Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Sometimes That Little Hamster Falls Asleep In The Wheel

Even though was filmed in my hometown, never watched The Walking Dead until I started at the airport and a co worker and I found ourselves alone on  the plane train with Norman Reedus. She whispered he was one of the stars of the show. I leaned over and said "He looks like some body's mechanic."

I still wasn't sure until she showed me his picture on her phone. Yes he had two small moles on his left cheek and yes a small star tattoo on his hand.


He was greasy looking but pretty handsome. We huddled a foot away from him the entire ride.

So I went home that night and watched episode one. An opening scene was shot right around the corner from where we lived. I bet I recognized ten different places in the first ten minutes. It mesmerized me. Once the story moved to downtown Atlanta was even more entranced.

I could have done without all the zombies but by episode two, they were a small part of a much bigger story.

I binged watched for days on end and by the end of the week was on season five. Norman Reedus lives in Coweta County (where we lived) about six months out of the year. You see him tooling around on his Harley or simply eating pizza with his son at the local pizza joint on the town square. He takes selfies with anyone who asks and think is what I like about him most.

They shot a lot of the scenes on the street my sister lives off of in Senoia and see numerous cast members all over town.

One of my favorite characters is the bad ass, Michonne who can swing a sword like nobody else.

So I'm at work one night and guess who sits down at one of my tables to have dinner?

Dang, she was smaller than me, and quiet as a mouse. I bet that sword weighs more than her.

Another favorite is the star of the show (unless you ask Daryl fans).

Andrew Lincoln aka Rick Grimes has worse luck than me...and that's saying a lot.

So about three weeks go by and guess who came in to have dinner with his wife and two kids before flying back to England?

Bonus points...guess what server had his table?

He was so nice and his wife was cute as a button. She was tiny with short spiky hair like mine! Their two kids were so well mannered and over the moon when I gave them Hersey Kisses as a goodbye with the check.

Too bad they didn't need extra zombies on the set long before I worked at the airport and let our three dogs in the back door late one night when it was pouring rain. I put beach towels on the floor so they could walk on them first (which they didn't) and slipped in the mud their twelves paws deposited around me. I fell head first onto the corner of our kitchen table and woke up five minutes later with Ziggy licking blood off the side of my face.

Zach went to CVS, bought a first aide and butterfly bandaged the outer corner of eye back together.


My country girl self came home from work last night and blogged for an hour or two. I couldn't go to sleep for the life of me, even though it was 2:00 AM.

I went in the living room and searched On Demand for the last episode of The Walking Dead. Didn't really matter about the time, I was off the next day.

I had missed the previous episode too but figured at this point in watching could pretty much figure it out on my own.

Plot Twist.

I'm a dummy.

The episode started on a bridge (I knew exactly where it was in Coweta County). It was blocked halfway by a huge pile of sand. when they plowed through the sand, zombies (buried with the sand) started attacking. Poor Tara fell off the bridge into the water.

Commercial break.

Tara was dragged (unconscious) out of the water... seemingly on an ocean shore by a woman I'd never seen before and ended up in a beachside jungle with a hidden village.

What did I miss?

Where in Coweta County was there an ocean? They even showed sand dollars on the beach!

I decided it was a dream episode when she finally found her way back to the bridge (which I knew for fact was in Coweta County) a few miles away from the house I just moved from in late September.

At 4:45 AM, totally confused (and not even drinking) decided maybe we were both in a dream state and went to bed. I guess it bothered me a lot because woke up before eight.

Massey climbed into bed with me this morning around ten to watch an episode of "This Is Us" with me.

She asked me (during a commercial) if I had watched the previous TWD episode from two weeks ago?

Told her I hadn't, had skipped to this week. I pick back up to speed easily.

Then I told her about the strange episode I'd watched earlier that morning and wondered what it meant?

"Mother.  In the show at this point are almost to New York City. They just film it in Coweta County."

Baby I am growing like a weed!

I was just relieved wasn't losing my own mind. I don't have much to spare.

I am sane enough to know I am crazy...but in a good way.

I like being crazy.

Normal just doesn't fit me, but can do it when I have to...and have.

Webster's defines normal as "Conforming with, adhering to, or costituiting a norm, standard, pattern, level, or type; typical."

I've never been any of these things and not sure if I would want to.

I'd rather be Kelly.

Til next time...COTTON

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Ana Barrera said...

Lmao! So I mean to tell me we could have gotten a selfie with Darryl?!?! I was so scared to ask. We were so stalking him. That was a good day. Love u my Kellz!