his exam and shots. He tested negative for Heart Worms and the vet gave me a year of Heart Guard preventative, all for seventy bucks.

The last time we had enough money to take our dogs for shots, Rosie was still alive and it was two hundred bucks for each dog...without the Heart Guard.

Then a family... Grandma, son, daughter in law and grand kids walked up and looked at  the mobile clinic. The younger woman asked, looking at the sign "What's the difference between spay and neuter?" Granny said (I kid you not)  "Spay is for humans, neuter is for animals." I didn't correct them but just worried they had brought the daughter in law to be spayed.

This vet never stops. He goes from animal to animal with people constantly interrupting him and asking him questions. By this point I had taken my glasses off and when the old woman who obviously looks like me handed us our rabies tag for Ziggy and the vet said he tested negative for Heart Worms they handed us our Heart Guard (liquid form) and Zach and I piled them both back into my toy car. The vet said he would order the quick kill for Ham and could administer it next  Thursday. I thanked him and he moved on to the next dog but not before saying "You must have really good friends, you are a lucky person."

We got home and then Massey got home from school. I told her to get the preventative for Ziggy and his rabies tag out of the glove compartment. She came inside and said "The rabies tag is for a dog named Miley and the medicine is for a dog named Ginger."

Why do I ever take my glasses off? I called back and the vet said he would wait for me to come back.I am not faulting him at all..I should have looked at  what they handed me. We went back and he gave me the right tag...told me the preventative was correct. I think he was kinda pissed at my twin but now I know to be more aware. Yes I am going to a low cost vet but I still have faith in him.

Next week Ham gets his quick kill..and I will keep my glasses on the entire time. God bless this vet who is helping us and I will be sure to watch closely.

Til next  time...COTTON

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