Sunday, April 29, 2012

I Love Atlanta

 I worked a day shift...and ONLY a day shift. It was Marvelous. I got off around three and Massey and I put the top down on the car and headed to Atlanta for the Inman Park Festival right around the corner from Little Five Points in midtown Atlanta. Parking was at a premium and we got there after four...I can only imagine how it had been all day. Took us about twenty minutes of circling to find a free spot. Walking the couple of blocks to the park we passed this Woodstock car..."YEP! Welcome to Midtown!"
 Then we ran into the "Morph" above ...definitely a male. (just stating the obvious)
 We were looking for my cousin's jewelry booth. She is a jewelry designer in Atlanta that we lost touch with after my mother died in 1977. Her name is Jill Massey...Go figure! Actually my daughter's first name is my mother's maiden name and my mother's brother was Jill's father.
 We found her cute little self just selling away!! She is an absolute doll. When she first saw Massey (who has dyed her hair) it was kind of sorta a "Hey there do I know you?" then the hamster woke up in his wheel and she squealed with delight.  She is as cute as she is talented and we have enjoyed reconnecting with her.
 Massey took a few pictures of some of her work and quickly decided which piece she wants her Uncle Chris to buy her for her birthday!
 If you live near me you can find some of her jewelry at Two Turtle Doves on  the square in Newnan or just check out her website at design

 Massey has her eye on  the anchor earrings...I want a necklace.

Massey said I looked like a goofball in this picture with my cousin...for Pete's sake...why fake it for a picture? I LIKE being a goofball.

 We wandered around the festival and took in the sights and saw some pretty crazy things. It was a beautiful day and I have always loved going to Atlanta. The city I was born and raised in is six miles outside  the Atlanta city limits. I spent a lot of time in Atlanta as a teen and have enjoyed introducing my own kids to the city I love.
 We wandered back across the park to get back to the car.

I stopped in a patch of clover looking for a four leaf  and almost immediately plucked up a five leaf clover.  Massey said she wasn't sure if that was good luck, excellent luck or just downright freaky and maybe I should get rid of it.

 I kept it. Click on the photo and you can actually see all five leaves.
 We hung around the park a bit and took some pictures  then headed back to the spot I had squeezed my tiny car into in front of some one's house.
 Wound our way back through Little Five...always interesting. The sun was starting to set over downtown and we decided to head to the Varsity for a lube job consisting of Chili Steaks, the best onion rings in the world, some fries and two "Co-Colas" (as we say here in the south)

 Atlanta's skyline is gorgeous. We maneuvered between the tall buildings and I told her how tremendously much  the city has grown since I was born in 1960.
 We probably didn't even drive the length of this building before we pulled into the parking lot of the Varsity.
 The great thing about the Varsity is you don't even have to get out of your car to clog up your arteries...they bring all the crap right to the window of your car and take the trash away when you're through!!
We got back home just as it began to get dark and the "Co-Colas" ran out.  It was a great way to spend an afternoon off. I need to do it more often.

Til next time...Goofball COTTON

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