Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Holidays officially start tomorrow. I'm riding seven hours up to my sister's house with my brother to join all the family we have left there. Tim's staying here because he has to be at work by six AM Friday. Massey's remaining behind because her bestie flies into Orlando at nine Friday morning for a visit. Tim and Massey are going to have Thanksgiving with our oldest son, future daughter in law and their two girls who now live in Orlando as well.

We may not be all together but at least will all be with ones we love.

I'm also going up to retrieve all our Christmas decorations we left in the attic in our hurried and harried move to Orlando.

I'm also lugging back all the things Zach left here after hastily departing for his old home only four days into living here. I'm excited to be around both my sibs again, and the rest of our Georgia fam.

I can hardly wait to see Zach again. We've had the most battled relationship of all between the three of my kids but just can't help always worrying about him. I know I shouldn't, he's doing great now and may be why I miss him so much. He doesn't need me to succeed now and is a bittersweet feeling for a mom.

I'm feeling a little better about this huge change, moving out of state. It'll take a minute or maybe a few more months but finally feel like was the best decision.
In four weeks we'll all be celebrating Christmas together here in Orlando and look forward to it very much. We'll be minus my one nephew and his his wife but totally understand as her mother very recently died and know she needs to be with her father.

My crazy self is also feeling much better about my new job here. I know it sounds stupid to be so nervous about starting a new Plate Slinging gig but have been. I've been there a month now and the past week think have proved my worth. I worked a dayshift today. Our parent company corporate offices are located directly in front of the restaurant so always have the big wigs coming in to eat. The owner's nephew (who also works for them) came in today with three others and was seated at my table.

I bet I sweat off five pounds just taking the order. I think I did okay but was sure glad when it was over. Then not one hour later was seated with a party of four, one of them being the executive over food and beverage for the entire company.

Shoot me now.

Once again I think I did okay.

It kind of threw me off when at the end of the meal he said "So what brought you here from Atlanta?"

Crap...he knows who I am?

I had to get my manager to finalize the payment (protocol) and told him I'd been a nervous wreck waiting on them. He said just make sure I hit all the steps of service. I told him thought I had but would most probably hear if I hadn't.

His reply?

"You did, I already asked him."

So guess am getting better. I've decided this is where I want and need to be. I've increased in sales and profit every single shift.

I'm staying here.

So I'm heading back to A-Town, enjoying a day or two with my homies and coming back here to live out the rest of my life.

All I need is a lot more friends and will be fine.

Til next time... COTTON

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