Sunday, November 27, 2016

This Is Why I Sling Plates For A Living

So I picked up an extra shift at work last night. I knew it would be slow but wasn't scheduled anyway so was what I call a "Gravy Shift." Whatever I made was gravy on top of the taters I already had.

Only bad part was it was a closing shift so knew I'd be there til the bitter end, come what may (or may not).

I did reasonably well considering how slow it always is while peeps are still eating Turkey Day leftovers but by midnight was losing the zip in my zap. It was down to just me and another closing server, a super nice guy who I really like a lot. We close at one but go to a limited menu after midnight. Around twelve fifteen a family of six walked in from out of town. Mom, Dad and four kids, tweens and teens. Very nice family. They had already been told we had a late night limited menu and kinda went back and forth about what to order. I helped best I could with their limited choices and were surprisingly very satisfied. After they had eaten, I  asked how long they would be in Orlando? They said it was just a stop over after driving home from Thanksgiving in Michigan back to where they lived in south Florida and had decided to take in the Orlando sites for a day or two.

I went and got a full menu to show them what diverse and fantastic offerings we had before the late night limited menu went into effect and told them to return tomorrow if they had the time and explore all the other options. They seemed impressed with the menu and Dad asked for the tab.

It was $119.00.

He left me a ten dollar tip.

I went to the back, said "bitch, please" to no one in particular and returned to the table to thank them once again for choosing us (with a sincere smile).

Was it a bummer?

Yes... but at least they were nice people.

I've waited on ass wipes who've left me even less.

I was this close, I just knew it!

So I go into work today. I was the first server in after the opener. She got a table right after opening, then it was my turn.

And who do you think walks in next with their tweens and teens to be seated at my table (again)?

I briefly told my manager the scenario from the night before and said "Watch me WOW this table."

Flawless service, great menu knowledge and directions on what they might enjoy the most.

Took Dad the tab after offering dessert which  parents declined but kids really wanted.

On the top of the check I wrote "Great to see you again!"

Their check was even less than last night, $111.00.

When returning to the table after running his card, Dad commented they would make this a regular stop from now on.

After they left, picked up the check presenter off the table which I had pre bused to the max, cleaned and looked like they had just sat down.

He'd left me a $21 tip.

The elation I felt when seeing that made me feel like he'd left a $211.00 tip.

What he actually left was validation that I am pretty good at my job.

Bonus points, I like being (old school term) a waitress.

I enjoy getting to know people if they want me to, helping to guide them if they'll let me and meeting their every need before they even have to ask.

I've said it many times.

I have my Masters in Sales and Marketing with a Minor in Psychology. I feel like am pretty much one of the best in my business and graduated with no outstanding student debt and in total charge of my own financial destiny.

Do I miss the money I made at the airport (above)? Yes.

Can I make it somewhere else?

Most definitely...and will!

If I know me (and think I do) will be back up to this in a few short months.

Sometimes you have to be patient and wait for the goodness.

The biggest thing is to to be worthy of it.

I'm finally realizing if can hang on another month or two will be a top dog again. It's hard to start over and prove your worth, especially at my age, but if work diligently and consistently for a good company, they will seek you out to be one of their leaders.

Bitch had me at Hello!

Til next time...COTTON