Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's Official..."I'm Tired"

I tried to remember my last day off... but even THAT made me tired. I thought it was last week but I picked up a catering job on my day off. That would make it almost three weeks and  depressed me even more so I quit thinking about it.

I have a wonderful husband (not that I let him know) and he works hard on  the worst shift possible, midnight to noon. He is a monster of my own creation. I am a "Doer." I may wait til  the last minute and scramble like a cornered rat but I get it done...somehow someway.

He is the most lackadaisical person around  the house  I have ever met and have only myself to blame. As of late I have tried to correct the problem with mixed results. Being a "Be-yotch" wasn't  the good idea  I thought it would be... then I remembered my Momma  saying to me as a kid "You catch more flies with honey than vinegar."

When she died suddenly...out of the blue,  I was a stupid selfish clueless seventeen year old idiot of a kid. (But she still loved me)

As the decades have  passed,  I tried to forgive myself but have often remembered some tidbits of advice or sayings  she offered  when I was a stupid teen with my eyes always rolling when she spoke,  like SHE was the idiot!

I got up for work today... a double shift with another one on Monday looming ahead. I plopped the two overflowing laundry baskets down in front of Tim, who was  watching either Gun Smoke or Bonanza on cable. (If Hoss ain't in the shot I get them mixed up)

 I "kinda" nicely said  I would really like for him to not only START the laundry but finish and put it up.

 That's just the way  you have to put it with men. Say "Do  the laundry!" and they throw in a load and find Brave Heart or The Rifleman on cable and forget about it.

I worked the lunch shift and got off around two. I knew we were low on laundry detergent and stopped by the store to buy another jug. I walked into  the house and he said rather jubilantly from upstairs watching a car race "We're out of detergent!"

Kudos to him he threw in another load as I shucked off my uniform and jumped on Johnny. I cut my front yard and side yard, my neighbor's back yard and weed eated both. Took a towel and brushed off the grass clippings from between my toes and on my legs and pulled back on my tights, put my back brace back on covering it with my work shirt and drove back to work with the top down on my car to blow the grass clippings out of my hair.

I struggled at work. It wasn't really busy but I was bushed. The bartender even said "You're always our PICK ME UP person, are you okay?"


Luckily it is Spring Break week and I snuck out shortly after closing. I came home to empty laundry baskets, a small load in  the washer and one in the dryer.

THAT my friends,  is progress!

I just HAVE to remember to ask nicely. I just NEED to remember that my husband is not even remotely geared the way I am. I just have to remember that my husband doesn't ask me to work day after day week after week...that's all MY doing but is just the way "I" am geared.

It's a good mix. It works for us. I  need to sometimes take a step back and realize "Rome wasn't built in a day."

Til next  time (still brushing grass from my hair while plugging in my heating pad)
...Cranky but Content COTTON

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