Saturday, April 28, 2012

Just Glad They Had Fun

 This is the way it started...the Daddy/ Daughter picture in the front yard. My nephew's fiancee' did a knock out job with Massey's hair and make up. Maybe she could have rubbed a little sunless tanning lotion on Tim's legs but I'll let that one slide.
 They all met at the park in downtown Newnan and Massey and her friend gave each other their corsage.
 This is my favorite picture of captures her personality and reminds me why I put up with her. Her eyes say it all "I love life."
Here she is as they got to the restaurant to eat surrounded by my (and her) bosses. They were so good to these kids tonight. Came up with a modified menu just for them...saving the kids a ton while taking a cut in profit themselves. One of the many reasons I love working for a family instead of a coporation. THEY care about me.

Not only did Massey's group come seemed EVERY group came in, all at the same time. It was one crazy hour. I was suspended in time while being bossed around by thirty prom kids. Massey's group was patient and respectful...the others, not so much. By six thirty it was all over with and they were all out the door on the their way to  prom.

I took a huge hit waiting on my daughter's group but knew it in advance. It was my gift to them and I am a huge believer in Karma.

After that I was on the board...had a few tables that loved me and the night eased up. I felt bad because another server helped me with Massey's group and I had to tell her we weren't adding gratuity. She was very gracious about it and agreed with me about the whole Karma thing.

I could have easily made well over $100 but walked out the door with seventy and a smile on my face, knowing there was a smile on my girl's face as she danced the night away with her friends.

Her friend had an awesome time...and  was worth every penny lost plus a million dollars. I know how it feels to be down and more importantly I know how great it feels to be lifted up.

Helping this young girl helped me to remember how many people have helped us.

Love is all you need....

Til Next Time...COTTON

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