Monday, April 23, 2012

Pretty Proud of My Boy

This Saturday my boy will be halfway through his (and unfortuately my) ordeal.

He started out pretty bitter.  I can't blame him yet I CAN blame him, but regardless of the fact I love him.
It woke him up and made him grow up. It taught him  the consequences of his actions and sadly taught him how corrupt the "system" really is. It taught me that I underestimated how much I really love him. It hasn't been a bed of roses for me. I have to pick him up for work which means I have to get ready for work two hours early, leave a hour early and sit in the prison parking lot for an undetermined amount of time while they choose to let him out on time or make me wait twenty minutes. (I've made a lot of new BFF guard friends while waiting though) That would be BFF...Buddies For Four (weeks)
They wake him at five and he works for them until I pick him up to work for my boss. He comes to work exhausted from working all day but has had very few complaints. He has picked up the pace at work a bit and either because he doesn't want to go back or wants to prove his self at work, is always the last one to clock out.  My boss  LOVES me and a few people at work dislike me for the fact... when in fact it's because I WORK the entire time I am clocked in. I always find somethng to do or there is always something that needs to be done.  Zach has watched me work and slowly but surely has picked up my vibe.

I got off early tonight from my double shift but had to go back and pick him up to return him to "The Pokey." It was just the owner and me left waiting for Zach to  finish. The owner commented "Since he's been in jail my floors have never been cleaner...they must be teaching him something."

Zach joined right into the conversation and both the owner and I could tell he was just talking to put off going back..."Who wouldn't?"
My boy screwed up question about it. But  my boy has turned into a man. He is taking his punishment and   trying to make the best of a bad situation.  It has been the wake up call he needed..."Go into Political Science" or millions of others will suffer. My boss and I sat for thirty minutes while Zach swept and chatted us up. Number one my boss loves me and number two he knows I love my son. Number three, I think my son has landed in a work place where he can learn the culinary art for free while being paid for learning.

He always wants me to take the long way  back to jail...and I can't blame him, and it just makes me want to reach over and hug him. He tells me at least three times before he gets out of the car "I love you Mom."

At least my kids screw up early (while they are still kids) would really suck if he was married with three kids,  a wife addicted to QVS and they all wanted to move in with Me!

Til next time...COTTON

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