Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Now THAT Was a Week

It's after one in the morning and I just got home from work. I went in at 11:15 this off right before two, went straight to the high school to pick Massey up from volunteering for the Special Olympics held at her school today, went by  to drop off something at my sister's house, stopped by KFC to grab a bite to eat since I was starving (huge mistake and another blog altogether) and got Massey back to the house in  time to leave to go pick up Zach and drive us both back to work.

I really wanted it to be slow so I could dip out early but as always "Murphy's Law" took over. Four cups of coffee later I resigned myself to the fact I was stuck there for another shift. I tried to look at it THIS way. I worked Saturday night, Sunday morning, Sunday night, Monday morning, Monday night, Tuesday morning and Tuesday night, Wednesday morning's shift was behind me.  I made it that far... "What's one more shift?"

It turned out well for me but was bitterly painful. My feet ached like they never have before. I was dead tired but drank one more cup of coffee and forged ahead. I actually set a new record. Waited on four tables and made $129.00. One table  was a party of ten celebrating a 65th wedding anniversary and the tip was $140 bucks. That stopped the throbbing in my head but my feet still ached. I split the party with another server so we each made seventy bucks.

Zach was working in the kitchen tonight and got his skinny butt thoroughly handed to him. He got yelled at by servers, cooks and even the owner.  He looked like he felt like either crying or quitting but did neither. I wanted to hug his neck but had to remember I was a server not his Momma while clocked in. It's tough working in the restaurant world...even tougher when you're the new guy.

I had hoped to get off by 8:00 but instead walked out the door well after 11:00. I came home and let the dogs out and did some dishes. I left the house at midnight to go back and pick him up. I got there and they STILL weren't through cleaning. I picked up a broom and helped them sweep  the line behind the expo area. He was exhausted and so was I. He seemed to have recovered from his berating and I didn't even mention it. (water under the bridge)

We got in the car at almost 12:30 and he ate some food he had cooked himself out of a bowl while I drove him back.

I have Thursday off and would love nothing more than to stay in bed all day. Unfortunately when you only have one day off there is so much to be done that it's almost like not having a day off at's like working for free. Gotta wake up before eight to take Massey to school. I have to cut two yards front and back, cut the front of the subdivision and catch up the laundry. (Tim HAS been helping with that...gotta remember to give him a gold star) I have to go to the bank and I need my hair "Re-Butched." I need to vacuum but thinking about just raking the carpets. The dogs are out of dog food and every time I come in the door they look up at me with their heads cocked to the side as if to say "NOW? Are we gonna eat NOW?"

On the upside I LOVE yardwork and it's supposed to be nice on Thursday. On the down feet hurt, my back is sore, my face is greasy and my bedroom is on the third floor of the house. Maybe a Natty Light will give me enough "Pep" to make it up there!

I am off til Friday at five and look forward to my 39 hour vacation.

Til next time...COTTON

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