Friday, August 15, 2014

So Close I Can Smell It

So I bit the bullet today and took the mechanic $875 for the new used engine for my still don't have new/used car. All that's left is $600 for labor and will pay that on Thursday when I get paid from the airport.

I'm keeping the faith that this car will run like a dream after all the money we have shelled out.

Yesterday was my big day off and got everything done on my list but two things and did one of them today before going to work here in Newnan. When I make lists, I do the things I detest the most first and work toward the ones I like.

All that's left is cutting grass and will do that tomorrow when I get off work at the airport.

Little Massey came home for a visit this weekend. She posted this pic of herself this week from school and must say my jaw dropped open when I saw it. She looked beautiful but made me sad to see how truly grown up she is.

I still think of her looking like this:

Just starting her sophomore year in college should make me realize she's a young woman now but's still hard for a momma to accept.

She and her room mate have a really cool loft this year and has been fun getting it all decorated. It was an old parking garage they transformed into lofts. The only downside (besides having to move everything up to the thirteenth floor) was  no overhead lighting except in the kitchen.

I went to Goodwill yesterday and picked up a tall torch style lamp for eight bucks and a Shark vacuum for twelve. I have a bedside lamp one of my dear friends gave me that I love but never use and will send that back with her too. I found them a small brand new crock pot for fourteen dollars so they can throw a couple of pieces of chicken or small roast in it before class and have dinner ready when they get home from their jobs at night.

I worked at Mama Lucia's tonight after running errands all day. I got home in time to take a short nap before work and as usual dreaded getting up forty five minutes later. Naps just don't help me. If I go down I wanna stay down.

It crossed my mind that I really didn't need this job anymore and felt like calling and saying I wasn't coming in. That way I could be here when Massey got home from college and spend the evening with her. Karma poked me in the side and told me to get up and go to work.

No, I don't need this job anymore but they now need me. They are short staffed and have been nothing but wonderful to me for five years, not to mention a rough five years for our family and helped us out time and time again. They took me in at my lowest point and helped us survive. How could I turn my back on them and live with myself? I couldn't, so got in a steaming hot shower and headed in.  It's the first week of school here in ole Coweta and high school football is a big deal, especially the first game.

It was Snoozeville and kind of grateful for it. I'm working fifty hours a week at the airport and one day here in Newnan. This skinny girl be gettin' tired.

I was glad I went in because soon one of my favorite peeps was sitting up front in the lobby waiting for my table. I met her through her husband who owns a tire shop and has fixed the tires on my Johnny Dear time and time again. She came in with her twin grand sons, probably around four years old and her daughter. Since it was slow I got to chat with them and she asked me what Massey needed for her loft? Tomorrow after working a day shift at the airport am going by her house to pick up all kind of things she offered to give Massey.

Friends are wonderful to have! Her husband takes care of my Johnny Dear and she is helping take care of my Dear Massey.

I know Barb and Len realize I don't need the job at their restaurant anymore but after all they have done for me and my family simply can't seem to put in my notice, especially now with them being short staffed.

Every week I tell my family "I'm going to put in my notice tonight" then come home without having done it.

Yes it would be nice to have two days off a week but haven't in almost twenty years so what's a few more months?

This car engine put a huge dent in my previously recent flush bank account but pay day rolls around on Thursday and will back on top within a week or so. I wanted to make another mortgage payment this next week, getting us even further ahead to make a "HA! take THAT you non helping sorry sack of poop mortgage giant who wouldn't help us when we were down on our luck after fourteen years of never being late once!"

Guess that will have to wait til next pay day.

So for now I'll hang in there with two jobs. One I need and one that now needs me. That's not such a bad thing and's what the Golden Rule is all about.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

They helped me and now I'm helping them.   "KARMA"

I've finally learned when exhausted just go to bed, and worry about what didn't get done later.

I'm feeling better every day and financial relief is like a breath of fresh air.

Sometimes I feel like the above photo but have learned to shut down when I have to and leave some things undone until the next day.

It's not like someone else is chomping at the bit to scrub my toilets or vacuum up dog hair. It will still be there waiting for me.

We're doing really good now, not there yet but forging ahead.

I'm far from perfect but am a fighter, always have been.

What's really gotten us through is people seeing how hard we work and how determined we are.

The love we've been blessed with is a true testament to what living your life right can be.

I've always tried to do the right thing and remain positive, even when I didn't feel positive and sometimes had to fake it.

It may sound hokey but has worked for me.

I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop but now realize it dropped years ago but still survived.

I am a lucky woman!

Til next time...COTTON

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