Thursday, August 21, 2014

Half a Day Off is Better Than NO Day Off

I've always said days off were over rated and stuck to my guns today. They needed another opener this morning and agreed to come in if I could leave by one thirty. I still had grass to cut , dog food to buy and was picking Massey up for her birthday dinner at Ecco in midtown. My general manager had called to let them know I had a reservation and was an employee at the airport location.

Jesus answered my prayers and the bottom fell out just as I pushed Johnny Dear out of his parking spot in our garage. Of course since I had things to do (Murphy's Law) it was wide open at work but managed to get out a little after two.

By the time I bought dog food and gas for Johnny it was almost four. I was going to try and get the other side of the subdivision cut in twenty minutes and just weed eat tomorrow but had to give Zach a lift to work by five and be ready for dinner with Massey when I left to take him.

The skies opened up , pushed Johnny back into his space and decided to paint my hooves instead since I was wearing sandals to dinner with a dress.

The good thing about going to see Massey around five is everyone else is driving OUT of Atlanta as I drive in.

Legs shaved, hooves painted, makeup on and  "Muh Hurr Did" along with my cute thrift store dress with spaghetti straps felt pretty good about this treat for Massey's birthday and even huger treat for me.

Obviously I don't get out much.

Pulled into the parking lot across from Massey's loft at about ten til six. Our reservation was for six forty five and the place was just ten minutes away but in rush hour traffic you never know.

I normally have Massey meet me at the curb and do a slow drive by as she jumps in but since it was her birthday celebration bit the bullet and paid to park and went up to her loft on the thirteenth floor.

I had to pee anyway.

I was amazed at all the girl's had done to the place after I sent Massey back last week, packing tons of stuff a dear friend had given her and things I'd picked up at Goodwill.

The little living room looked great with all the artwork and wall sconces.

The curtains my friend, Robin had given her fit the window perfectly and look great in the room but as I walked over to the window was once again amazed at the view this kid has every day out of her little living room's huge picture window.

They fixed the bathroom up really cute with the gorgeous mirrors they were given and even found an excellent spot for Marilyn on their formerly bare hall wall.

This used to be a parking garage before they made it lofts so there's no overhead lighting except in the kitchen and bath.

Now they have plenty of lamps and the place has really come together quite nicely.

 I love what Massey did to the concrete beam in the corner of her room with her "Chalk Art".

We headed out for the restaurant after this momma took pictures, secretly hoping she would ask me to be the third roomie. Heck I like sleeping on a sofa, especially with THAT view!

She took this picture through her bedroom window the night after I helped move her in as a storm rumbled into downtown Atlanta. It's now the screen saver on my new fangled "Puwter" at the house.

We got to Ecco about ten minutes early and was thrilled at complimentary valet parking! I like free stuff.

So the Clampetts rumbled into the driveway in our 1990 over borrowed Ford Ranger pick up behind the Land Rovers, Mercedes and Beemers and waited our turn.

You know, I'm so grateful my next door husband has loaned us his little spare truck (which I now affectionately  call Ronnie Ranger) and certainly drives better than any car we've owned in quite a while that it feels like a freakin' Ferrari to me.

He originally bought it for his son when he was still in high school,probably five or six years ago. His son had put a silver Cobra head gearshift knob on the gear shift and as we got out of the truck I  told the Valet after he had parked the Mercedes ahead of us "Look, I'm just sayin...that Cobra Head better still be on that gear shift when we get this truck back."

Massey rolled her eyes and off we went, up the steps to go into the restaurant.

Quick selfies on the patio was next on my list of embarrassing things Mommas do.

Got a great pic of Massey before the Clampetts stormed the building...

We got to the front door but when I opened it for her quickly said "Momma, this is a pretty fancy place!"

I told her the place where I worked looked just the same, to just let's go in, have dinner and has she not been listening since May when  stated "I'm way out of my league with this new job"?

So us Clampetts slid on in and blended in nicely. The place was beautiful and filled with beautiful, well to do people.

Our server was very nice and extremely helpful in explaining all the European cuisine to her. Heck, I was listening too to get some pointers to help me at work!

We had a fabulous meal, starting out with the signature "Fried Goat Cheese Balls" drizzled with clover honey and fresh cracked black pepper.

We both had fresh pasta dishes, hers with shrimp and mine with lamb.

All herbs and vegetables used in the restaurant come from their roof top garden smack dab in the middle of downtown Atlanta.

The GM came over and introduced himself, chatted with us for a while and asked how I liked working at the airport location? Very nice, professional and was as even Massey commented "extremely handsome".

After dinner the server brought Massey a house made gelato of  vanilla, chocolate and sea salt complete with a birthday candle.

They gave us the free dessert and knocked twenty five dollars off our dinner tab. Felt even better to be all fancy for over thirty percent off!

We went back to get Ronnie Ranger and handed the valet our ticket. As the dude drove up in our over borrowed vehicle, put on the parking brake and got out, I said "All I'm saying is that Cobra head better still be on that gear shift knob."

He held the door open for me and (almost) sincerely said "It sure is Ma'am, that's why we parked it in the VIP lot".

I Loved That!

Had a great time with Massey, got to show her what type of place I was working in now and not only had a delicious meal but a fabulous night with "My Bestie."

I felt like it was MY birthday!

Til next time   COTTON

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