Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Sleep" The Breakfast of Champions

Today was my day off. I worked for eight days straight, the past four all being double shifts and had grand plans for today. I took Massey to school and came back home to plan out my day. After letting the dogs out I started to think about what to do first.

 I quickly realized I couldn't think clearly with that big king size bed with the clean sheets and comforter seemingly screaming loudly at me from the third floor of the house so I went to investigate. I decided to lay down and watch the local news  to see what the weather would be like. I had two yards to cut plus the front of the subdivision. It was 58 degrees...too chilly for this Leo!  Then I decided I would roll over for just five more minutes since the pups were outside, Tim was at work and I had the bed all to myself.

I woke up when I heard the downstairs door open as Tim got home from work at noon and let the dogs back in. I thought about jumping up and acting like I had been actually doing something but my head seemed to be stuck firmly to the bed in  the most perfect position I have ever felt.

 Here's the thing...

I work a lot and I don't sleep enough (both my own fault) but even though my bed feels pretty darn good when I finally collapse into it at night, it never feels as good as it does when I have to get out of it. For the past week I've HAD to get out of it for work every stinking morning.

 Today I had only myself to report to and made an executive decision..."Screw it."

I heard Tim checking his email downstairs on  the computer and listening to the answering machine as the two pups came up to greet me like they had been away from me for a month (that's one of the many things I love about dogs) and we all settled back down. He came up stairs and asked me if I had to work today and I said no but a bowl of cereal would be lovely. Bless his heart he went back down stairs and brought me up a huge bowl of kicking "Honey Bunches of Oats." Only when I had the actual spoon in my hand did my head come off the bed.

By  this time I was busted. Tim knew I was still in did the dogs. Zach wasn't here and I didn't have to pick Massey up til four because she was staying late to take a test. Sounded like the perfect time to roll back over the other way  and give the other side of my face some love against the clean sheets!

Tim has to sleep in the spare bedroom we put black out curtains in to sleep during the day after working all night. I can sleep with the sun streaming in the window and CNN blaring from the boob tube. I know when I hear General Hospital's theme song come on it's time to savour those last fifteen minutes before I have to return to the real world of an upright position. I knocked out twelve hours like it was nothing.

I was suppose to cut my yard and didn' what? I was supposed to cut Mr. "Slow" Lee's yard but they are on an eighteen day cruise and highly doubt they are even remotely thinking about their front lawn. I was supposed to get my hair cut but as Tim often reminds me.."What hair?" I was supposed to go to the bank but believe it or not it wasn't a necessity. (First time)

I picked Massey up from school, went and bought some dog food...the only important thing on my list and simply went back home.

The only thing I really HAD to do was go to a circle meeting at my sister's church with Massey at 6:30. We got back to the house at almost 5:30 and all I really wanted to do was crawl back into bed. I love my sister almost  beyond definition but Webster's has one that describes our relationship perfectly: "Out of compassion; with no thought of reward."

My sister would...and often has done any and every thing for me. Bonus being it was an "Eatin' Meetin" and we were hungry. I thought we would dip in and dip out but once the speaker started I quickly realized I had done the most important thing on my agenda.

I was mortified when the speaker started and asked where Cindy's wild sister was in the audience... as Massey picked up my arm and waved it like an American flag at the Olympic games.

The woman who spoke was articulate, intelligent and hilarious...all epithets I would LOVE to have on my own headstone.

It was the best way I could have ever spent my one day off. At one point Massey reached over and put her hand in mine. That in itself made my one day off feel like a two week vacation.

So  the grass still isn't house still isn't clean and I still have a million things to do but for a speaker to move a sixteen year old girl and make her reach out for her mother's hand in a silent but endearing way meant the world to me.

It was a good day and there was MUCH accomplished!!

Shout out to the speaker at my sister's Methodist church...if you are on Facebook, it was Cathy Lee Phillips from Newnan, Georgia speaking tonight. She has written and published several books and Massey and I are new fans!

Til Next time...COTTON

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