Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Server Writes

Things are looking up for me. I went on a spending spree for the house last week and kinda overdid it. The king size dual mattress adjustable bed Tim bought for us really needed Twin XL fitted sheets instead of one king size and have been meaning to get them for a while. They weren't cheap but at least now the sheets don't slip off when we each adjust our mattress to our different preferences. Bought some things for around the house and yard and before you know it, had spent my car note money due on the last day of the month. bad.

I got the mail last week and had a letter from the teacher's retirement in Georgia. Seems during my seven year stint as (first) a lunch lady then asst. coordinator for the after school program where the kids attended elementary school had paid into the retirement plan with every paycheck. They had an opt out to cash it in and immediately filled out the form on line.

Bingo, had my car note on the way!

Then Zach called me on my way home from work the other night. When we moved from Newnan we had left Massey's old Aurora (affectionately called the Beluga) for a buddy of his to pick up. The guy is a mechanic and could fix it up. I settled for $300 just to have it gone. He'll probably get $1000 for it but will have to pay for parts and do the labor.

Well, I've been waiting since last October but the guy finally has it up for sale and said he would go ahead and give me my three hundred when he got paid this weekend.

And just like that...I was back on track!

The good news just kept on coming! Tim talked to the mortgage company about our house in Newnan this past week. All said and done, July 1st will be our last payment, freeing us of a $1461 monthly payment.

My nephew lives there now with his wife, renting the house. He cut back all the huge bushes in front of the living room window and has done a lot of work inside as well. It's a win/win...for them and us.

I think back to seven years ago when we were six months behind on the mortgage and often borrowed money from my bosses at Mama Lucia's just to keep the utilities on or feed the dogs.

These two people were so wonderful to me. They never charged me a dime in interest and never minded waiting an extra day (or week) to be paid back.

You get by with a little help from your friends.

Then "Ecco" happened to me.

I've never studied so hard to learn a job and it certainly paid off. Not only did I make more money than ever imagined I could as a server; I met (and worked with) some really awesome people.

All good things must come to an end, and it did.

I left the most perfect job ever... didn't want to but had to. I also left every person and every thing I'd known for well over half a century.

 I didn't want to, but needed to. Tim had spent over two years away from our family making a living for us. It was time to join my husband again, who had done incredibly well and now had even more opportunity to move Orlando.

Sometimes you have to do things which hurt the most but are for the best.

I left my sister, my youngest son and moved to Orlando.

It's been the biggest hurt of all.

"This too shall pass." (small condolence)

I thought I'd transfer to the Orlando airport, be back to work in two days with all my (Massey and Zach's) insurance, benefits and seniority still in tact. Yeah, I'd take a huge pay cut but benefits are awesome to have, especially at my age.

Didn't even come close to happening.

I don't think, absolutely positive I've never been more depressed than I was when I wasn't allowed to transfer and then found out was not only terminated but all benefits had been cancelled as well.

I tried...I really tried, to find out what happened, to no avail. No one wanted to talk to me; no one could tell me what went wrong.

Are you serious? I can't be hired as a server at Outback Steakhouse in the airport when there is an opening for one?

I stayed in bed for a good two weeks. My instructions were "Shut the door when you leave" to anyone who entered. I never opened the curtains and I never got dressed.

Not once.

Depression is the real deal and tends to be devastating at the very least.

I climbed my back towards the light, slowly with baby steps... but did it.

Here's the thing. I'm not the best person on this planet but certainly not the worst. I didn't deserve the way I was treated and didn't take it lightly.

After almost six months of constantly asking why, still don't have an answer.

Not one to ever let being wronged go, have finally decided to let the legal system take on my battle. Contacting the Dept of Labor, the EEOC and the Florida Bar. Since moving here have met two other people who have had similar problems with the guy who interviewed me.

I may just be a waitress, but where are my rights?


Til next time...COTTON

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