Sunday, November 13, 2016

It's The One

I knew after moving to Orlando would never find a job as lucrative as the one I'd had in Atlanta but just hoped to find one I love. I think I've found it with Chroma. I still have a lot to learn but think have proved myself to be an asset. I've totally bonded with about five servers who actually now consider friends. The management is awesome and has a knock it out of the park back of house staff. I still don't know every one's name but they seem to  know mine, and is a good sign.

My sales have consistently gone up with every shift worked and so have my tips.

Another good sign.

I figure (once I have it all down) will at least double what I am making now and is plenty to get by on and then some.

I've started in earnest to look for our 'forever home' to purchase here and think may have hit the jackpot. The house has been on the market since July and the price has already dropped once. We've been in this rental house since the end of September and will be ready to make an offer on a house in a few short months.

With fingers and toes crossed, including some way overdue luck am hoping this will be the one.

It's not huge but the rooms are spacious, with lots of windows, light and's been recently renovated. The yard is exactly what I want. Great front yard and big back yard fenced for the pups.

I just feel like this is the one.

Our house back in Georgia will be paid off before we (hopefully) put an offer on this one and with the down payment we can make with the payoff will be paying less for this house.

I'm not getting my hopes up (really am) but think this is the perfect house for us. If it's not, it's not and will simply have to find another...and will.

I'm going to have to give a shout out to my daughter, Massey for keeping me sane during this entire insanity of moving to another state thinking I had a job, then didn't have one ...then had to find one.

 I've cried. I've made her cry and without her support would have been lost in the depths of depression and totally given up.

I feel like I'm coming back and into my own.

It took a minute, maybe a million but here's the thing...

I'm in a new place, having to find a new job, new friends and a new house.

My new village is expanding and like what I'm finding.

I'm lucky to have Massey here with me. She's just like me... out of sorts and in a new place too but has been my champion every day in every way since moving here.

This tiny, premature four pound bundle came into this world to help her momma out twenty one years later.

We may not get this house but will get one just as grand. It's our time now and deserve it, well earned.

Sometimes you have to get over the bad times, know they happened for a reason and know better things are ahead.

Til next time...COTTON

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