Friday, November 11, 2016

Getting There

It's finally happened, I feel confident again about my job. It took a minute, actually three weeks but think I'm almost there now. I've studied pretty hard and worked even harder. I started with a two table section and was pretty glad. It takes me a while to feel comfortable and wanted to get everything down pat. The computer system took a minute but so did learning how to use a cell phone back in the nineties.

It's hard to come from a work place you knew well, felt extremely comfortable with while knocking back three hundred a day (easy) to walking into a place where on day three you don't even know where restrooms are when a customer stops you to ask.

At least I know where the restrooms are now.

My first day of training  with a server (awesome guy) on the floor, got mentioned in the worst possible way through a Yelp comment.

"The woman server was strange and seemed off."

Knocked me down and back at least four pegs. It was like having a hot flash while someone also poured a bucket of boilin' water over your head.

Trust me I'll never forget those eight words. They are burned into my tiny brain to remain.

I was kinda shocked when today at work before the shift during the menu meeting a manager acknowledged me for getting more email sign ups than anyone else. They have been asking us to get people to sign up for emails promoting the new place with offers of free items and huge discounts off.

I'm old school. When managers ask me to do something, I do it. How hard is it to ask someone to sign up for free stuff? I blew everyone out of the water with forty sign ups in about a three day period.

Then icing on the cake happened. The general manager spoke up and added "And she is one of our newest hires."

I haven't been making the money I did at the airport but have been figuring the factors. I'm not a closing server (hopefully to be one soon) and have only recently had a full section of tables. Every single shift I have increased my sales and tips.

I figure I'm about a third of the way to what I will eventually make every day. It won't be airport money but will be pretty good money and more than I need to make.

I'm going to (but not quite yet)  be one of the 'go to' servers sooner than later and am pretty (maybe) certain about it.

My last table tonight asked if they could speak to the manager?

In my tiny head heard "bitch please what have I done wrong now?"

The general manager came up to me after talking with them and said "Great job."

I may not be all  that, especially as a wife or mother and know it.

The one thing I know I do well is sling  plates and make peeps feel like they got their money's worth, and want to come back.

For the first time in well over a month (which felt like the first time in well over a year) I finally got my Mo Jo back.

Maybe I need to take some time off and work on my wife/mother skills.

Til next time...COTTON

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