Saturday, September 27, 2014

I'm Not a Double Fan

Took this selfie while waiting on the shuttle bus back to the parking deck tonight after work. I clocked in at 8:15 this morning and worked non stop until I clocked out at 10:23. Got home a little after eleven thirty, limping like Fetus from Gunsmoke. I wanted to take a break and could have, but simply can't bring myself to do it when peeps are still rolling those suitcases into the restaurant to eat before a flight. If I do take a break I eat at one of the places nearby in the food court so can keep a watch on the door. If business starts to pick up back at work, I cram whatever food I have left into my mouth and scurry back to work before I miss anymore tables.

I ate breakfast in the food court this morning with some co workers before we opened. I just got a sausage biscuit and a fresh banana. The banana was pretty tasty but my biscuit looked like it needed another ten minutes in the oven or either they cooked it in a Suzy Homemaker oven with a really old 60 watt light bulb.  I pulled the sausage out and ate it but have never liked dumplings so didn't touch the snow white doughy biscuit.  I thought about going back over and complaining but since it was free ninety nine felt pretty lame about griping.

A manager from the place walked by us and asked how everything was? One of my co workers who knows him pointed to my under cooked dumpling/biscuit...although hers wasn't much better and the guy was extremely nice about it. He told me to take it back but said that was okay, the sausage was good. He told me next time I ate there he'd make sure everything was great.

Heck, they're feeding me for free and hate to complain. People that complain a lot really get on my nerves. So what my biscuit was under cooked? I wasn't dying of cancer (that I know of) the meal was free,  had a great job which was helping feed my OWN family and the guy made an earnest attempt to make it right.

I was satisfied with that...albeit still kinda hungry when three PM rolled around. I was due for another break and could have taken one, eaten another $9.75 of free grub but at this point in our financial recovery still count every penny and hate to take thirty minutes off and miss the opportunity to make fifty bucks.

For thirty years I worked double shifts and liked them. At almost fifty five, I dread them. This was a special case. TJ had wanted to pick up a shift on Tuesday and no one wanted off so gave him my shift and picked up a double for another co worker on Saturday.

Won't happen again for a while. I get home and have to be up again at six thirty for another opening shift.

On the up side, just grateful to have my awesome new job which has helped propel us into the black for the first time in over six years.

Tumbling into bed and doing it again on Sunday. It'll be hard to rise and shine at six thirty but will feel great to be off by five and home by six.

Thank the Lord I got highlights in my hair last night because feel those gray hairs sprouting again.

Til next time...COTTON

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