Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Tale of Two Cities

Our tiny temp home seems better and better the closer we get to the end of our lease which is up at the end of September. It's been an okay place to stay for twelve months, unless you ask our three huge dogs who have been in dog prison in a tiny back yard after roaming free in the huge back yard spa we previously had with a four bedroom, tri level house to lounge around in.

I think they're still mad about it. Now they are imprisoned in a pen and forced to watch ducks and cranes in the retention pond thirty feet away over the fence.

Our life has suddenly turned into my very own "Tale of Two Cities."  One I still one dearly and one I'm trying to love.

This past Mother's Day weekend I treated myself to the present of spending three days and nights in the one I love dearly. Massey and I drove up Friday and arrived around six.

It was hands down, one Mother of a Day!

It started with spending the first night with my sister at her house in Senoia. It's the most beautiful place ever.

She cooked a Low Country Boil with fresh shrimp we brought from Florida. It was a wonderful night filled with much love and laughter.

My sister lives in a well over century old farmhouse, complete with a smoke house, block house, barn with a hay loft, Koi pond, huge vegetable garden and flowers every where you look.

Bonus points, my Lost Boy came by after work to join us.

I never knew you could miss someone so much who used to get on your nerves so bad...but I surely do.

Massey and I went the next day to her best friend's graduation party, and spent a few hours there.

I know this move has been hard on me but has been extremely hard for Massey. She has no friends here. She's finishing her last semester of college online so doesn't have the advantage of socializing with other students or any way of making friends.

Here's how lucky I am.

She hasn't complained even once but instead, has helped me when I complained. I would have never made it down here without her and will be eternally grateful for her love and constant support.

After the graduation party, we packed up and headed to my old favorite (airport) manager's house to spend the night with him and his partner to meet the two pups (Boxer/Hound mix) they recently rescued.

I'm thinking the first wine cork popped about five minutes after we got there. The popping rarely stopped the entire visit.

It was an awesome visit with an over abundance of hospitality.

Massey and I loaded up late Sunday afternoon and headed back to my sister's house. We spent another night there, chatting late into the night with my sister and her husband.

Massey got up early, had breakfast with her graduated bestie and hung out together for a few hours.

At noon, we all met up at Mother's Kitchen for one last meal together before heading back to the city I'm trying to love.

It's my absolute favorite restaurant. It's down an alley, with no sign or marked entrance. You walk through the two screen doors and are immediately greeted by everyone.

She even made the cover of the county magazine.

The menu changes every day but is always fresh, homemade and served up by Mama herself. She is in the kitchen at the stove and hollers out from the back, "Who's next" then you verbally place your order back to her.

Then you go sit down and quickly your plate is delivered, piping hot from her stove top.

My sister was there, with her son. Massey met us there with her graduated bestie. My Lost Boy was there (Mother absolutely loves Zachary) and my former manager even drove down from Kennesaw to have lunch with us.

There is nothing better than sitting down to a meal prepared with love.

Massey's art teacher from high school did this portrait of Mother which is in the tiny dining room.

We got our Eat On.

Since my former manager had driven all the way from Kennesaw to eat with us, decided to take him to the stomping grounds of The Walking Dead set... aka Senoia. He's a huge fan, just like me and thought he may like seeing the actual set of "Alexandria" from a pretty short distance.

It was so much fun. It was hot as a firecracker that day but well worth the sweating. If you're a TWD fan, is an awesome experience.

After the TWD creeping we all split ways. He headed back to Kennesaw and we headed back to my sister's to pack up and leave for Orlando.

My Lost Boy went with us to creep on the Zombies and dropped him off on our way back to O Town after packing up.

That was a hard  to take goodbye.

But I'm happy he has survived on his own, never thought he would... but did.

I miss him, I miss my sister and I miss my home.

It was an awesome weekend with so many people who I love, and always will.

I guess, suppose and hope they all feel the same way about me.

We're In Florida to stay. It's a fact.

I love the weather and sun; it's where I've always wanted to live. I just never knew how much I would miss home.

Truly a Tale of Two Cities.


Til next time..COTTON

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