Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Feeling Pretty Good!

I don't want to jinx myself but today was a pretty stinkin' good day! Just when you feel like things will never be normal again, it happens...you have a wonderful day!

It was a busy day. Went to bed too late last night but that glass of wine was just the night cap I needed. I am in the middle of the longest part of my work week. I worked a double on Sunday, Monday and just finished another one today. I picked up another for tomorrow mainly because it's "Secretary's Day" (or as we have to call it now in this ridiculous world of the politically correct) "Administrative Professionals Day" but mostly because my boss asked me to and after all they have done for me who I am to say nope?

Took Massey to school this morning , came back home and took a forty five minute Siesta before jumping in the shower for work. I got to work this morning and the lunch shift "Rocked!" I was a selling demon...sold almost $100 worth of wine at lunch and scooted out the door with Ben Franklin just in time to go pick up my boy for the night shift. I took him to cash his paycheck and dumped him off at work and came home to drop  Massey off the salad for dinner I had bought at work. Sat down for ten minutes on the sofa, closed my eyes and "listened" to the five o'clock news (all bad again) and sprang up with seven minutes to spare to get back for my dinner shift. Three cups of coffee and I was good to go! (again)

Dinner was just as good as lunch...only waited on three tables and walked out the back door with Ben Franklin's twin brother. I had a table of two businessmen who showed me some love, a table of five Ya -Ya's out for a women's night who I won over with my PHD in BS and  a table of four flight attendants having a belated Christmas get together. They worked for the same airline my sister retired from and we all ended up being "BFF'S." I actually knew one of them, didn't recognize her at first but when I shook my head really hard and that hamster woke up in his little wheel I remembered who she was. They were  a hoot to wait on and seemed to enjoy my act as well. The woman I knew reads my blog so they got a free dessert...Len's wonderful new chocolate ice cream cake. Chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream center with hot fudge and white chocolate chips topping it off.

The icing on top of MY cake was my manager said he would give my son a ride back to the "Pokey" after work. Usually I have to either wait around or come back to take him home to his current "Crib." Since I picked up yet another double shift tomorrow he said it would be no problem to drop Zach off after work.

It was a good day. It was a long day. I don't mind a good long hard day!

As I said at the beginning...I don't wanna jinx myself but it all seems to be coming together. Finally got my car repair paid off yesterday, got Massey to the Doc N the Box paid off and her on the road to recovery and still have my bank account in the black. I remind myself every day...Keep on keeping on and good things will keep on happening!

There may be blips on the radar screen and bumps along the road of life but if you persevere and give it your all, Karma is your friend. Of course the Big Guy upstairs is ultimately in charge,  but when He sees you truly trying your best He always rewards you. Sometimes He has to throw you a curve to keep you on your toes  but I have had toe shoes on for a couple of years now and  guess my bunions and corns have made Him realize I was due for a good day!

I don't know what tomorrow will bring, no one does. What I do know is that if I have made it THIS far, no telling how far this skinny lil'  Momma can go!!

I'm little but I feel huge...it's a good feeling! I have God, friends, family and even strangers that love me. What else could I possibly ever want or need?

Til next  time..."Big Ole COTTON"

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