Sunday, November 6, 2016

Kinda Feel Stupid (again)

The digital Beacon Tower out front of work tonight seemed to have a Partridge Family feel to it and loved it. It changes every night and always fascinates me. Sometimes just patterns, sometimes videos but is a cool addition to the front of our restaurant.

I have so much more to (and will) learn at my new job but kinda feel like an idiot now about how much I freaked out over being unemployed for three weeks then worrying even more for another one while training for this new one. I think have such little faith in myself because I work in an industry mainly filled by employees my children's age and sometimes younger.

All three of my kids make fun of my lack of knowledge in this new fangled fancy dancy high tech, (everything can be done on your phone) world...and are all three right.

I feel like a Flintstone trying to survive in a Jetson society.

On top of that am starting a new job after being dumped by the global airport concessionaire who said my transfer would  be a piece of cake.

Turned out to be a dump cake and had to start over from scratch... again.

I hate starting from scratch.

I was so nervous starting this new job and devastated when someone Yelped about me on my second day of training.

First part of Yelp review: "Had dinner here for a birthday. Our server, Tyler was great! The woman server was strange in nature and seemed off."

Kill me now...oh wait, you already did.

To make it even worse, when I went to have dinner with my oldest son last week and read this to him he laughed for almost five minutes.

Guess he forgot about that time I had to get his daddy to go sleep with him after coming home from a party with friends he shouldn't have been hanging out with, underage and drunk as Cooter Brown. I'll never forget it.

TJ: "Dad, will you just sleep in here with me?"

Tim: "Yes son."

TJ: "Just make sure it's butt to butt, dad."

I'm old. I have more wrinkles than a previously read newspaper folded back up the wrong way but if nothing else am a survivor.

Now that I have the basics down am gonna rock this job and know it.

Look out, "Kiddos."

"Strange in nature?"

You got that right!

Til next time...COTTON

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Aodhnait said...

Strange in nature! What an odd comment to make.....don't give it a second thought, you are doing great.