Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Guess It's Done

It took me over three hours to write this short one page letter. That should tell you something about how much these two people mean to me and always will.

"It is with great apprehension and regret that I write this letter. Over the past four and a half years, Mama’s has been my home away from home and have become a part of my own family.  You took me in when at one of the lowest points in my life and made me feel immediately welcomed and loved. Yes, you’re both insane but who wouldn’t be given the countless hours and seven days a week you work. (and with each OTHER none the less)
I’ve learned more as a server working for you than at any other restaurant and that knowledge has afforded me the opportunity to obtain a job that while does not feel comfortable or like home has let me not only catch up our mortgage and other past due bills but also allows me to help with Massey’s college education and begin to pay back people who have helped me while I bummed rides to and from both jobs.
I was scared but committed to trying anything to keep our house and family afloat. I am out of my element and comfort zone but have managed to somehow make it more than fake it with persistent and continuing effort, thanks mostly to you both. Len, for all the food knowledge and Barb, for everything single thing I knew about wine.
You are both part of what even got me this job and hope you can both be happy for me.
Since the end of May, have had maybe five total days off and although is considered part time for either of you has been draining and stressful for me, not only physically but mentally and emotionally.
I still have volumes to learn about serving in fine dining and also once again subject to big corporation shops and expectations. I’m already working fifty hours a week with a two and a half hour commute time each shift.
I’m tired.
With gratitude for all you’ve done and sincerest appreciation for all you’ve taught me, must tender my resignation with Mama Lucia’s family.
This being my two week notice will make September fifth my last day.
If things continue to work out as planned for us, hopefully in the future you will consider me for employment again.
With deep admiration and eternal thanks,


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