Monday, August 4, 2014

Sophomore Year, Here She Comes!

Had a pretty good day. A guy let me take a parking space at MARTA even though he was waiting for one too, made it to the platform as the train pulled to a stop and the doors opened, got on the Sardine Shuttle before all the suit cases showed up and breezed into work ten minutes early. Got all my opening duties done and was still slow so took my break and scarfed down some free food in the food court.

Wasn't overly busy, but still made $150 and was done before nine thirty. Made the ten o'clock MARTA train and was home in time to help Massey load my next door husband's still borrowed truck for her move back to college tomorrow morning.

Got home and she had everything moved out to the garage for loading. Yikes! It's just a little Ford Ranger.

We got everything loaded except one little rolling cart which will hopefully fit into my friend's car who is graciously going along to help move and decorate the Loft for the girls.

She also decorated my newly painted kitchen for me and did a fabulous job. This is her gift to Massey and is quite simply "An awesome thing of her to do." Not to mention she's helping us lug everything up to the thirteenth floor  where Massey will reside.

And I thought last year's fifth floor move in was brutal!

This is the view from Massey's new bedroom we will be moving her into. Sure beats the cinder block room I lived in at Georgia Southern!

They will have a full kitchen with a refrigerator, stove and dishwasher. I liked seeing the fire extinguisher!

 Thank goodness they are electric burners!

I'm thrilled Massey has this opportunity and even more so we are in a much better place to be able to help her this year.

Last year we were broke as jokes and wondered how we'd even get her through her first year. Lucky for Massey she has an excellent room mate from a wonderful family and they provided every amenity the girls could possibly want or need in their Freshman dorm room... rerigerator, microwave, flat screen TV and WiFi router for their laptops.

Tim and I brought a tunnel fan.

Here's the thing. Massey's room mate's parents went on and on about how neat it was for the girls to have a tunnel fan! How nice was that?

You would have thought we brought them a maid and butler to wait on the girls hand and foot. Their family isn't filthy rich but doing well and have never once made us feel awkward or beneath them. Massey knows how to pick a room mate!

Well this year it's gonna be different.

We have struggled and climbed. We've been knocked  down again and again but finally found the door God opened.

Tim has a good steady job with a great company and plenty of room to move up. I found the Golden ticket and have the best job I've ever had in my over three decades of serving.

I finally feel human again.

I've tripled my salary and we have not only caught our mortgage up but have all bills paid. I've drained my bank account getting Massey ready for school this past week and getting my own new/used car fixed but pay day from the airport is this Thursday and will be able to tackle the next round.

 Headed for the couch to watch some Parks and Recreation on Zach's Netflix account and wake up to another glorious day.

It hasn't been easy at times but have always tried to remain positive and think have done pretty well in the integrity department.

I've decided after these last five long years there are three things you need to remember to be a success:

The Golden Rule. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Karma. "What goes around comes around."

Pay it forward. No explanation needed, "You get what you give and extend that giving to others."

Going to bed a happy, blessed woman.

Til next time...COTTON

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