Monday, April 2, 2012

It's a Messed Up World

I had to work another double shift today and got up with a heavy heart. Last night right before I went to bed I found out a kid who not only grew up across the street from us but grew up with my own three kids was shot in  the chest Friday night after an argument at a local tavern. He was only 25 years young. Now he'll never grow old.

What kind of argument makes you think it is okay to point a gun at a person's chest and pull the trigger?

There may be a couple of exceptions that I can think of... but an argument over a girlfriend isn't one of them.

When he was in high school he worked at the grocery store where I shopped and ALWAYS took our groceries out. (Said he loved getting out of the store for a bit) He had a smile that was infectious and came from a great family. His sister was one of Massey's first baby sitters and his parents were good people too.

When he was just a kid he'd come down to our house and play basketball or video games for hours with Zach and TJ. I remember the first time he came into our house with a black nylon dew rag on his head and our boxer, Rosie went berserk because she didn't recognize him. We laughed about that for years.

I'm not laughing tonight. He was one year younger than my oldest son. He had decades and decades and decades ahead of him... and then some.

Now he is gone. In the matter of a split second he left this world. It saddens me to think  guns are what some people choose to settle an argument with.

Webster's defines  argument as "A discussion in which disagreement is expressed; a debate."  I don't see the  word "Kill" in any of that definition,  yet a young man  lost his life  during an argument.

I witnessed the death of both my parents and it still unsettles me to say the least. If I lost one of my children, especially in such a senseless way I don't think I would ever recover from it.

This young man is gone...forever,  after the simple click of a trigger of a weapon that should only be used for deadly and warranted reasons.

It's a scary world we live in now.

Til next  time...hoping there will be one, COTTON


mark said...

There is evil in this world, and there is good. I know where you and I stand together. This is so sad. The comfort I find now comes from knowing that my god (lower case intentional, because my voice is imperfect) is bigger than good and evil. My god is in every breath, cell, fiber, tissue, and social movement that I can percieve, and so much more that I cannot percieve. And that is my faith... that a higher good is being served, somehow, by this apparently senseless death. Follow the dog... dog is god spelled backwards, and their unconditional love has never ever taken me toward evil. I'm sorry. I am your friend, and I will always love you as long as I live.

Cotton said...

I love you too! It breaks my heart that kid's are so stupid these days. I understand your position as I know you understand mine. Why God let let happen is a mystery to me but a lesson well learned that I am NOT a paranoid Mom but a diligent one. Call me paranoid, call me nosey but at least my kids can still call me.

Cotton said...

And BTW... I am copying some of your post. Prophetic as usual.