Monday, September 22, 2014

Dang I'm Tarred

I like working the day-shift because am home by dark and still make over two hundred dollars. I work day-shift on Saturday and Sunday, don't battle traffic from work day commuters going into downtown ATL and the MARTA lot is always empty.

I don't like it all that much when the alarm goes off at six thirty but am getting used to it. I've always been a night owl, always will but have learned that when you get up at six thirty with adrenaline pumping and no spare minutes left, drive twenty five miles to work and battle another twenty five minutes just getting to the computer to even clock in, you get tired a lot earlier.

I got so much done around the house the last couple of days, I kinda want unexpected company to ring the door bell so I can actually let them "In" and not see a mortified look on their face.

I tumbled into bed before midnight feeling pretty good about all I had accomplished. I woke up before two and had left the TV on.  Everybody Loves Raymond  was on. I gave it some notice. Fell asleep again by three and woke up to The Brady Bunch. That Cindy was spoiled rotten and not all that cute. Take away the pig tails and lisp, she was just a brat.

I'm slap dab in my mid fifties and saw all the Brady Brunch shows the first time around in the seventies but stayed awake for another hour hoping the "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia" episode would come on next. It didn't.

How sad am I?

My alarm was  set to go off  in just one hour as Cindy had yet another crisis. Must have been about mis matched hair bows, I had my back to her and was really feeling that pillow against my face.

The alarm went off at six thirty and rolled over. Just ten more minutes.  Maybe Alice, the house maid will wake me up.

Long day at work, felt whooped by five but was once again amazed at how much this job is helping us out.

Now that I'm down to just the one job, it's like life got 200% easier and much more enjoyable.

My house had started to get really bad. It was all I could do to make it to both jobs six and for a while seven days a week. Housework was at the very bottom of my list, right below shaving my legs.

The first couple of weeks of having just the one job I still felt tired as the past four months all caught up with me. Slept most of both my days off.

This past week  I woke up on my first of two consecutive days off and felt twenty years younger. I felt like putting on some leggings, boots and finding that cool jean jacket I know is still somewhere out in the garage!

Instead I put on some short cotton boxers and a tank top and got all crazy with the vacuum, broom, mop and lots of of Murphy's Oil Soap and Mr. Clean.

It's not a palace but at least looks respectable and smells pretty stinking good. (small dog pun intended)

The pups followed me from room to room and from one side of the room to the other. They all looked like they were amazed I still knew how to run the vacuum.

I did the real deal clean. I actually moved things to clean under instead of simply cleaning around them leaving them in their exact same spot so it's harder to notice you did a slack job.

It took me two full days and a few adult beverages but boy does it look better!

I started with Zach's room. Yes he's twenty two and still lives at home but has done a lot to help me out around the house and since he was at work thought I'd surprise him. Trust me, this is a HUGE improvement.

Massey's room was easy, not much left there. It's now almost empty, just a shell she emerged and flew away from after eighteen years. "Go Gettum Kid!"

The above may be my greatest accomplishment...our laundry room. I never even THINK to clean it. (heck, it's where we take stuff "TO" be cleaned)

 I bet I picked up twenty used dryer sheets from various baskets, the floor, between the machines and behind them. I swept up all the lint and moved the dirty clothes tub into Massey's old room right by the laundry room. I informed Zach and Tim I didn't want any more dirty clothes in the laundry room, just clean ones. Unfortunately I live with all males and none of them are gay (except Charlie and Ziggy).

Men tend to throw wash in and forget about it if they don't immediately need it. They put clothes in the dryer and do the same. Then when they "Do" need it, leave everything else and pull out what they need and dry or put it on. The rest is left either in the washer or hanging out of the dryer or better yet thrown into a basket on the floor, which they continue to throw peeled off dirty clothes on top of and eventually EVERYTHING needs to be washed again.

Not anymore!

The living room took a little longer.

We wear out a living room.

 I cleaned every piece of furniture, upholstery and all. I scrubbed the carpets with Windex and Oil Soaped every table, chair, window sill and fireplace.

The kitchen was easy, my sister and one of my best friends recently gave it a complete make over and the boys know I'm picky about them mucking it up. Granted cleaning up after cooking to them usually just means putting dishes in the dishwasher or if "God forbid" the dishwasher is clean, full and the three minutes it would take to unload is just too much, pile them in the sink.

This is a shot of the far side of the kitchen, without the sink. I'll go the extra mile but doing their dishes isn't one of them.

I'm in my mid fifties and have been shaped and reformed more times than you could or I would want to count.

I think just maybe, I've finally hit my stride.

Six years ago I thought maybe life would be better if I wasn't even here at all and sure didn't feel like climbing any staircase.

Today I'm at the top of the stairs and the view out that door is absolutely incredible and so inviting.

I'm not who I used to be...I'm a lot older but a smarter kind of older.

I had to step up and out, and did.

I was nervous and scared but had so many people I can't even count helping and encouraging me, it was almost easy. Sometimes you have to step out on a limb, grab something or someone for support and take a leap of faith.

After all we've been and fumbled through finally know for sure we are some pretty lucky people and feel bad for ever doubting the fact.

I switched shifts and have ANOTHER day off tomorrow, picked up a PM shift on Saturday instead. 

Guess I can watch the Brady Bunch all night.

We are a "not rich but making it" family which to me makes us winners, thanks to God and many others.

Trust me, I'll Pay It Forward and with great pleasure.

The sigh of relief I feel is an emotion as huge as a tidal wave. It washed over me and I came up kicking.

Til next time...COTTON

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