Thursday, September 18, 2014

Getting There... (sometimes literally)

Well it's almost Fall and still don't have a car so just bought the little "Ronnie Ranger" I've put over 4,000 miles on after borrowing it from my next door husband since early June to drive to and from work. Guess I should've done it about three months ago but didn't really have the funds until these past couple of weeks. Making the final payment tomorrow and that little baby will be mine!

 This is a photo of the make and model.  It drives better than any car we have owned in four years. It's my 1990 Little Dynamo..."The little engine that could."

I meant to say my now "affectionately known as" mode of transportation  I simply like to call, "T.L.E.T.C" !!!

It has a nice ring to it.

We'll be a little tight for a couple of more weeks but should have enough to pay off the labor cost for my new used car I still don't have, pay off my next door husband for the "TLETC"... pay my part of the bills  buy some grub for the kitchen cabinets, pup food and even be able to buy Massey a little car by next pay day.

A Sous chef at work (one of my favorite work peeps) has a 1996 Nissan he's selling us for $800. He said it didn't look real pretty but ran great. He's having a couple of tweaks done and in two weeks will pay cash for  it.

Massey named her first little car we bought her which blew up in under two years, "Finnegan." She's already decided what to name this new /old one:


Take a guess what the Sous chef's name is?

That also has a "kinda cool' ring to it! I like it.

Just as my (our) luck would have it, was on the way to work one day last week and when got out of the little truck at the MARTA station noticed smoke coming out of the front of the hood. Or was it steam? Was it steam because it was kinda chilly that morning?

No... it was smoking because was running hot but I was running late. I said a prayer that it wouldn't catch on fire while I was at work for nine hours and half jogged to the station entrance while putting my belt on and tucking in my shirt. I looked back before going in the entrance and didn't see smoke signals so continued on my journey to "Egypt" better known as concourse F at the very end of the world's busiest airport terminal, over twenty five miles away from home.

Shut The Front Door.

I couldn't make this life up if I tried.

I came back around eleven to see TLETC (pronounced "Tu Let' Cee") still sitting there, with no yellow "Caution" tape surrounding the smoldering  spot where I had parked him.

I put my water bottle full of water in him and drove straight to the gas station less than half a mile away. Filled him up with water and took the back road home doing 45 mph all the way down highway 29 to Newnan.

Got home and he was thirsty again! Pulled  the hose out from the side of our house and complied.

The next day I had a major brain fart and listened to my husband, also known as my NOT so mechanically inclined spouse.

"It just needs coolant, I have some in the garage."

Sounded great to me. Easy fix and  we had some in the garage!

Took off for work the next morning and got to MARTA.

Parked and the hood was once again smoking.

Shut The Front Door.

Filled my little buddy with the gallon jug of  H2O I now carried and continued on to Egypt.

I went home that night  back roads again at 45 mph and he maintained well but knew either something was wrong or the truck knew he was being bought by us and decided to act like all our other cars.

Tim was off the next day and drove his car to work.

It was kinda nice. Of course you have to turn the blinker off every time you use it to turn and has an oil leak. But if you don't run the A/C and pull the seat belt out half an inch at a time and spend almost an entire minute doing so, you can buckle in and ride in semi style to your destination as long as you've checked the oil before you left and don't go more than fifty miles.

Dang, I was riding "PHAT!"

Since he was off while I was gone to work in his limping vehicle took  Tuletcee to where my next door husband's son works. (if you follow my blog this will be easy to understand) Since it was still technically their truck we got an employee discount. Twenty three bucks for an oil change, topped off all fluids, checked brakes and tires and got both hoses fixed that were making it overheat. Tim tipped the guy twenty bucks and just like that...we were on the road again!

I still keep the jug of water and two quarts of oil with me in the truck just in case.

Wonder if one time last week when I cranked my little buddy up; he moved his headlights from side to side and said "Wait a minute! This is the Cotton's driveway I'm sitting in now.Does this mean I belong the THEM? At least now I know I don't actually have to work at all...they LIKE getting cars fixed! This should be EASY!"

Smart little truck.

He runs fine now and once again feel relieved I didn't tear up another vehicle. Been there done that.

TJ showed up the next day to hitch a ride with me to work. Just as a precaution I stopped at the gas station before getting on the highway and filled up, checked the oil and water and determined he was "Highway Worthy."

We made excellent time, snagged a perfect spot in the  MARTA lot from a TSA dude leaving and had thirty minutes to spare. We were standing on the platform waiting for our train when TJ said "I left my airport badge at the house."

Well guess you're not working unless you go back and get it, I said handing him the truck keys.(shaking my head, while I  rolled my eyes  taking a deep breath and blowing it out maybe a little TOO loudly)

TJ needs a wife.

Lucky for him, was bumming a ride in with me and going in two hours before his shift started.

As he turned around to head back up the stairs, out to the parking lot, back on the highway to my house in Newnan and then back for his shift just said "Get me a good spot when you get back."

We had a lot of big flights going out and had a great shift. I got cut before the huge last push of flights at ten and eleven but TJ hit the jack pot. When I left at ten the restaurant was closed but full. Like the good momma I am, helped him out for a few minutes to get the "Deer in headlights" look off his face. I bet he had seven or eight tables going all at once.

Trial by fire...the best way to learn!

The old women really love him, then again so do the young ones. The managers seem to really be impressed with him as well as the co workers (who count).

I got home before eleven and bet he didn't even get off til midnight but hope he banked big.

I was just happy to be home and have the next two days off. I puttered around the house doing things I haven't had time to do in four months. It was even better than staying late and making another hundred least it FELT that way to me.

Sewed up sofa cushions which were ripped, cleaned my laundry room for maybe the second time in ten years and wondered if I could make a quilt out of all the lint, dog hair and used dryer sheets I cleaned off the floor?

I organized  everything in the garage and kitchen, put everything in its place,  cleaned two bathrooms and scrubbed the kitchen sinks. I vacuumed and I dusted...really dusted, meaning I picked stuff up and cleaned under it.

What a wonderful feeling to feel like a housewife with just one job AND two days off in a row!

I woke up this morning around seven, always do...panicking for a second wondering if I overslept for an 8:30 shift then stumbled to the newly organized and much cleaner kitchen for a big glass of Nestle' Quik went right back to bed after putting Ziggy out for a romp and hopefully outdoor poop and I semi snoozed til noon.

It was Heaven.

It has been over twenty years since I had two days off a week and both back to back!

I went next door and gave my next door husband all but a hundred bucks for the truck, saving a hundred for the always hungry Verizon giants.

Ran a few errands and came back home. Zach went to the store for me and picked up some chicken and a gallon of milk. I grilled chicken and made creamed potatoes (Zach peeled...I detest peeling)

I'm telling you right now, it feels pretty stinking good to be able to answer your front door and welcome people in without the offer of a face mask or them backing away saying they've changed their mind and will just text you later.

And I still have tomorrow off too!

Never thought I would say this but think I am grateful for all we've been through.

I've learned not only humility but some of the most important lessons of all.

"Do good unto others and they will do good unto you"

"What goes around comes around"

"Always Pay it Forward"

"Never give up."

If this is all a dream, I absolutely refuse to wake me.

Today was my indoor day and now that my house is almost pleasant to be in will tackle the outside tomorrow.

Three words sum it all up:

"God Is Good"

Til next time...COTTON

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